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  1. Wait so you hung out at a local video game store? I feel like that's worse than a normal store. You realize if you have friends you can play games at each others houses or depending on the time, even over the internet..but yeah buddy, you show those loser nerds for crashing your video game store.
  2. Only thing I need you to smack is that subscribe button Makaveli....ya jackass
  3. I'm sure no one here gives two shits about Magic the Gathering, but I have a youtube channel where I play it. I'm closing in on 1,000 subscribers where I can get my videos monetized and start making the BIG BUCKS (basically $2-3 a week probably haha.) https://www.youtube.com/Titansfan920 If you could subscribe that'd be great, but I don't expect a lot too since I dont know any magic players here haha.
  4. Lets just go after Griffen now and move on from this.
  5. My big what happened to him, or rather, what-if: What if Roy Williams didn't horsecollar Tyone Calico. That was a dude who I really thought was going to be something. Also, Chris Brown kind of came and went but he was great for such a short window.
  6. I think it's funny how everyone discounts the Suh stuff just because he signed with us. It was real, he just chose the Rams. Won't the last time a FA chooses another team over us.
  7. Either folks who had a hard time graduating college, or the ones who never had to really work or do anything because their parents were loaded. The latter always cracks me up since they like to talk about how lazy "them damn libtards" are yet they take 3 different off country vacations a year and suck their parents teets for money.
  8. Love it. Our division has made some odd moves.
  9. Holy shit this board gets really stupid when it loses. I guess I forgot we haven't had to deal with that in a minute.
  10. His int was bad but other than that I think he managed "ok". My issue was that we seemed to have 0 interest in any short/medium routes until we were picking up 3rd downs at the end. Seemed like our whole gameplan was deep pass or bust, and when we are passing every time Dion Lewis comes on the field, I think it gets obvious.
  11. So the short and sweet for us is 1. Win and in. 2. Lose and Steelers and Colts lose. Nothing else really matters right?
  12. As scary as the Chiefs are, we just find ways to beat them every time it seems...
  13. Wait he's a FULLBACK?! His movement and catches yesterday were like a WR or a really shifty RB. Get Lewis out of here.

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