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  1. His team got embarrassed by a mediocre Dallas team showing just how terrible the Eagles are this season, and the NFC LEast as a whole.
  2. Of course the Jets were going to lose to NE, but who has Dallas beaten? The Giants (2-5), Skins (1-7), Miami (0-6), and Philly (3-4). The Cowboys are not even close to being contenders if they lose to the Jets. Almost all of their wins have been against horrible teams.
  3. The Chase Center was a complete waste of $500M to house the Warriors, they lost 141-122 in their first game there and that's just the beginning.
  4. And just recently MJ said that Curry isn't a Hall of Famer yet, so comparing the two is so ignorant it's not even funny. The Warriors lost so many of their best defenders last summer and it shows. They will easily have the worst defense in the entire NBA.
  5. The Lakers will definitely have a better record than the Warriors. But that's not really saying much, is it? It's almost a certainty that Klay won't play this season and Golden State is getting bitch-slapped on national TV at home in their opener.
  6. They are, but that's typical for them. At least the Skins kept the game interesting in the first half and it wasn't an Arena League score.
  7. Nothing funnier than a sad pathetic person responding over and over to their own posts.....
  8. I'd love to see Denver win in Indy, but that's a huge reach there. Same with the Jets at the Jags. The Chargers have been the most disappointing team in the NFL this year, so I doubt they win in Chicago. The best game will be on SNF in KC, and the way the Chiefs have been playing they could easily lose to the Packers.
  9. If they hadn't been screwed over with Nene's contract, they could have traded him for Covington and made themselves big favorites.
  10. Rankings after week 7: New England (7-0) San Francisco (6-0) New Orleans (6-1) Green Bay (6-1) Buffalo (5-1) Minnesota (5-2) Baltimore (5-2) Seattle (5-2) Kansas City (5-2) Indianapolis (4-2) Dallas (4-3) LA Rams (4-3) Houston (4-3) Chicago (3-3) Carolina (4-2) Detroit (2-3-1) Pittsburgh (2-4) Oakland (3-3) Jacksonville (3-4) Philadelphia (3-4) Arizona (3-3-1) Tampa Bay (2-4) Denver (2-5) Tennessee (3-4) LA Chargers (2-5) Cleveland (2-4) NY Jets (1-5) NY Giants (2-5) Atlanta (1-6) Cincinnati (0-7) Washington (1-6) Miami (0-6)
  11. House will probably start most games, but the closing lineup (which is what really matters) will feature Gordon. The main reason for having House start is that D'Antoni wants to have two of this top three scorers in the game as much as possible. So Westbrook will probably come out early (after 6 minutes), then Gordon will enter the game. Then Harden goes out when Russ returns.
  12. Rockets current depth chart: PG) Russell Westbrook, Austin Rivers SG) James Harden, Ben McLemore SF) Danuel House, Eric Gordon PF) P.J. Tucker, Thabo Sefolosha, Gary Clark C) Clint Capela, Tyson Chandler, Isaiah Hartenstein Two-way players: Chris Clemons, Michael Frazier Injured players: Gerald Green, Nenê
  13. Then I assume you're going with the Niners.
  14. LeBron James thinks that he's smarter than Daryl Morey? He says that Morey was uneducated/misinformed about the situation in Hong Kong that he tweeted about which has caused a shit-storm in the relationship between the NBA and China. What a fucking idiot!
  15. They might as well have Tannehill start the rest of the season since the OL has given up 29 sacks already, the most in the NFL. Tennessee needs to protect their investment and upgrade the O-line in 2020, then they can give Mariota his much deserved $100M contract next spring.
  16. That's so sad, but not as sad as all the optimism here that replacing Mariota with Tannehill will magically turn things around for this pathetic team.
  17. Can you imagine the uproar here if Mariota is named the starter next week against the Chargers?
  18. And then we blamed it all on the whales and dolphins, that's why the Japanese have been hunting them nearly into extinction ever since.
  19. He won't last any longer as a color commentator than Joe Theismann did back in 2006 when MNF first went to ESPN. They both suck nuts!
  20. Jacoby Brissett is definitely better than Zach Mettenberger, but it still remains to be seen if he's actually better than Mariota.
  21. So all they need to do is plug in Ryan Tannehill at QB and the Titans will instantly become a Super Bowl contender, right?
  22. I agree, all of these teams scoring 40-50 points a game just like an Arena League Football game. It's like watching Madden.....
  23. How many of you that are still left will be picking the Bills next week?
  24. Rankings after week 6: New England (6-0) San Francisco (5-0) New Orleans (5-1) Seattle (5-1) Green Bay (5-1) Buffalo (4-1) Minnesota (4-2) Houston (4-2) Kansas City (4-2) Baltimore (4-2) Dallas (3-3) Chicago (3-2) Carolina (4-2) Indianapolis (3-2) LA Rams (3-3) Detroit (2-2-1) Philadelphia (3-3) Pittsburgh (2-4) Oakland (3-2) Tampa Bay (2-4) Denver (2-4) Cleveland (2-4) LA Chargers (2-4) Arizona (2-3-1) Jacksonville (2-4) NY Jets (1-4) Tennessee (2-4) NY Giants (2-4) Atlanta (1-5) Cincinnati (0-6) Washington (1-5) Miami (0-5)
  25. The others who picked Dallas aren't looking as lucky right now.....