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  1. Bumping this up as it got pushed to page 3 after the Thursday night debacle. I'm on the road and may not be able to do the notification thing until late tonight, if at all. There are 8 to 9 who haven't picked by going over it briefly. I'm going with the Pack.
  2. Probably has more to do with him getting an extra game check and thus modifying an existing contract, not a precedent they want to set.
  3. I don't follow the Lions near as much as I do the Titans but they were my team pre Titans as I was born just outside Detroit and still follow them some and they are not moving on from Stafford anytime soon. They've spent years trying to establish a running game and it looks like they have , they have 2 quality TEs after having none they could count on and Galloday is near elite and still improving along with Jones and Amendola gives them a good reliable receivers corps. Quinn blew some pre draft smoke about possibly going QB which led to a bunch of meaningless speculation about them being ready to move on from Stafford., but it was just that. He's still just 31 and by all accounts in better shape than ever and is not being asked to throw the ball 40 times a game behind a suspect OL.
  4. The legend of Henry's 'benching' continues to grow in OMan's mind, it takes on even more epic proportions as each month rolls by.
  5. The rule is the game can't end on a defensive penalty; if the penalty occurred with any time at all on the clock and then the play ends with the clock on zero, then the offense is awarded one more play, they actually call it an untimed down.
  6. When the clock shows 1, there is one second left, when it shows zero there are zero seconds left. If there were actually 9/10 of a second it would go from 1 to 0 in a tenth of a second, approximately the time of an eye blink. I used to be a score board operator at the small college level, albeit basketball instead of football; so know a little bit about this.
  7. That team was built to runt the ball and play defense and that alone. When we go the ball back with 50 seconds, myself and everybody else in the stands started gathering their belongings cause we knew it was over and there was no chance.
  8. Looks like Gilbert is going to make his debut.
  9. 20 out of the remaining 39 have already picked them and only 4 have previously picked them so they're available to most.
  10. He was playing with house money when he signed Lewis; he had a ton of unused cap space so he overpaid for what was then the best guy out there coming off a good year where he was finally healthy and he also complemented Henry well.
  11. Stafford is 31 in an era where QBs are playing into their late 30s, early 40s. Lions would have to fire Quinn and Patricia and do a complete start over and the odds are long on that happening; they're not going to finish that badly where they'd be in the lottery for a new quaterback.
  12. If taking sacks and not throwing the ball away is Mariota's downfall, you better be careful what you're asking for: 112 Marcus Mariota 7.69% 2015-2019 115 Ryan Tannehill 7.85% 2012-2019
  13. Still haven't heard what the mystery injury was/is that has put him so far behind.
