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  1. They're lucky to have the Warriors in the Bay Area because the Raiders, Niners, A's, Giants, and Sharks haven't won anything recently.
  2. The Houston Rockets have become the new NBA version of the Luv Ya Blue era Oilers over the past three years. Even though the Golden State Warriors dynasty hasn't lasted as long as the one in Pittsburgh did 40 years ago, they might win a 4th title too. Before the start of this year's Finals the Warriors have gone a collective 36-5 against Portland, Utah, Cleveland, San Antonio, New Orleans, and the Clippers during the past three postseasons after they added Durant to the mix in the summer of 2016. Houston is the only team with any measurable success against them in the playoffs since KD signed there. GS leading 8 games to 5.
  3. I wonder whom all of them thought he should replace on the 1st team, Giannis or Paul George? Or even the 2nd team, KD or Kawhi? All 3 MVP finalists were on the 1st team, while the only defensive POY finalist not on the 1st team was Gobert. He'll lose to Giannis or George.
  4. They may possibly be swept by the Warriors, but brutally? You really think that will happen with home court advantage? If Giannis is the eastern MVP, does that make Harden the Western MVP? After all, they were both unanimous first-team all-NBA selections.
  5. Tiger misses the cut at the PGA Championship after everyone thinks that he's back after a fluke win at Augusta. Typical Tiger.
  6. Are all of the Comic Book Guy wannabes out there pissing and moaning with all of their "worst episode ever" comments?
  7. Their only big loss this summer will be likely Austin Rivers, he should be a lot easier to replace than guys like Durant or Cousins. Right? Then you have guys like Kyrie leaving Boston while Jimmy Butler and/or Tobias Harris will probably be leaving Philly. Just to name a few. A lot of the top free agents available will go to teams like the Knicks and other bad teams who have cap space, bringing more parity to the NBA. But if you had to be a team that has most of its top players under contract, would you honestly choose OKC over Houston? Only a fool like Jake would.
  8. Both the Warriors and Bucks have a lot of free agents this summer including guys like Durant, Thompson, and Cousins. Golden State will most likely be able to keep only Klay Thompson while Milwaukee has many more decisions to make regarding whom they lose or retain in free agency. Losing Pau Gasol won't hurt them in the least, but Mirotic and Lopez are UFA's while Brogdon is a RFA. Then there's whether or not they choose to keep George Hill at $18M next season or save $17M by cutting him, but the way he's playing right now they'll strongly consider keeping him. The only top teams that don't really need to worry about losing too many of their key players in free agency are Houston and the Thunder. But OKC would love to get out from under Westbrick's massive $207M contract which is far worse than the $160M contract the Rockets gave to CP3.
  9. The Lakers moving up from #11 to #4 in the lottery isn't nearly as significant as Memphis and New Orleans moving from #8 to #2 or #7 to #1.
  10. Just like they did so well drafting D'Angelo Russell (who had to go to Brooklyn before people stopped considering him a major bust), Brandon Ingram, and Lonzo Ball? They were all #2 overall picks and how have they worked out so far for the Lakers? Maybe they will only screw up half as much with the #4 overall pick next month. Who ever they get it won't be anyone like Zion or Ja Morant, the drop off after those two is substantial. Their best pick besides Russell in the past 5 years was Julius Randle, who will be teammates with Zion and Anthony Davis next season. Unfortunately 34-year old LeBron James is no longer playing at an elite level like 36-year old Justin Verlander is with the Astros. Too bad for LA.
  11. Poor Jake and all the other Lakers fans thought they might get another star player to pair with an over the hill LeBron.....
  12. He's running the team into the ground. I can only imagine that most Dallas fans can't wait for him to die just like Bud Adams finally did.
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