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  1. @Jamalisms, I know it sucks to get caught in the middle on this stuff. I appreciate the corrections on both sides. How can we have any honest conversation if both sides are not held to the same standard?
  2. Yea, it's always been a nice school. I have some friends who went there. Dated a girl for a long time who went to the university for a year before she couldn't stand all of the rules.
  3. Lipscomb's a nice school. We used to play them and they sucked.
  4. Justafan

    Jim Acosta village idiot...

    I mean wow. Educated mind....smdh
  5. Justafan

    Jim Acosta village idiot...

    I'm actually with you on this one. Welfare needs to be reformed. People perform better without so many safety nets and the spending is bankrupting the country over time. I think the homeless vets thing is overblown. They are out there, I've certainly met them and tried to help some myself. Having said that, I've read that many of the homeless choose to be homeless or they have serious mental issues or addiction issues. There are a bunch of shelters out there but many choose not to go unless it's really cold. I think that's one of the biggest problems in this country that never gets discussed. There is virtually no system to take care of mentally ill people who either do not have the funds to help themselves or the support of a family.
  6. Justafan

    Daniel Jeremiah Mock Draft 1.0

    I fully expect them to sign a WR and an OLB in FA just based off how the salary cap and the roster are built.
  7. Justafan

    Daniel Jeremiah Mock Draft 1.0

    Jennings is fine. He's not scaring anyone, even though he had a good return average this year but he's fine. Some guys are just electric with the ball in their hands and it's obvious. Jennings isn't that guy but he doesn't make mistakes, he has good speed, and he's relatively consistent so if they stick with him fine, but they definitely need someone to return punts and if he's dynamic enough, let him return kicks too.
  8. Justafan

    Daniel Jeremiah Mock Draft 1.0

    I wouldn't be upset about Metcalf. The offense HAS to get better. I would be fine with a Nick Williams esqu slot guy either later in the draft or in FA to go with him too. Pair that with an upgrade on the OL and things start to feel much better for me going into camp. A real returner to replace Adoree/Jennings too please.
  9. Justafan

    Where's Mitch?

    I seriously doubt he got that.
  10. Justafan

    If you need a reminder.......

    I pulled my hammy in November. I still can’t push off with 100% explosiveness and I can feel it in almost every stride when I go for a run.
  11. Justafan

    It may be fixing to go down

    The real irony is that they will then call you stupid for pointing out what’s obvious to any reasonable person.
  12. Justafan

    Former Titan vs Peeping Tom

    Fuck that dude.
  13. Justafan

    Where's Mitch?

    She's better looking than Hillary. I'll give her that.
  14. Justafan

    Where's Mitch?

    I didn't like her but she's growing on me.
  15. @Mythos27 I love it man. Thanks for sharing.
  16. Justafan


    Not to mention how easily dumb voters could be manipulated by Russian propaganda.
  17. Justafan

    Trump is a racist

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.vanityfair.com/news/2018/11/michael-cohen-trump-racist-language/amp Just for fun.
  18. Ok, fair enough. I was referring to the OPs premise. I thought that's what you were referring to as well.
  19. How is he interfering with the investigation by keeping the final memo from going public?
  20. For keeping a document sealed? Is that a crime now? I'm sorry, I'm just not buying this line of reasoning. If it was so blatant, why didn't they go after him over it in the confirmation hearings? Politically, yes it's protecting Trump but from a legal standpoint, he's not obstructing anything as far as I can tell. I'm no lawyer though so I honestly don't know how this would play out and it's a silly hypothetical to argue about anyways.
  21. Sure, but he already has his explanation. Again, I think they'll challenge it in court if he tries to keep it from going public but I find it difficult to believe he would be prosecuted for obstruction over it. He's not even obstructing the criminal process, he's just keeping it from going public.
  22. Who would go after him? The problem is, if you can interpret in legalese then you can stand on it. Of course, the courts can overturn it if it's challenged in court but if Trump can't be taken down for obstruction with everything he's done then no way would they get an AG for this.
  23. Justafan

    Racism made rural white people do a 180 on Russia

    Not mentioning the part where their support has almost tripled in a year and a half from 11% to 27% and rising. I mean, have you ever met a study or statistic you didn’t either take out of context or misrepresent in order to push your whacko world view?
  24. Justafan

    Trump is a racist

    You gave him way too much credit. More than he deserved.