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  1. No one is rooting for the kid more than me. All the respect in the world for him. Just trying to be real with the whole situation.
  2. I was being sarcastic... kinda. He's definitely not safe going into the fifth year. I think EVERYONE knows what a critical juncture the team is at. Huge decisions after this year to be made.
  3. Sounds like what they said about Mularkey... right before they fired him.
  4. Kelly is not bad and will work in a pinch. He's also going into the final year of his contract and has played well enough that there will likely be a market for him at the end of the year. I'm talking about what will happen going into next offseason.
  5. I like Risner a lot. I've been looking a lot at the T prospects. I think it's very possible they bring in one of the guys projected to play tackle but plug him in at RG. They get a plug and play starter but they also just mentioned that the draft could impact their decision with Conklin's 5th year.
  6. I would be fine with that. They could still get a starter like Connor McGovern as late as the third. The drop off from the elite prospects to McGovern isn't that huge considering the scheme. Of course, this is assuming Conklin will be back and playing at a high level. Some of Robinson's recent comments lead me to suspect they are considering someone capable of playing tackle to hedge their bets in case Conklin takes another step back this year.
  7. Can't let a guy like that get a clean release up the middle. Wesco is a huge bargain in the fifth. I seriously doubt he lasts that far.
  8. I could see them taking one of the Tackles if they fell too. Let him start at RG and then he could move out to RT next year if you don't like what you have in Conklin. Simmons is the best player but hurt. Hockenson is the safest player but, personally, a 1st round pick on a TE with Delanie on the roster and needs on both lines... Not really feeling it. I believe in spending resources on the lines first and I know Robinson likes to build from the middle out so I have to pass there. To me, it's either Burns with 69 QB pressures (I mean damn), Bradbury with his power and speed to give you a guy to build around, or Wilkins to add another stud to take some of that pressure off Casey. In that scenario, I probably take Burns just because he's the hardest type of player to find later. I can find good solid G/Cs later in the draft with good scouting and there are starting caliber DTs that can be found all the way into the 3rd round this year. Nobody after Burns is going to give you 69 QB pressures worth of production. I also agree with @tgo that there are other players you could add to this list. There are a bunch of guys that everyone assumes will go early but no one knows anything. Every year guys fall and obviously, I like some of those guys more than some of the guys on this list.
  9. You're pushing a little hard here. I understand where you're coming from but your bias shades and informs your take here. Mariota has had stretches of play where he was far above average when healthy. Unfortunately, he's only really had one year behind a good offensive line and had the support of a solid running game. 2016. A year in which he played far above average. That Mariota, with this defense... wins a lot of games. Now, of course, if Mariota can't be that guy even with a good line and solid run game then you have to move on but there's no way to know that at this point and they are in a position to give him that so why in the world wouldn't you? I'm not excusing Mariota. You're right about his pocket awareness. He's got to get better. That doesn't mean we shouldn't do everything we can to build around him. If Mariota plays at a high level, this team is a contender. If he can't, they could still win 9 games because the rest of the roster is pretty solid. Mariota is everything because the QB has so much effect on how a team plays. Yes, maybe you pass on a good DT or OLB prospect to get an elite Oline to go on an already very good o-line. So what. That DT isn't going to be the difference but a healthy Marcus very well could be.
  10. Why can't Mariota get better at pocket awareness AND we get rock solid line to protect him? It's not an either/or proposition. Let's do everything we can.
  11. Ugh on Pamphille starting at RG. PFF has given him grades of 50.8, 66.7, 38.6, and 42.0 from 2014 to 2017 and a grade of 52.0 in limited action last year. The dude is a valuable backup because he's versatile enough to play across the line but as a starter. No. Not an acceptable starter IMO.
  12. I think we know where @TitanDuckFan stands on who the Titans should draft @19!
  13. There's definitely some truth to this. He seems to find one thing to really focus on every offseason. Hopefully this offseason, this is exactly his focus. I've seen him scramble. I know he's capable of it. But then on the next play, it's like he has zero pocket awareness.
  14. Outside of injury concerns, this should relieve quite a bit of doubt about Marcus and maybe restore some faith. Those are major injuries and it's a long list he was playing through. How many of us could go out and be effective at pretty much anything with a broken rib, plantar fascietus and a nerve issue? I would wager not many. He has to stay healthy and the Titans have to do everything they possibly can to protect him. That is the #1 goal of this offseason. Everything else is now a distant second imo. OL in the first round is an even bigger priority now than it was before. Just my thoughts.
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