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  1. Here is a good article on the subject: https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/3bjdpw/ten-years-ago-mr-hands-got-fucked-to-death-by-a-horse-716
  2. Well first of all Baker is not over hyped one bit. Started 13 games, threw for almost 4000 yards and looked dynamic out there. A real playmaker. A guy who really ELEVATES his team. By himself he gives the Browns a big edge in the game. Now, had the Titans signed Sheldon Richardson Titan fans would be salivating. The Browns already had a young stud CB and they moved up in the 2nd round to get another one. They traded for Oliver Vernon to have a viable pass rusher on the other side of Garrett. Oh, then they picked up Odell to play with Landry giving them the best pair of WRs in the league. They also happen to have one of the better RBs in Chubb and a good looking young TE. Obviously OT is the weakness of their OL (partly because the interior is pretty good). Robinson has been better after a shaky start to his career. Still they aren't great and don't have much depth. Lucky for them they have a QB that is great at feeling the rush and getting results even when he doesn't have a clean pocket. I'd say the Browns have an edge mainly because of their QB. They are also playing at home. Not saying the Titans can't win but we really need to show up and play our best game. The Browns are for real. Very talented.
  3. WTF is you libtard problem people. It was a tweet by Trump, not an executive order. It doesn't mean Trump is against all manufacturing outside the US. It doesn't mean he is a hypocrite because he might have had products made outside the US. It really doesn't mean anything except to encourage companies to try and make more products in the US while we go through this trade scenario. Then if that isn't bad enough stupidity out of the blue comes some dumb ass defense of Obama's you didn't build that comment. If I even mention Obama or Hillary I get the whatabout infantile back lash. Not to mention this is coming from libtards that still spout the out of context comments Trump made at Charlettsville. By the way I understood what Obama was trying to say. But I also understand that Obama HAS NEVER BUILT ANYTHING and is clueless about anything having to do with being a business owner.
  4. Al Gore bought a mansion on the west coast despite him knowing it will be under water soon.... is that "non-sense". Or are you really that fucking dumb you don't get it.
  5. WG must be some obese fuck in his basement who posts occasionally when he isn't licking Nator's bung hole. Yea, the oceans are rising, New York will be under water soon and we will all be dead in 12 years. Obama buys a mansion on the ocean not far up the coast. These complete retarded dumbasses don't get the significance of that.
  6. Actually I do think he is trying to do stuff for the American worker. If you want a good dose of pure someone who doesn't give a shit about anyone but themselves and their friends look no further than the Clintons. Trump didn't need this job. If anything this is costing him money tard. And fuck off. There that felt better. Had not done that in a while.
  7. Gee you tards hated the Tea Party and what it stood for. Trump is not the Tea party and now you hate him for that.
  8. It is entirely valid to discuss the hypocrisy of having a shit storm over little or nothing economically when we are having a great economy (praying for a recession I guess) while supporting the total destruction of the economy with what the Dem platform has become. Is it humanly possible to not be a fucking hypocritical biased tard? But I get it. Trump should cave with China and let them continue to butt rape us for another decade or more. Is that what you want? Or maybe we should talk about the TPP (something HIllary and Dems called "the gold standard"). What is most ironic is that a Republican is fighting like hell for the long term future of the American worker and all you can see is 3 feet in front of your face.
  9. This kind of reminds me of the time Maddow orgasmed semen all over himself over nothing...
  10. Here is a good example of a a typical leftist. Kind, considerate, non-confrontational, really care about people and loves this country.....
  11. Give some specific examples of Trump "constantly" fanny flames of skinheads? We have the Dems and media CONSTANTLY flaming the fans of Trump hate and the "deplorables". We have moronic people in congress actually telling Dems to get in the face and confront Trump workers and supporters. We even have our own FBI conspiring to take down a sitting president. You are a moron to not see the obvious.
  12. Just proves what hateful assholes libtards are. Kinda does remind us of Nazis and their hate for Jews.
  13. Is this a trick question? Mariota might not even have one team that wants him if he doesn't get it together. And he certainly isn't a missing piece.
  14. What do you think the New Green Deal will do for the economy? Or socialism? You go into a frenzy blaming Trump for a pimple on the economy but miss the massive tumor being proposed by your candidates.
  15. So Trump is responsible for "slow global economic conditions"? Wow, Trump has gone to your head.
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