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  1. Anyone crazy enough to take both 20-point favorites next week to win by more than 3 TD's? NE is (-22.5) and Dallas is (-21.5)
  2. Most of his teammates are already dead, so why not let him have his fun in his twilight years. Maybe we get to see his former team go 0-16 this year, then they can be the first franchise in NFL history to go 17-0 and 0-16.
  3. I think the Dolphins are trying to copy what the Astros did 6 years ago when they had three straight 100-loss seasons. Over the next few days they will become only the sixth team in MLB history to win 100 games three years in a row. Go 'Stros!
  4. I think ManningEnvy and Antonio Brown need to get together and see if they can hit it off. It looks like they might have a lot in common.
  5. That one's rather peculiar, and there's this female artist he hired to make some painting in his house. She says he spoke to her there with no clothes on except for a cloth covering his junk. Then he also lets his friends smoke pot in his house while his kids are there. AB sounds pretty fucked up to me.
  6. I think they will give Mariota the benefit of the doubt without Lewan there to protect his blindside. They're tied for 4th in the NFL in sacks allowed with four per game. Only Miami, Cincy, and Houston have allowed more.
  7. The way things are going so far there might have to be a rule limiting the number of times anyone can pick against Miami.
  8. A football team that has two starting quarterbacks has no starting quarterback.
  9. Here are my rankings after week 2: New England (2-0) LA Rams (2-0) Dallas (2-0) Kansas City (2-0) Green Bay (2-0) Baltimore (2-0) Seattle (2-0) Minnesota (1-1) San Francisco (2-0) Buffalo (2-0) New Orleans (1-1) Indianapolis (1-1) Philadelphia (1-1) Chicago (1-1) LA Chargers (1-1) Houston (1-1) Atlanta (1-1) Tennessee (1-1) Cleveland (1-1) Tampa Bay (1-1) Detroit (1-0-1) Carolina (0-2) Pittsburgh (0-2) Jacksonville (0-2) Oakland (1-1) Cincinnati (0-2) Arizona (0-1-1) Washington (0-2) Denver (0-2) NY Jets (0-2) NY Giants (0-2) Miami (0-2)
  10. With both Luck and Foles out for the season it should be a 2-team race. But there's really no excuse for the Texans not to win the AFC South.
  11. If the Colts go 2-14 and both of those wins were against the Titans, I would have absolutely no problem with that whatsoever.
  12. Maybe they can trade Mariota for Taco Charlton. That way Dallas has another option if they can't re-sign Dak.
  13. Mariota has the 6th best passer rating in the NFL right now (112.8) among the current starting QB's in the league. The only ones better than him are Lamar Jackson, Dak Prescott, Mahomes, Russell Wilson, and Brady. That's it.
  14. This whole idea that the Titans are a QB from winning the Super Bowl is ridiculous. Until Brady retires, who is beating the Pats in the AFC?