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  1. I keep seeing Ruben Foster on the Redskins' roster after everybody trashed him. Looks like the charges against him were dropped. Sure wish we had taken a look.
  2. I would kick the tires on Chad Kelly. He can throw, has some wheels. Yeah, he has a problem finding the correct address for parties, but who hasn't? At least bring him in for a camp arm.
  3. My family did the same. I once called the Titans office to get sideline passes for my sons and they told me they were reserved for suite holders, but they sometimes made exceptions. She asked how long I had been a season ticket holder and I told her since Memphis. She put me on hold for a second and came back and said I could have sideline passes to any game I wanted that season. That was about 4 years ago.
  4. "bear hands" This alleged attorney is a joke. Go ahead and claim typo, Perry.
  5. You definitely have your girlfriend there backing you up, right?
  6. Who would let this dope represent them in court?
  7. When we have a black president, maybe we will find out.
  8. My comments weren't made towards the libs in general, they were made towards the libs in this forum. I don't care what color suit barry wore or if he ate mustard on his burger (I would like to know what condiment he used for dog). Don't really remember anyone on here going on about either topic. And all you need to know about your lack of education beyond you SJW degree. You're easily triggered.
  9. All they talked about was Chelsea's wedding and yoga.
  10. descent? WTF? You guys supported barry and hilliary. Can't get much worse than that. Why don't you guys grow a pair and just power through your issues with Trump. We had to live through 8 years of pansy-ass barry and emerged on the other side as victors. Think about all the issues you've cried about in the last year and think about how it makes you look. Now you have illegaltitan, the wannabe one percenter who doesn't even know what the 1% is, trying to claim posters aren't real people or are adopting a persona. Think about that. Some "I'll defend any position for an hourly rate" trying to tell you how to think while claiming everybody that disagrees with him is told how to think by Fox News. What a hoot. Titansgoodluckcharm's ranting about starting a movement is less boring than your whining. I suggest starting a 'Girls Only" forum for you ladies so you can bitch all you want and you won't be bothered with any dissenting opinions. And I post this with all due respect, with nothing but good intentions to MAGA.
  11. We got to see the libs throw hissy fits like little girls.
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