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  1. Last year doesn't matter. All that matters is this is a contract year, on the fifth year of a rookie contract with a bunch of FA acquisitions that should help the offense out and an offensive coordinator who was most likely hired because he was seen as Mariota's best chance. Mariota has to perform. It doesn't matter why he hasn't been able to perform. Hurt, lack of talent around him, or just isn't as good as we want him to be. It doesn't matter. He's got to stay relatively healthy this year and put up some real production or the Titans have no choice but to look to next year's draft and make a change at QB.
  2. Harris is easily the least intriguing candidate running for me. She has a chance to change my mind with the debates but from what I've seen so far, meh.
  3. I can't wait for the primaries. The debates should be really good. Joe is a likeable guy but I don't know if he'll be able to keep up when they start going hard at the policy. I think some of these intellectuals might expose just how little average politicians understand the issues they supposedly support. Still, Biden is no dummy and he's likeable so it should be interesting.
  4. Yea, just no one there I like. Morgan is better than most of what’s available on the market which says a lot. I’m fine with a run defender though, especially if it gives them flexibility in the draft but at this point I think you wait. If you can’t get a guy in the draft to help, then you can pull one of these guys off the garbage heap.
  5. Houston is still on the market though I don't think we look his way at this point. Ziggy Ansah has some intrigue but he really didn't play that much last year. Not sure how much gas he has left in the tank. Lynch is visiting the Seahawks. Most of the other pass rushers don't really impress me very much. Shane Ray has some upside but he's been garbage the last two years. I would rather bring Morgan back than some of these guys on the market and I'm not really keen on that either. He was playing hurt and just looked slow most of the year. I think you have to look at the draft and expect your younger guys to step up. Finch showed a lot last year. Honestly, he has more upside than any of these guys on the market and he's super young. Between Finch, Correa, Landry, Wake and another draft pickup, I think we're fine at OLB. It doesn't have to be a 1st round guy either. I think they can find a guy who can help all the way into the 3rd round or so. I suppose we'll see.
  6. Nelson knows how to get open and catch the ball. I'll take that over a one trick pony all day. Taylor can win the deep route even if he's not Tyreek Hill. I still hope they draft a speed guy in the draft but a solid #2 sure would give them a lot of options. The upgrade from Taylor to Nelson can't be overstated IMO.
  7. Fair enough. I was referring to Wilson's situation and you were referring to his ability as a player. Wilson is elite. No doubt. You won't get any argument about that from me. He's my favorite young QB in the league not named Mahomes.
  8. Jordy Nelson would be a sneaky good signing. I hope the market isn't crazy for him but I would be all for Jordy Nelson in two-tone blue. That's a WR corps that would give you a ton of options and flexibility and experience.
  9. Yup. Hogan put up 500 yards with the GOAT throwing to him. I'm not feeling that one.
  10. Absolutely agree. Plus the athleticism of the guys who will be available at 19 and what this offensive line has the potential to look like next season has my heart pumping. I know we tear down prospects every year but the more I look at all of these pass rushers the more things I find that I don't like. There's a lot of really good players but none of the edge guys are as elite at their craft as the oline guys are at theirs. Watching the tape of Bradbury versus Ferrell and Lawrence, Bradbury was the better player.
  11. Yea, that's true. Wilson has produced without talent around him. Mariota isn't as good as a top 5 QB like Wilson. Congratulations?
  12. It's tough because there are a bunch of good pass rushers here but nobody truly elite. Just good enough that they'll all be gone by the time our 2nd round pick comes around. I really am starting to lean more towards Bradbury or Ford at 19 but out of all of these guys here, I think Ferrell is probably the guy who fits best with what the Titans need. They have their speed guy with Landry on the other side so they need a guy who can play the strong side and work back inside or has enough length to threaten the pocket. Polite in the second has to be intriguing as hell if he somehow dropped that far (which I severely doubt). If there is an Olineman they like in the second, I would love to see them go IDL/OL/OLB with the top three picks. Honestly, don't even really care what they do after that.
  13. What you fucktards don't realize is that no one cares what you think. I'm a capitalist through and through. There is nothing wrong with a capitalist system. I love the idea of private property and ownership and free markets. The problem is, there's no such fucking thing as a truly free market. A few certain people hold 85% of the power. In a free market, the way it was envisioned, there would be competition and workers would be able to leverage their ability to produce against job creators in a more fair system. They don't have that leverage now because all the rules have been stacked against them and the lower you go on the totem pole the worse it gets. Completely unacceptable. So yes, if the choice is Bernie Sanders or Trump and you fucktards... give me Sanders all day every day. At least I know what I'm signing up for. You idiots have no clue.
