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  1. Maybe it's too early for "fire the kicker" threads but he sucked last week and today was obviously a nightmare. Are there any other fill in's who can replace Succop right now? Surely we can do better.
  2. Looks wonderful! Any chance we could get the option of a dark mode? That'd be the icing on the cake.
  3. It's really no different than the people who hug his nuts when he clearly does bad and still go out and make excuses for it all. Extremes of the both sides suck.
  4. Started slow but looked great second half. Still don't have faith in him being "the guy" but today was a good step in that direction if he can keep that up.
  5. I have two ACL's as well. Most people do, what's wrong with that? :D
  6. That sounds a hell of alot better than him covering #1's.
  7. Do we know the snap percentage for our players? I'm curious to see how many Butler played.
  8. Gruden's got more draft picks than ice cold Corona's in a bucket I tell you what man
  9. For once Mariota has played decent today but my god these receivers have been shit outside of Tajae
  10. Ah nice, we've had good luck with #17 in the past.
  11. If you're still young get out while you can. I promise you this is how it is year in and year out.
  12. Yeah I got the worst of that. And dammmnnn Ninja I see those points
  13. I'm playing against Kirk Cousins and Conner Kupp in fantasy tonight. Please pray for my recovery. Thank you.