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  1. It does if we really wanted to draft a QB. I'm not betting we take a QB. Just saying it isn't out of the range of possibility.
  2. I suppose they could still trade him agreeing to pay a significant part of his $20 mil.
  3. Why does anyone need to pick up the $20 mil. If he is cut before the season begins they can pay him anything they want. We aren't trading him. That is why the trade for Tannehill could make sense and that is how it is going to work if the right guy is available to draft. As for spending a 1st on a QB it is either this year or next. What difference does that make? I stated I'd prefer we trade for Rosen because I think he is a better option than a QB we might get in this draft. As far as contention...... we will only go as far as our QB takes us anyway and if we have to play Tannehill while a rookie is waiting for his chance so be it. The immature way of looking at this is to postpone using the pick until next year because we want to see more excitement with the pick tonight. The mature way is to do what is in the team's best interest long term. Send Marcus packing and use the $20 mil to sign some guys for the short term like Suh.
  4. What does acquiring Tannehill have to do with anything. His main function is to backup an often crippled Mariota. In fact Tannehill might end up the starter after we draft a QB.
  5. The Dems have not cared about character since Carter so why start caring now? Dems totally showed their hand as complete assholes during the Cavanagh hearings. Oh, should we for get about the investigation into the coup to oust Trump? I mean Hillary saying Trump should be impeached for obstruction of justice moronic and hypocritical as it gets. She smashed black berries, bleached hard drives and basically should have been indicted without question.
  6. Yep, defend Biden by bashing Trump. I'd like to see one libtard actually admit this guy is a POS.
  7. The liked Faulk enough to draft him but I have to believe if they take a guy they will like the guy enough to keep him on the roster. So that brings the level of QB they bring in to a different level. I'm thinking this is the guy we could be interested in: https://www.nfl.com/prospects/brett-rypien?id=32195259-5041-5292-b37a-51e22ef129f4 Here is an interesting analysis of the 7 QBs in the draft and their strengths and weaknesses. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/nfl-draft-2019-quarterback-rankings-lets-break-down-skills-of-top-qbs-from-decision-making-to-accuracy/ For example Rypien is 3rd for short and intermediary accuracy. #1 in reads. #2 in pocket movement. Tends to be overaggressive so is #6 out of 7 on decisions making. #3 under pressure, #3 for deep accuracy, #4 for arm strength. Last in mobility but the fact he is #2 in pocket movement that doesn't scare me. Point is that this is a kid with decent accuracy, ability to read the defense and feel in the pocket there could be hope of him developing. If we go for a guy later in the draft he might have the most promise.
  8. Wow, I was thinking it wouldn't happen. I can relax now. This is the best the Dems can do. The top running candidates are two 80 year old white guys. One is a lunatic socialist and the other a pedophile pervert who says some of the dumbest stuff.
  9. http://themillenniumreport.com/2019/03/biden-finally-outed-as-serial-pedophile-and-brazen-pervert/
  10. Love Lawrence but can't get around how we had one of the better defenses last year and one of the worst offenses. Still, it is only one pick. IMO Lawrence is a freak with upside. Hokenson would elevate the offense more than any other person we could pick.
  11. Who doesn't know better than Ruston? Someone could throw darts at a draft board and do as well as he did.
  12. I guess you morons don't get it. We have heinous crimes being committed each day was my point and you don't care about those. And yes, build the damn wall so we can reduce the murder, rape and drugs coming into the country not to mention the human trafficking. Oh, is it horrible if someone thinks Houston is just over the hill when they get to the border and they die trying to walk 100s of miles to get there? Ranchers are finding dead bodies all the time. Not a good way to go either.
  13. Yea, anyone could say that about any player and be right all the time.
  14. If anyone we pick is as good as Casey I'll be thrilled.
  15. If libtards could tie this to Trump you are damn right they would. How about the illegals coming in and killing people? White people. Are those hate crimes? And yes, the cartels do things that are just as bad to all races of people. Human trafficking ranks right up there as well. Or how about illegal drugs that kill people every day. These are real problems we are dealing with now and Dems don't care. There are more black on white killings than white on black despite the fact blacks make up only 15% of the population.
  16. IMHO it would be insane not to talk with the Cardinals about Rosen and if necessary offer our 1st round pick for him. Rosen's mechanics are near perfect. The biggest knock on him is if he has the leadership skills and willing to be coached. I don't know how much of an issue those things are (the Cardinals obviously didn't think so and picked him #10 in the draft). The kid is smart (Econ major). Yea, he had a crappy rookie season but many real good QBs do, especially when they are bad teams. If the market drops for Rosen and we can get him cheaper JRob should be all over it. Maybe offer a 1st next year instead of this year.
  17. Some of these posters think they know more than JRob or that JRob will just take a crappy QB to be taking one. Thus their arguments are meaningless. If JRob sees Lock or whoever as a legit franchise QB he should take him. If the guy isn't legit you don't. All the other arguments are irrelevant.
  18. Ahhhhhh or draft a QB and have Tannehill start for a year. Then we are no worse off this year and have a 2nd year guys who isn't completely green next year. Sorry but that makes perfect sense if Lock or someone else is a legit guy they want.
  19. Why don't you quit posting because you have zero relevance. I'd rather read ManningEnvy's manure than the perplexing tripe you keep writing.
  20. Love Lawrence and a perfect fit. Essentially allows us to look at OL and maybe TE/WR the next couple of rounds. We had one of the best defenses in the NFL last year and one of the worst offenses. That is why I'm higher on Hokenson in the first and addressing DL later in a deep draft. That said love Lawrence and what he brings. Old man Pees won't need Viagra that night if we draft Lawrence.
  21. Trump already being fired will just be another total swing and miss for libtards and the libtard media.
  22. Will still be surprised if we go OL on day one. Depending on how they see Tillery and Lawrence coming off the board they could trade back if both are still available. I'd still jump all over Hokenson and maybe Fant is one is available but wouldn't trade up to get one. We could also trade back and take Irv Smith.
  23. First of all it is a huge mistake to really think rookies are going to be stepping in and playing at a super high level. They might but you can't depend on it especially from WRs. The guys we take this year will pay dividends on years 2, 3 and 4. It always amazes me how people have this perspective. How much did Landry and Evans contribute last year? They did some but not nearly what we expect this year. So this isn't being done for Mariota. It will be for the next guy. Right now I'd say the likelihood Mariota is a part of this team past the next couple of years is slim. At best he somehow stays healthy and has a real solid year and gets franchised. Again, the odds of that are pretty low. IMO he better stay healthy and throw for 4000 yards to be worth a franchise tag.
  24. Exactly. We will draft one at some point and maybe earlier than people think. Kyle Shurmur (son of Pat Shurmur) could be a guy they look at later in the draft.
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