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  1. Your "popular opinion" of the OKC Thunder is so far off base it's hilarious. The only thing keeping them out of the #8 seed is the Spurs. As much as I would love to see them knock off the Warriors in the first round, that's not happening. They'll be lucky just to win one game. In a couple of years Westbrick's 5-year/$206.8M supermax deal will be considered even worse than Joe Johnson's 6-year/$123.7M deal in 2010.
  2. I don't envy the O's, Jays, or the Rays for having to play in that division. Luckily the Astros have made themselves at home in the AL West. But I will be cheering for your team every time they're playing the Yankees or the Red Sox. Or the A's, Rangers, Mariners, or Angels of course.
  3. If Virginia wins then I finish in 2nd place after Chuka.
  4. Told you the Zags would lose. I know I'm still somewhere near the bottom, but if UVA beats Duke in the championship game I might just do OK.
  5. Today's games were good, but tomorrow's would have been even better if Houston was the one playing Auburn instead of Kentucky.
  6. The Bucks would get much worse if they traded Giannis for Harden? That is some total homer bullshit, and you know it!
  7. I'm just sick of the double-standard that cost him one MVP, either when he came in second place against Curry or Westbrick. If they're going to give it to the player on the best team, then Giannis will win it just like Curry did 4 years ago for his first MVP. But then they did a total 180 two years ago and gave it to Russ, only to make up for not giving it to Oscar Robertson back in 1962. So which is it? If they do the usual thing, like most years, Giannis will win the MVP because his team has the best record in the NBA. But if you don't ignore the fact that James Harden is having one of the greatest seasons in the 70-year history of the NBA, then he's the MVP.
  8. He was a bust as a Laker, but now that he's in Brooklyn it looks as if D'Angelo Russell has become an All-Star. What a strange coincidence. And things are looking up for his former team now that they're 34-42. Who knows, next year they might even go 41-41!
  9. Zags aren't getting past Duke (or Michigan State) in the Final Four, assuming they get past Tech on Saturday. The champs are gonna be Virginia. Screw the Zags anyway, and Purdue too! Those two assholes busted up my bracket so bad. As long as the Cougars win I won't give a shit though.
  10. He was originally a top 3-5 pick before his disappointing junior year was cut short by injuries, but after falling he should be back in the top 10 now.
  11. How exactly is that? Because Denver is 50-24 and Houston is 48-28 that means Jokic has his team in a greater position than Harden? The Rockets just bitch-slapped the Nuggets tonight 112-85 and Capela dominated Jokic. If they meet in the playoffs, expect the same.
  12. He's well on his way. Even though Capela is not the best defensive center in the NBA (like Rudy Gobert), or the best 3-point shooting center (like K. Towns), or the most dynamic offensive threat in the NBA (like Nikola Jokic), he is one of the best two-way centers around (after Anthony Davis). Of course he benefits from playing with 2 Hall of Fame PG's, no one denies that. The 3 of them have gone 81-19 in their first 100 games together. Capela is still one of the biggest bargains in the NBA being paid less per year than fellow big men: Embiid ($29.5M), Jokic ($29.5M), Horford ($28.3M), Gobert ($25.5M), Davis ($25.4M), Drummond ($25.4M), Adams ($25M), Whiteside ($24.6M), Jordan ($22.9M), Marc Gasol ($22.6M), Love ($22.6M), Ibaka ($21.7M), and Aldridge ($21M). At the value price of $18M/year Clint Capela makes the same as Bismack Biyombo.
  13. He put up historic numbers for a DT on his pro day: 4.73 40-yard dash, 32 bench press reps, 4.22 20-yard shuttle, 7.15 three-cone drill, 36" vertical, and a 10' broad jump.
  14. Same here, except I only have 11. If I can get some help from a few teams, specifically in the midwest region, then I might do okay.
  15. Just a little bit, like most of your predictions. The USFL lasted three seasons, the WFL lasted less than two seasons. Why would this one last?
  16. They won't have to worry about Lonzo next season, they will get rid of him after they sign Kyrie this summer to reunite him with LeBron.
  17. Wow. Their first two-game winning streak since mid-January when they still had a chance of making the playoffs at 25-21. Of course they lost their next game at Houston in OT and their season completely derailed over the following weeks. But things are starting to look up at 33-41, although a .500 season is probably too much to ask for. Maybe 35-47 is still within reach.
  18. People just politicize movies they don't like, rather than critique them. I can already tell millennials are gonna hate Endgame since it's 3 hours long.
  19. They got rid of Melo eight months ago and guess what? They still suck. Last year OKC was 48-34 and lost in the first round as a #4 seed to Utah. This year they started 37-19, but since then they've lost 12 of their last 18 games and are on pace to finish as the #8 seed and lose to the Warriors.
  20. At 31-41, they need to win 4 of their final 10 games to reach last season's record of 35-47. It's not looking very good for them to reach that plateau. LA's remaining games: Golden State, Portland, Utah (twice), at OKC, at LA Clippers, Sacramento, Charlotte, Washington, and at New Orleans. Maybe 2 or 3 wins? But not 4.
  21. So they might beat the Pacers in the first round, then what? You think they will get past the Bucks, then either Toronto or Philly in the ECF?
  22. I wouldn't say they're coasting, not at all. Denver is neck and neck with them for first place, and the 29-44 Mavs just destroyed them at home by 35.
  23. I'm at 24%, so you're way ahead of me. But 13 of my Sweet 16 picks are still alive so I plan on making a comeback in the next two rounds!
  24. St. Mary's and Syracuse messed up my bracket a bit. If Tennessee wins their next two and FSU can take out Gonzaga, that will help me a lot.
  25. Did they? Oh well. I got most of the big upsets in round 1: Liberty, Murray St., Florida, and UC Irvine. Not too shabby.
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