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  1. All they have left is less than $2.2M of their $4.8M room exception, they already used $2.6M of it re-signing Alex Caruso. They used all the Kawhi money on Green, KCP, McGee, Cousins, and Cook. Of course they'd trade all 5 of them for Kawhi if they could.
  2. Outside of the Clippers and Lakers, what are the other good teams in the Pacific Division? Is Phoenix any better? Not really. Sacramento might make the playoffs, but is anyone afraid of the Kings? Hell no. And the Warriors are going to be far worse now. The only two teams in that division that should be locks to make the playoffs are both in LA. How is that division so great then? Is the Pacific that much better than the NW or the SW Divisions? Maybe a little bit, but you act like there are 4 or 5 contenders there.
  3. That's the real question here, but I doubt that anyone will be desperate enough to trade assets to get Iggy with his $17M price tag. The Rockets could trade Eric Gordon, but it seems unlikely they would be willing to do that. It's basically trading offense for defense.
  4. You're probably right. They already missed out on Butler and they're considered a long shot to get the great Russell Westbrick. And now they're a miserable 0-2 in the summer league, which we all know how important that is to win. Woe for my poor Rockets....
  5. Time for Boogie to work his magic with the Lakers the same way he did last season with the Warriors. Good luck LA!!
  6. What a tremendous power-shift from one LA team to another with both P. George and Kawhi heading to the Clippers. I would put the teams in the West right now in these 4 tiers: Tier 1: LA Clippers, Houston, and Utah Tier 2: LA Lakers, Denver, Portland, and San Antonio Tier 3: Golden State, New Orleans, Sacramento, and Dallas Tier 4: OKC, Minnesota, Memphis, and Phoenix
  7. I wonder what the new odds are going to look like next Monday after Kawhi and PG13 both went to the Clippers? Flip them with the Lakers?
  8. Much better now that he's gotten away from Westbrick and his sinking ship the SS Thunder. Man the Clippers could be scary!
  9. The only person being a homer here is Jake. Both Kawhi and Paul George are going to LA, but not the Lakers. They're both Clippers!!!
  10. And Kawhi! Lakers are totally FUCKED!!! 🤣
  11. Speaking of idiots who play(ed) for OKC, how about Kendrick Perkins acting like our very own Simple Jake? He said the Rockets took Trevor Ariza for granted and mentioned how he was their only player who had won a championship. Sure, fair point. Then he says how no one else on the Rockets had even been to the Finals? He was Harden's teammate in 2012 when they lost in the Finals to Miami!
  12. With the odds shifting heavy towards Kawhi staying in Toronto, Lakers fans are shitting bricks right now. Looks like Boogie Time in LA!
  13. That's ridiculous. Iggy has just as much of a chance of going to Houston as Kawhi has of joining the Lakers, probably a better chance.
  14. Everyone wrote them off last season when they started 11-14, right? As usual the Rockets are flying under the radar, what else it new?
  15. This is your so-called expert on these things? Just because he says something makes is automatically 100% correct for you?
  16. I figured you were, but I thought I would give you the benefit of the doubt. Houston is the most logical destination for Iggy. Not LA. They already re-signed most of their backups. All except for Nene, Faried, and Shumpert. This ship ain't sinking if they add Iggy as well. The Rockets lost 4 of the last 5 times in the playoffs to your Golden State Warriors. That's not happening again next season, not a chance. Adding Butler wouldn't have helped them if they had to get rid of Capela, Gordon, and PJ Tucker in order to get the deal done. I'm glad for Miami. Houston no longer has to worry about building their team with the sole purpose of beating the Warriors who will be lucky just to win 50 games. Sure it helps a little bit having D'Angelo, but there's no way he will can offset the loss of KD and Boggie, plus Klay being out most of the season.
  17. Except Troy Daniels, the only player the Lakers have managed to sign through the first 32 hours of free agency. That is just so damn sad. Does Jake even realize that his team only has 4 players under contract right now? LeBron, Anthony Davis, Kuzma, and Daniels. That's it!!
  18. Why, do you think he regrets not going to LA? I know their situation in OKC sucks balls, but it's not nearly as fucked up as the Lakers will be!
  19. Talk about your wishful thinking. Where exactly did you hear that Iggy was likely going to LA? He's far more likely to end up in Houston!
  20. How exactly is it NOT Kawhi or BUST you pathetic homer? The only player they've added since the start of free agency is who? Answer: Troy Daniels!
  21. It truly is. I used to think that his posts here were some sort of joke, but after reading so many of them now I realize that it's not bullshit. So sad.
  22. That makes one less player for Lakers fans to hope their team will sign. Now it's Kawhi or bust!!!
  23. You finally came around on that one, do you trust the process now? Another team to watch in the East is Indiana after getting Brogdon. The Raptors and Bucks should still be good, but I doubt that Butler will make Miami good enough to crack the top 5 ahead of Boston.
  24. Good question. Once Kawhi decides whether to stay in Toronto or sign with the Clippers all of the top guys will be gone. The Lakers will undoubtedly have to overpay players to come there who don't mind being LeBron's bitch. No way they win the West!
  25. They don't want to give Harden the MVP every single year, that would make the NBA too boring, wouldn't it?
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