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  1. Who do y’all think has the better career? Scary Terry’s contract is very comparable to AJs. $57 mil guaranteed for AJB vs $53 mil for TMC. AJ was certainly more efficient with his targets and had substantially more TDs. But AJ has missed more games and one could argue the TD differential was partly due to the offenses they played in. I’m probably a hater but I’d put my money on TMC having the better overall career even if he is less talented. I think The targets are a double edged sword for Brown. Yeah he could get more volume stats but also more chances for injury. If he can’t stay healthy over 100 targets why would he fare any better over 130+.
  2. Yeah why would you want all the thread updates on one player in a month span in the same location? 🙄
  3. I had never heard of him either. 10 yards/ route run is silly. Well worth a Cheap UDFA lottery ticket, imo. Edit: Meant to edit not new post. My bad
  4. In a perfect world, I agree that you sneak woodside through waivers, onto the practice squad and then elevate him to the game day roster the first four weeks of the season. After that you could take stock of injuries, willis’ progression, etc to determine the next course of action. BUT… The main risk, hell probably the only risk, in my opinion, is Art in Atlanta. Would they want a vet backup for mariota? Certainly Strong praise from Art in the quote below. If I were JROB, I’d want to know, without a doubt, that ATL wasn’t going to claim him before I let my only legit opening day backup option go. “[Woodside] was kind of a quasi-OC for us behind the scenes, and [we're] very happy with what Logan's done in the offseason,” Titans offensive coordinator Arthur Smith said. “This is a great opportunity for him in camp. He’s got a command on the offense, and to get on the field and give you a better evaluation of templates. And everything we thrown at him, he's handled. https://www.nashvillepost.com/sports/titans/woodside-presumed-favorite-for-backup-qb-job/article_6b91c614-9763-52ff-ab89-eb49c3978f52.html
  5. What the fuck has Ballard done to warrant being ahead of QC?
  6. I don’t know which moron we’re talking about, but I love the gif. Good find.
  7. What would you say are your biggest weaknesses?
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