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  1. Truthfully one of my biggest objections to these women is the fact they are so naïve and young. Even Thomas Sowell, one of the most brilliant people in the US and black, was a Marxist early in life. He completed his undergrad at Harvard, his Masters at Columbia and a PhD at Chicago and was a Marxist throughout that period. Through time he saw the light and became one of the most prolific conservatives of our day. These woman are dishonest, combative, racist and currently ignorant of reality. Why anyone would listen to them or stand by them is absurd.
  2. Actually he did. Or Cohen paid her off and Trump paid Cohen which is the same thing.
  3. Realistically we use Henry in a similar way we used Murray in 2016. 300 carries (maybe a few more) and he gets 1300 yards and scores 9-10 TDs. Lewis will still be in the mix for the rest and get his share of passes. Henry could also catch close to 50 balls himself (~3 per game) and needs to be involved in the passing game so defenses aren't sitting on the run when he is in the game.
  4. How is the birther movement racist? If Trump had evidence Biden or Pocahontas were born in a different country he would do the same. Bernie might have been born in Russia. Racist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. From the start this was a nothingburger. If Trump paid off any of his former affairs with his own money it does not constitute a campaign finance violation. Period. Now if the Dems want to argue the immorality of cheating on a spouse..... talk about the pot calling the kettle black.
  6. We are all racist for criticizing Obama. Even Hillary had to toe the line and watch what she said. Now Pelosi of all people has to be careful. 1/3 of the population is flat out moronic.
  7. Actually that could make sense if they don't see him as a long term signing and Kelly looks decent (then you extend him). They would also need to have some level of confidence in the depth past Kelly as well to make the move since injuries are likely to Lewan or Kelly at some point even if short term. Who can move into RT is needed and not get Mariota killed?
  8. That does it. Trump wouldn't answer a question about being social function with Epstein. I'm out now. How can anyone support a guy like that. Dumbass.
  9. Damn Trump will call her anti-American and anti-Semitic. Can you believe it. Amazing how turds stand by a woman nobody would want as their Rep in their district in a million years.
  10. Yea and way more voting for Trump % wise. Look, it is disgraceful that the left can't win on ideas but have to resort to race baiting and using the race card. The "squad" are a group of idiot morons with far left socialist views and on top of that some have outright stated some of the most vile anti-Semitic shit. If you dolts want to stand by these four you lose. Period. You can stay in your fantasy land and think anyone who likes Trump (which means they like winning and being at peace and prosperous) is a KKK member or something go for it. Makes you look even more like a tard. AOC outright lied about conditions at the border. All four voted against aid. They are pathetic POS assholes. Stick to it buddy.
  11. When? After they have been destroyed, fined and spent their time in jail?
  12. That cartoon is spot on (despite tard thinking it isn't). We have anti-American not just living here but in our congress. I don't care if these rats are white, yellow, black or whatever.... they are shit. If they were white skin heads my feelings would be the same as would Trump's. On top of that dumbass these four attacked Pelosi as being racist. Same fucking thing moron.
  13. Keep it up. Looking more fucked in the head with each post. If Trump said anything close to that hateful and racist your head would explode. Amazing.
  14. She hates Israel you moron. Just like Trump saying there are good people on both sides of the confederate flag issue and "real" media organizations like CNN purposefully took the statements out of context and made it look like Trump was siding with Nazis. I'm to the point where people like AOC, StarKiller and many others on this board are just too fucking dense. CNN a real media organization? Get the fuck out of here. What we have to deal with is the simple fact that about 20% of the USA is made up of the real deplorables. The anti-Semitic, communistic-socialist POS American hating group that we need to ignore. If the Dems bow to these stooges and pick one to run for president Trump crosses the finish line by 20 points. The 20+ debating look like a group of mentally challenged 3rd graders. Then when you have someone who actually makes a true hate speech racist comment we have dumbasses like Oldschool arguing their side. Sir, you look dumb as hell.
  15. Mariota was worst at targeting the slot WR but he hasn't had a Welker like slot guy to work with. Maybe now he does. Having more than one real good outside WR has to help that rating as well. Basically comes down to what we all know anyway. The table is set. The talent is there. Now it is up to Mariota.
  16. Ok this is a tough one. How is a police officer chocking a suspect automatically a violation of civil rights? The choke hold by the way lasted 7 seconds and all the "I cannot breath" apparently occurred after the choke was released. But either way this really can't be a civil rights violation just because the man was black. Gee, white officer, black man, has to be racist, a hate crime and a violation of the man's civil rights. Now I'm not saying it automatically isn't either. But it certainly isn't something that should be prosecuted by people on the street or in the media. Sad the man died. But not a crime.
  17. Thing is this is something you would expect to see from liberals and you would also expect them to AGREE with Trump on this one. Google has a 92% market share? And you argue with this? Just because it is Trump? Fact is he beat the dense left to the punch here and the fact he gets to win again against a company that has been down right disgusting to him is just a feather in his cap. Meanwhile the left proves they don't care how big a company gets or if they have a monopoly as long as they hold their political views. Pretty straight forward if you ask me. Notice the leftist European countries, that don't vote for or against Trump, have a problem with google as well. Damn your arguments are weak.
  18. Oh I agree which is why I made sure to mention playing in all 16 games. He has shown he is capable of throwing twice or more TDs to ints and having a good to great success rate in the red zone. Of course none of that means anything if he can't stay healthy.
  19. Starkiller is more of a Leninist. He wants to overthrow capitalism in favor of socialism. Anyone with a different view should put down. Right wing radio has to be stopped. Only media agreeing with his views is allowed. He is also an atheist and wants the extermination of all religion. The government should take full control: manage all the assets, take your guns and freedoms and anyone in disagreement is not worthy of living. His comments just happened to be addressed to women of color and you know it. They have a track record of hating Jews, America and being radical about it. I'm sure he could say some similar things to Bernie if he wanted but what he didn't say to Bernie does not make what he said racist. Dumb argument.
  20. Hindsight is always 20-20 so to look back and bash the Morgan pick doesn't make much sense. He was a strong side 4-3 DE that transitioned well to a 3-4 and had his best seasons there. You look at Graham as a comparison..... he sucked ass his first 4 years or so in the league. JPP has had real good seasons mixed with some bad ones. Either way it is easy to see clearly after the fact. Looking back at the 2010 draft JPP went right before we took Morgan (maybe we hoped he would make it to us and remember JPP had some questions about his production in college). We can project how we might have moved up to get him but that is all assumption. The Eagles took Graham (thought to be comparable at the time but not a huge difference) at 13, the Seahawks took Earl Thomas at 14 and the Giants took JPP at 15.
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