  14. Patrick Michaels works for the CATO institute, which is owned by the Koch Brothers. Just saying, dude.
  15. Wilson had a great running game and an elite defense. Mariota had Justin Hunter and Kendall Wright. Seriously though, Wilson's skill set fit perfectly with the Seahawks and he's an elite guy. Mariota clearly isn't but if you can put him behind a better offensive line and give him some help, he could still develop into a really good QB if he can stay healthy. He's trending down but you got to give him the year before cutting bait IMO. It's pretty ridiculous to claim he hasn't had an uphill battle with the coaching staffs, the scheme and the personnel surrounding him.
  16. The Republicans 2020 campaign: Rob the country blind and blame immigrants for it.
  17. You posted an article from a guy who claimed to be a climatologist but his real background was in insurance law to put up against research from the GICC and many others. And then you call everyone else brainwashed? Ok.
  18. It's amazing to me that the same people who supported Trump because he was going to stand up to the establishment that was corrupt because it belonged to the man are the exact same people that are cool with a tax cut to the wealthy. It was establishment vs. outsiders and Trump was the outsider who was gonna clean it all up. But then the first thing he did when he got to power was put people beholden to corporations in charge of everything and then pushed a massive tax cut to the wealthiest businesses in America. Talk about insanity. Corporate America spends 37 dollars in Washington DC for every single dollar spent by individuals and public interest groups combined. There was a research paper done a couple of years ago that showed if corporate America wanted a bill passed (sometimes they would even write the bill) there was a better than 60% chance it would pass and if they didn't want a bill to pass there was an even higher percent chance they would get what they wanted. On the other hand, bills that were widely supported by the public only have a 30% chance to pass with bills that are widely condemned by most Americans also have only a 30% chance to pass. The paper found that public support or lack of support for any given issue had almost zero statistical impact on the outcome of a bill. And yet we seem to be cool with more corporate handouts. Even Trump talked about how he would give money to politicians and he always expected something in return. He knows as well as anybody how the game is played and he's done everything he possibly could to benefit from the game. It's clear as day. Wake up, folks. Seriously. The game is rigged and Trump is not on your side. Neither are most of the Republicans or Democrats. Most of these fuckers are owned and will promote their own self-interests long before yours or mine. We keep fighting over stupid crap like walls while they passed more corporate welfare that results in even more money flowing upwards that they will pay for by cutting Medicare. That's right, they are stealing from you and most of you are too stupid to realize it. They've stacked all the rules in their favor. People are still convinced that the money flowing up is a natural occurrence or that government intervention is bad. There's already government intervention. It's just that the rules that the government has put in place benefit the rich. The number of subsidies that go to large corporations as Megabanks expand and giant corporations merge and there's less and less competition. We pay more for drugs. We pay more for cell service and tv/ internet. Our environmental laws are weaker. We have less clean water and our air gets dirtier by the year. We have low taxes and lower public services and we have the biggest wealth gap in any developed country. People really think this is all just a coincidence that CEOs are making mega bucks and big company boards are billionaires meanwhile people at the other end of the spectrum work two jobs and can't pay rent in the wealthiest nation on earth? Really, some of you just blow my mind. I don't even know what to say but your priorities are all jacked up.
  19. Very possible. Lots of good WR prospects available in that late 2nd round area that will be difficult to pass on. If they draft a guy there, it means they don't think Taylor can be that #2 guy or at least that's how I would read it. Like that new avatar. Somehow it fits you.
  20. And when corporations make all the rules and almost 60% of members of Congress retire to go into lobbying. It's almost like they own a majority and no one gives a shit about what Americans want.
  21. Looking at the cap, I really don't want them to make much more of a splash. As much as I would kind of like to see them bring in another WR, I also want to see what Taylor has and I think bringing in a big name makes it difficult to do that. The guards available are older guys or expensive guys. A rookie makes a lot of sense there. I wouldn't mind some depth guys at this point. A backup safety. A niche linebacker. Other than that, let's fill the roster out with the draft and then we can look at some of these late phase free agents that will still be hanging around on the market. I don't think they need to do much else right now.
  22. For many Republicans (not all), the wall is more about spiting liberals or sending a message to minorities that they aren't wanted. Until we can filter the actual utility of barriers and the real benefits of immigration reform from the racism and vitriol on both sides, I honestly could care less about "the wall" and hope it all falls apart. I wouldn't have a problem with a wall under the right circumstances but coming from Trump, it's a symbol. A symbol I will never support.
  23. My wife is Italian. I met her when I was stationed there and brought her back with me. I work for the government so I know how to deal with bureaucratic bs and she's from one of the 18 countries that have a deal with the US that makes it easier to migrate here. It was still a HUGE pain to get her here (Not to mention incredibly expensive). Some regular schmo from Mexico? There is no pathway for them to come here. Zero. None.
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