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  1. DCTitan, They changed the ticket prices this year where preseason games are cheaper and some of the rest of the games are a little higher, with the net result of them being about the same price. It is for 8 regular season games and 2 preseason games.
  2. Well I am really not selling tickets. I am just selling the PSLs, but if you buy the PSLs you have to buy tickets in 4 months. I asked one of the board managers where best to post something about the PSLs before I posted them. He said to just post them on the main board. As for the line in about the draft, I put it in just to bump up this thread back to the top one more day. I agree that it doesn't make much sense. I have seen a lot of posters on this board claim that season ticket holders shouldn't sell their tickets and or PSLs to someone thats not a Titan fan. More than anything else, I didn't want to contribute to the crappy game atmosphere by selling them somewhere else for more money.
  3. When they are on the north end of the field you are 13 rows from the field and see everything very clearly. When they are on the other end, you glance up a little and you are looking directly at the big screen on the south side. The view from the seats are one of the things that would make me want to keep them. When I talked to the Titans, the north and south end zones are one of the few sections where the PSLs have went up in price. They were originally $750.00 and now cost $1500.00 from the Titans directly. These are very good seats. If you liked out draft, buy the PSLs then the tickets and be ready for the fall.
  4. Tennessee Titans PSLs Section 102, Row N, Seats 7-9 Price for each PSL: $500.00 each or best offer Season Tickets: $990.00 each – can be broken up into 4 payments for tickets.
  5. Tennessee Titans PSLs  Section 102, Row N, Seats 7-9

    Price for each PSL:  $500.00 each or best offer

    Season Tickets:  $990.00 each – can be broken up into 4 payments for tickets.

  6. Oilerman,

    Is there a location on the Titansreport where I can advertise PSLs for sale?        I am an original owner from day one of 3 PSLs in the North End Zone.    

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