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  1. Traded next year's 2020 4th, and this year's 2019 7th. We get Tannehill, and the Dolphins this year 2019 6th round pick
  2. Who do we look at now ? Bortles, Tannehill, Sam Bradford ?
  3. People on here bitch when we don't sign anyone they know, and they bitch when we sign good players.
  4. Mariota catches his own TD passes, Brady doesn't was the tie breaker.
  5. Raiders are the reason why contracts are so out of control. Goes back to Al Davis paying washed up players stupid money deals.
  6. AB now goes to the Raiders, where a players career goes to die.
  7. Tampering already started for the Jags last week. They should be fined, and lose draft picks.
  8. Would be totally hilarious if the Steelers don't trade AB at this point.
  9. I'd rather draft a QB than sign a garbage backup
  10. Just shows everyone that Gruden was a epic fail for the Raiders. First the trade the best defensive player in the league, and then trade one of the best WRs in the league. Now they want Antonio Brown, lol
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