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  1. Good, that is your opinion. Dumb, but your opinion either way. How is that Clowney contract coming? You were so dense and wrong on that I would think you would hide and shut your trap. When it comes to evaluating talent you might be pretty close to bottom of the barrel. And no, just my opinion, but Wilson was a perfect fit for the 46 defense. Marshall is probably a better fit for a more traditional 4-3 since Wilson might be more of a 3-4 OLB if not in the Bear's 46. Either way it is like arguing with someone who doesn't get it right but maybe 10% of the time and that is because even a broken clock is right twice a day.
  2. Wow, Fromm must be a racist. Some black people need to go over to his house, break all the windows, kill his dog and rape his girl friend. Racist asshole.
  3. Some of the dumbest stuff I've read. No way Jrob is giving up a quality draft pick on a RB. He might use one next year based on how things go with Henry's contract when Ingram would be 31. I'm not sure JRob takes on Ingram's salary if he is a 6th round trade. We simply have higher priorities and other guys we need to sign.
  4. Did you read my post. Wilson was the better OLB in 85. They played on the same team idiot. I watched every Bear game for decades. You are like a one legged midget in in ass kicking contest when you take me on in this. And I never said sacks were the end all so just keep making shit up as you go. I said Wilson was the better pass rusher and Marshall was the better cover guy so where in that did I say sacks were the end all. Reading comprehension is not your friend. Thinking isn't either.
  5. He wasn't even the best outside LB on the Bears in 85 (10.5 sacks). Otis Wilson was. The difference was that Wilson was starting the back end of his career in 85 and Marshall was in his 2nd season. Wilson was the better pass rusher and Marshall was the better cover guy but both were very good. To be honest KB might have been as good as anyone as a true 4-3 OLB I've seen.
  6. I read an article that some liberals heads started turning 360 degrees as they puked green shit when they saw the bible. Adam Shit convulsed on the ground muttering something in his own tongue.
  7. So you are saying the cops are bothering peaceful protestors and that is your bitch now. Right. I have no doubt most are peaceful but my point is the cops aren't picking out the few. They are trying to disperse the crowds where shit is happening. Gee empty heads, do ya think it is OK to stand back and let thugs ruin our cities? Really? Set fire to government buildings? Destroy businesses people worked hard to build and that are an important part of society? Are you too fing stupid to understand this hurts all of us? I'm glad the peaceful protestors are finally doing something about this, if they really are, but they should be getting their ass off the streets when this stuff goes on so the police and put an end to it. They ignore curfews and refuse to move when told. One guy was stabbed and they couldn't get help to the guy and had to use tear gas and rubber bullets to clear the area.
  8. How about "these people" that think cops are out to eradicate blacks from society (all 10 last year). So what if some bimbo posted something weird. You rtards post dumb shit all day long on this board. And by the way the only genocide going on is blacks killing blacks and blacks aborting black babies (twice the rate of other races).
  9. The point is these aren't "peaceful" and the burned out building and looting not to mention people getting their heads kicked in attest to it. Just because there are "peaceful" people mixed in the crowd with the trouble makers doesn't mean the action of using tear gas and such isn't warranted. I don't care if someone is a member of the Black Panthers or the Boogaloo boys they are idiots and the scourge of society. My comments weren't directed at blacks but simply stated in general poor people probably are less intelligent. And again, this "awareness-raising" is a pile of bull shit. Only 10 blacks were killed by police while being unarmed in 2019 and 8 of the 10 were justified. The other two officers were charged. So keep being an blue ribbon idiot if you want. You libtards are so dense you fall for any lie there is.
  10. One person tweets something and you say "these people" like a mindless idiot. If I used the same language about a black person I'd be called a racist. Idiot.
  11. Video explaining the genocide happening in the US. In 2019 ......... 10 unarmed blacks were killed by police. 10, and in half those incidents they policeman was physically attacked, in one his gun accidently went off in a struggle, in a couple the suspect was shot in their car using it as a weapon and in one a suspect told police he was armed even though he wasn't. The facts are this is not a huge problem at all and in fact 2019 was one of the safest years for black suspects. Also, white suspects have as high or higher chance of being killed. Hmmm. Truth hurts when you are a mindless lemming liberal.
  12. And there are some smart people that don't have high paying jobs. But as usual you take the exception and try to make it the rule because you are a fing retard. Plus I never said black people were dumb. I said as a rule, white, black, yellow, green people that are smarter will typically make more and people less smart make less. Now if you add a felony record to you resume, maybe the inability to pass a drug test, or the lack of desire to get out of bed to keep a job if you get one those are factors as well but since those kind of things are pretty dumb..... Now if you are saying you are one of those moronic people that happens to make a good living.... I believe that.
  13. He sent military to protect the White House and justifiably so. If I were in charge I'd paint a line and anyone crossing that line would get a bullet in their head. This is total BS what is going on. 3rd world country shit.
  14. Could be that poor people are poor because they are dumb. That is an undeniable fact isn't it? Smarter people tend to have a better chance at better jobs and/or start businesses. Dumber people tend to work the lower paid jobs no matter what race they are. That will never change.
  15. So many lies in that it is ridiculous. Trump didn't order soldiers to flood the streets. What he said was if the governors can't get things under control (with the National Guard at their disposal) he will send in the military and damn well right he should if it gets that bad. I am saddened by the absolute stupidity of some. We cannot allow tyranny to take over. It is the responsibility of the government on all levels to protect the people of this nation. Oh, if protestors don't back off when told to they need to be gassed and hit with rubber bullets. Poor babies. This is basic common sense.

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