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  1. Good for Kevin. Great player. Good person. Good team leader. The kind of guy you want to see your team pay and keep around for a long long time. I just hope they don't piss his career away the way they have with Casey.
  2. Either stupid, desperate, or retarded. There is no grey area with people who have chosen to go down this road. I no longer validate their stupidity. Instead, I find opportunities to point and laugh.
  3. I serve in the military and love my country. I've fought for (literally) years of my life for people like you to make statements like that. You're welcome. What did you do to "deserve" your status as American patriot? Perhaps all of us would be better served with the likes of you somewhere else instead. I mean since you hate so many Americans (You know... America)... maybe you should take your own advice and move to somewhere where religion is the number one priority and minorities aren't tolerated. Iran would be spot on.
  4. He has a birth certificate that was released publicly. Stupid or retarded. Take your pick gentlemen.
  5. LMAO. I can never tell if these morons are desperate or retarded.
  6. Such a sheltered world Americans live in to even have this as a serious debate. Government has no business dictating moral decisions to private citizens. Abortion is the least important issue in Washington and yet gets tons of resources because religious morons simply can't deal with reality.
  7. Hit or miss. Most of their stuff is trash but you can find some great deals on non-key pieces of furniture there. My wife bought a roll out futon from there last year and I thought it was a complete waste of money because it looks so dinky. Turns out to sleep about as well as a regular mattress. I have a desk and a couple of bookshelves from there. All pretty solid. I was very picky and selective with what I got though. Like I said, most of it is low-quality particle board level stuff. I'd prefer to go to a used furniture store and buy something solid and restore it before buying something that is trash to begin with.
  8. I never said that I know which were his fault and which weren't. Reality is likely many of the sacks were his fault AND the fault of multiple other people as well. We simply don't know that and neither does PFF.
  9. Those PFF numbers are worthless. They don't know what the assignments were and they don't take all variables into consideration because, frankly, they can't. PFF is good for things like understanding the way teams use formations to attack defenses and there is some value to the oline/dline stuff. The player ratings and things like this are absolutely worthless. I guarantee you the Titans don't see this stuff the way fans do and certainly not the way PFF does and they have the only opinion that really matters.
  10. Saw this yesterday and didn't care enough to post it.
  11. I'm pretty sure I had a huge debate about this in another thread and certain posters skewered me for it.
  12. Funny because it's kinda true.
  13. Okay, it wouldn't be MOSTLY muscle but it would definitely be pretty easy to gain the weight and then, gain muscle, and lose fat over the course of several months. I worded it poorly but you knew what I was talking about. I absolutely believe he's trained in a way to lean down. He probably gains significant weight every offseason and then trains hard to lean back down as he moves into training camp. Like I said, this stuff isn't that big of a deal because Marcus isn't the typical athlete you think of when you think about putting on weight like this. 13lbs of muscle would be a HUGE jump if he'd never been 240lbs before but I would find that difficult to believe. It's also very likely that just because he's put on 12-13 lbs that it's not 100% lean muscle mass. I agree about the PEDs though. It has to be tempting given the situation.
  14. Uh yes you can be 240lbs and very lean naturally. You might not be able to put on 12-13 lbs of lean muscle but you can absolutely put on that much weight and then convert it to muscle pretty easily as you go over the 7-8 months between offseason and start of next season, even going into the season. You don't need roids for that, especially if you've been purposefully lean for a while. He might be 10% bf instead of 8% by doing it that way. Whoopty doo. I see guys do stuff like this all the time. It's not even that big a deal. Right now I'm super lean because I've been running 50 miles a week and lifting weights. If I wanted to pop back up 15 or 20 lbs, it would take me two weeks and a good portion would be muscle and then I could convert the rest of the fat back into muscle pretty easily because I've been that weight before. Now if it's 12-13lbs of NEW muscle on a guy who's lifted to be as strong and big as possible, then no, of course, that's not possible. It would take years. That's not really what's happened here though.
  15. Yea, I'm pretty much there with you.
  16. All I'm saying is that some people are over the top in their criticism and make comparisons that are silly to try and pound home a point that can't stand on its own merit. I won't argue that Mariota hasn't played up to expectations of a #2 overall pick or that a rookie contract doesn't look awfully tempting if Mariota gets hurt again or shows that after five seasons he can still put up only mediocre, even if often effective, numbers. I'll also say that, if healthy, the Titans can absolutely make a run with Mariota at the helm. Teams have done it with less at QB so that argument doesn't hold weight IMO. Now if the argument is, can they be a perennial contender with Mariota then I think that is far less likely because they would have to be so good across the rest of the roster. That doesn't necessarily mean it's time to scrap things and start over with a rookie though. If Mariota comes out this season and throws 23 TDs to 5 Ints or something like that, I think he gets his extension and it will be deserved at that point.
  17. I work around Dallas fans too. They also think Dak is a star. They are complete homers and delusional about their team in a way that makes this board seem like fanatical critics.
  18. Alex Smith rookie year - Played 9 games and started 7. 875 yards with 1TD and 11 INTs Alex Smith year two - 2800 yards in 16 games. 16 TDs and 16 INTs. Alex Smith year three - Played in 7 games - 914 yards and 2TDs to 4INTs. Alex Smith year four - Missed entire season due to shoulder injury Alex Smith didn't come close to Mariota's production until year 7 where he finally threw for 3100 yards with 17 TDs and 5 INTs. He "broke out" in KC under one of the most prolific passing offensive minds in the league after 9 years in the league with a whopping 3300 yards and 23 TDs. Mariota managed to beat all but Alex Smith's very best year in a dumbed down run-first offense his second year in the league. Mariota is head and shoulders above Alex Smith in terms of talent and production. Yes, Mariota is not elite but some of ya'll are completely delusional the other way around too. Mariota, when healthy is somewhere in the 15-25 area and he's only 25 years old. He has to improve but to say he's not on Alex Smith's level or to make comparisons to Andy Dalton who has had prolific help for most of his career is just not accurate.
  19. https://www.tennessean.com/media/cinematic/video/3181264002/titans-jon-robinson-no-quarterback-competition-between-marcus-mariota-and-ryan-tannehill/
  20. LMAO. I can't believe they didn't clean house at the end of last year. Instead they draft a QB and let Gruden try AGAIN. The Redskins (and Snyder) absolutely deserve whatever dysfunction falls on their organization.
  21. How rushed everything felt this season is really my biggest gripe. Bran doesn't make a whole lot of sense as the king but with Tyrion as hand and running things, I can appreciate it in retrospect. I also like the tragedy/bittersweet ending and even Drogon destroying the Iron Throne. He got it as much as anyone. My real gripe is with how they got there. They forced things, used the easy answers, and rushed past important parts of the story. The characters didn't feel as alive as they did early in the show and what used to feel like consequences when an important character died, now feels like a cheap shock thrill or excuse for a good visual effect. I'm glad it's over and I still find it to be the best television experience ever, but with this last season, it will always feel like something is missing and I don't think that was GRRM's intent.
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