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  1. Butler for the win. He got Gost focused before the kick and then built on it after. That was the difference.
  2. Had the fastest 40 time for a QB at the combine. Prolly going to special package / position him. Doubt they are looking at him as QB2.
  3. No chance Walker breaks 55 yds week one. With Humphries being forced and the running game being forced, it's a bad bet. There is a reason the bet is +anything... It's not expected to happen.
  4. Agreed. This is the best we've seen in a while. The aggressive playcalling worked out more often than not. Dealing with Mm (we've not heard the last of this). I think the franchise is currently more pro staff than qb and it should be that way.
  5. The staff WAS to blame for a lot of the offensive issues. Their offense was offensive...
  6. Anyone who thinks Davis wasn't the right pick at this point is crazy. We've needed a #1 for 20 years. He's the real deal. Agreed there were other good choices... But CD was the best choice.
  7. I should probably bow out this year. My schedule is pretty tight. Its been a lot of fun though!
  8. This is the only real topic worth discussing left. As the secondary is now, and has been... we have zero chance of mounting a playoff run. The weakness has been overly exposed by this point. Question is, can anything be done schematically since we cant really upgrade talent at this point?
  9. I've got an alt I can use to take it over. I'm sure the team has some good trade material to help me on my run...
  10. I'm looking a Rb if anyone is selling. Pm me if you want to talk trade...
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