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  1. The twitter feed that appeared on the right of my screen under happening now --- is not happening now??
  2. About as likely as some Antifa moron trying to kill some ICE workers due to these women's rhetoric. Seriously.
  3. Another rent free space where Tux abides.
  4. Tux living rent free in Clowntown's head.
  5. I remember his claim to being in the 1%, but he didn't know what the 1% was.
  6. Do you remember the picture of his wife? Fugly!
  7. Really? That was too hard for you to understand? Hey, it's tax season. Did you receive any payments this year that you thought were gratis that you don't want to claim? Ha! Even Jackson Hewitt laughed at your return.
  8. Absolutely right, Earl. That and the fact that our great president, Donald J. Trump, has led us into uncharted waters with this great economy. My business is booming such that I don't have much time for anything but work, family, and laughing at the libs on this forum. I try not to argue with idiots, but I certainly appreciate your fighting the good fight. I did get a kick out of Reotard trying to kick everybody that he didn't agree with off the board. That was funny sh*t right there.
  9. I keep seeing Ruben Foster on the Redskins' roster after everybody trashed him. Looks like the charges against him were dropped. Sure wish we had taken a look.
  10. I would kick the tires on Chad Kelly. He can throw, has some wheels. Yeah, he has a problem finding the correct address for parties, but who hasn't? At least bring him in for a camp arm.
  11. My family did the same. I once called the Titans office to get sideline passes for my sons and they told me they were reserved for suite holders, but they sometimes made exceptions. She asked how long I had been a season ticket holder and I told her since Memphis. She put me on hold for a second and came back and said I could have sideline passes to any game I wanted that season. That was about 4 years ago.