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  1. If we're gonna go for it we at least bring Henry in...but against a shitty Jags team, just take your points and move along. Jesus.
  2. You voted Trump twice but seriously didn't see any of this coming? Really?
  3. Via Jim Wyatt. Wowwwwwwwwww https://www.tennesseetitans.com/news/titans-release-cb-johnathan-joseph-ls-beau-brinkley
  4. Wanted to throw this out there since there's a lot of talk about with the kicker position but I think it warrants it's own thread. This season has been wild with the guy. Starts off 1-4. Hits a 9/9 stetch. Now he's awful again. The guy seems to be money from 50+ but 5/11 from under 50 isn't going to be good enough in this league. So what do we do? If we were to cut him, who would you like to see brought in?
  5. We're so fucked. Between having to probably forfeit the Bills game or play it with no practice, and punishment that'll come for breaking protocol, we're gonna get raked over the coals. Gonna be a bumpy ride yall.
  6. I noticed Brown all over the place yesterday, he was damn good. Evans though, I don't recall him doing anything of note.
  7. Khallif has been dogshit tonight. Thats two drops that were in the hands.
  8. Imagine someone coming to this thread and seeing SleepingTitan post..........anything, and thinking that's how most of us lived our lives.
  9. Lets just go after Griffen now and move on from this.
  10. I think it's funny how everyone discounts the Suh stuff just because he signed with us. It was real, he just chose the Rams. Won't the last time a FA chooses another team over us.
  11. Either folks who had a hard time graduating college, or the ones who never had to really work or do anything because their parents were loaded. The latter always cracks me up since they like to talk about how lazy "them damn libtards" are yet they take 3 different off country vacations a year and suck their parents teets for money.
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