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  1. It truly is. I used to think that his posts here were some sort of joke, but after reading so many of them now I realize that it's not bullshit. So sad.
  2. That makes one less player for Lakers fans to hope their team will sign. Now it's Kawhi or bust!!!
  3. You finally came around on that one, do you trust the process now? Another team to watch in the East is Indiana after getting Brogdon. The Raptors and Bucks should still be good, but I doubt that Butler will make Miami good enough to crack the top 5 ahead of Boston.
  4. Good question. Once Kawhi decides whether to stay in Toronto or sign with the Clippers all of the top guys will be gone. The Lakers will undoubtedly have to overpay players to come there who don't mind being LeBron's bitch. No way they win the West!
  5. They don't want to give Harden the MVP every single year, that would make the NBA too boring, wouldn't it?
  6. Everyone is jumping on Brooklyn's bandwagon just like they did with the Lakers. But I wouldn't bet on a Nets/Lakers Finals anytime soon. Even when Durant is healthy when the 2020/21 season begins, he won't have anything close to the talent around him that he has before. He won't even have the talent he had around him in OKC when they made the Finals 7 years ago before giving away Harden for almost nothing.
  7. The Lakers are already fucked up, and if Butler hadn't gone to Miami he probably would have done the same in Houston. Thank you Heat!
  8. The Celtics reached the ECF without Kyrie two seasons ago, and couldn't even get back there with him healthy last season. Kemba will probably be an upgrade for Boston next season, but will Kyrie truly be an upgrade for the Nets over D'Angelo Russell?
  9. Now that the Lakers have managed to free up the cap space they need for another max player, who will they go after? My money is on Butler. I don't want the Rockets to get rid of 2 or 3 of their current starters in order to acquire Butler for themselves. He can go to LA and fuck them up instead!
  10. Oiler FANatic


    Okay, how about this as one of your brilliant statements? This statement is far more accurate: "Cole is a default #2 anyway [behind Verlander]." Let's assume that Houston lets Gerrit Cole go elsewhere in free agency next winter. His new contract is expected to be around 6 years for $138M. Yu Darvish, who according to you is far better than Cole, got a 6-year/$126M deal from the Cubs but his time in Chicago has been a total disaster. I can only hope that Cole doesn't go to the Yankees or the Dodgers, or even Boston. Maybe if the Astros are lucky Jim Crane will write that huge check.
  11. I went to high school on Long Island where the sport is very popular, but it doesn't seem to appeal much to people in most parts of the country.
  12. Paul George was nominated for both Defensive POY and MVP. He was never going to win the MVP, but they gave DPOY to Gobert again.
  13. Oiler FANatic


    Now that the Astros have added rookie sensation DH/LF Yordan Alvarez (remember that name!), they will be able to rest players regularly once they get Springer, Aledmys Diaz, and Correa back (with Altuve returning today). This team has some very serious depth among their position players. If they hadn't lost McCullers, Morton, and Keuchel who knows how good the team might be this year with the same starting rotation. But they will be able to give Brantley plenty of days off after Springer comes back next week. Jake Marisnick would be the starting center fielder for a lot of teams, he's an outstanding defender. Marisnick and Alvarez will be formidable platoon players to go with Brantley, Springer, and Reddick.
  14. Oiler FANatic


    So far he's played 71 out of 75 games (about 95%) and is considered by most to be the best free agent acquisition in MLB this year. With the recent injuries to Altuve, Correa, and Springer they've still managed to win 17 of their last 29 games over the past month even after losing the last four games (having been swept for the first time in 2 seasons). Without Brantley there's no way they go 17-12 during that stretch. Brantley has more multi-hit games than anyone in the majors this year while his .321 batting average is the 8th best in baseball. It seems yet again you have proven to be the 2008 Detroit Lions of sports prognosticators, a truly dazzling feat. In all seriousness, bravo!
  15. Seriously? Reaching the 2nd round in the West is basically the same as reaching the ECF, or even winning it in this case (playing against GS). Boston won't even get out of the first round next year, book it. The Bucks, Raptors, Pacers, Sixers will all be better than Boston. Possibly the Nets too.
  16. This has been going on for 6 years now after the blockbuster trade they made with Brooklyn. But the Celtics totally fucked it up. Of course the injury to Hayward hasn't helped either. Now Kyrie is leaving in free agency and Horford is opting out as well. Poor Boston.
  17. At least the Bucks have a future and might win a championship some time soon, but the Lakers just threw their future away. So sad.
  18. And while the Warriors were relevant, they aren't any more. They had a great run over the past 7 seasons and won 3 titles. But it's over.
  19. They knew idiots would throw their money away like the one last year who bet that the Lakers would make the playoffs. Now some other idiot bet $10K at 5/1 odds that the Lakers would win the championship next year. Poor bastard's out $10K. After they announced the trade the odds dropped down to 3/1, what a sucker bet. People are gonna throw their money away. We're so very impressed with LeBron, Davis, and Kuzma. Sure it's a pretty good front court, but who's gonna play guard for them? They have $32.6M left in cap space but only six players under contract. This isn't Miami nine years ago when LeBron was in his prime. LBJ will be 35 not long after the start of the season, he's already in his twilight years after missing 27 games and then the playoffs. Go ahead and keep dreaming like the rest of the idiots out there who think the Lakers should be favored right now. You'll see I am right!
  20. It's absolutely hilarious how the Lakers are a 9/2 favorite to win a championship next year. Man, sports bettors are total fucking idiots! The Bucks and Clippers are both 6/1, people seem to be under the impression that one of the LA teams is going to the WCF. What a joke. Houston is currently at 8/1 with the fourth best odds, and the Warriors still have decent 14/1 odds just behind Boston and Philly at 12/1. For some reason OKC still has the tenth best odds in the NBA at 16/1 which is almost as laughable as the Lakers having the best odds.
  21. Even if the Warriors re-sign Klay, he will be out at least until the AS break. And if KD stays too, he'll be out for most of the season (if not all). So basically that leaves them with Curry, Green, Iggy, Looney, Livingston, Cook, McKinnie, Bell and whoever they get with their mini-MLE. That means there's a strong possibility that the Lakers will win more games next season than the Warriors do. Probably not 50, but maybe 45?
  22. Curry is easily the best shooter in NBA history, no doubt. But he's not even close to Jordan as the greatest player in NBA history. Curry is now 0-8 in potential game-winning shots during the playoffs. That's about as far from being Michael Jordan as you can get.
  23. I think he'd rather stay with the NFL Network rather than come here to be the Texans GM again. The NFL doesn't need another Mayock.
  24. The Patriots accusing another team of cheating? That's a new low for them, making New England the proverbial pot to Houston's kettle.
  25. Of course he's a classless piece of shit, just like Trump. But they are a lot more players who would rather sign with Dallas than LA. No one wants to be LeBron's bitch and play for the Lakers. On the other hand, playing with Kristaps and Doncic is far more enticing for anyone.
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