  14. Good week by nearly everyone, only 3 got eliminated for wrong picks, one for not making a pick. 39 made it through; this is as high a success rate through week 2 for as long as we have been doing this. The Rules: 1. You have to choose the winner of one game each week and are only allowed to choose one game per week. If your pick wins, you are still in; if your chosen team loses or ties, you're out.  2. Once you have chosen a team, you cannot use them again in any of the following weeks, except as noted below in rule 5. 3. Your pick needs to be in before the game actually starts. If for some reason, you are unable to get a pick in by game time Sunday, you can pick the winner of the MNF game, provided one of those teams is still available to you. 4. This thread will keep a running list of who picked who for each week. 5. Special, TR rule: anyone who successfully picks the Titans to win can use them a second time. 6. If you wish to change your pick, do so by creating a new post. This Weeks Games: Thursday, September 19 Tennessee @ Jacksonville (8:20 p.m., NFL Network) Sunday, September 22 Cincinnati @ Buffalo (1:00 p.m., CBS) Miami @ Dallas (1:00 p.m., Fox) Denver @ Green Bay (1:00 p.m., Fox) Atlanta @ Indianapolis (1:00 p.m., CBS) Baltimore @ Kansas City (1:00 p.m., CBS) Oakland @ Minnesota (1:00 p.m., Fox) NY Jets @ New England (1:00 p.m., CBS) Detroit @ Philadelphia (1:00 p.m., Fox) Carolina @ Arizona (4:05 p.m., Fox) NY Giants @ Tampa Bay (4:05 p.m., Fox) Houston @ LA Chargers (4;25 p.m., CBS) Pittsburgh @ San Francisco (4:25 p.m., CBS) New Orleans @ Seattle (4:25 p.m., Fox) LA Rams @ Cleveland (8:20 p.m., NBC) Monday, September 23 Chicago @ Washington (8:15 p.m., ESPN) Teams Picked, if you're in red, you are eliminated: Arizona Cardinals: Atlanta Falcons: 9/15 NashvilleNinja . Baltimore Ravens: 9/9 Starkiller, CreepingDeath, IrishTitansFan, cshumak2, Rogerpidactor, Chuka05, Titan8425, 1yardshort, TF_Titan 9/15 abenjami, rns90, titanruss, OILERMAN, Denali, efus50, scine09, jonboy, freakingeek, Oiler FANatic, jphardy, Justafan, Dmeade-, Titans279 Buffalo Bills: Carolina Panthers: 9/12 1yardshort Chicago Bears: 9/15 Rogerpidactor, JoelinBellevue Cincinnati Bengals: 9/15 Carpy Cleveland Browns: 9/16 heymeitsallen, CaliTitan3518, Mojambo Dallas Cowboys: 9/8 JoelinBellevue 9/15 MadMax, IrishTitansFan, No1TtansFan 9/22 Dmeade-, The Bukafax, Justafan, jonboy scine09, CreepingDeath, Starkiller, Nmber9, smokeater, NashvilleNinja, OILERMAN, abenjami, Kcroy420, Oiler FANatic, titanruss, IowaOiler, heyitsmeallen, rns90, freakingeek, Denali, Denver Broncos: 9/9 TitansWycheck89, pissedofftitan... Detroit Lions: 9/9 8MM, oldschool, bizzyeddie, cenj Green Bay Packers: 9/22 efus50 Houston Texans: 9/15 IowaOiler, TheBukafax, cshumak2, Number9, TF_Titan Indianapolis Colts: Jacksonville Jaguars: Kansas City Chiefs: 9/8 jphardy, IowaOiler 9/15 Chuka05, JakePA_Titan Los Angles Chargers: 9/9 Denali, ezeblazin, Oiler FANatic, freakingeek, NashvilleNinja, Dmeade-, Number9 Los Angles Rams: Miami Dolphins: Minnesota Vikings: 9/8 Mojambo 9/22 Chuka05 New England Patriots: 9/15 Starkiller, titanthakur, Kcroy420, CreepingDeath, ezeblazin, smokeater, Jeff.Fisher, IsntLifeFunny, Titans8425, 9/22 jphardy, JakePA_Titan New Orleans Saints: 9/9 Carpy, Titans279, No1TitansFan New York Giants: New York Jets: 9/8 patsplat, Supernope Oakland Raiders: 9/9 Jeff.Fisher Philadelphia Eagles: 9/8 OILERMAN, Calititan3518, JakePA_Titan, titanruss, smokeater, Kcroy420, MadMax, V_Man Pittsburgh Steelers: San Francisco 49ers: 9/22 JoelinBellevue Seattle Seahawks: 9/9 Jonboy, Scine09, heyitsmeallen, Justafan, titanskick8851, abenjami, TheBukafak, titanthakur, rns90 9/22 TF_Titan, MadMax Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 9/8 wiscotitansfan Tennessee Titans: 9/8 IsntLifeFunny, efus50 9/15 V_Man 9/19 cshumak2 Washington Redskins: Failed to Make Pick: 9/16 titanskick8851
  15. At some point the league, and it may already be happening, is going to put behind the scenes pressure to not give in to players still on their first contract who get disgruntled because their team is not going well. There are too many small market teams to let this become the NBA.
  16. Somewhere Kurt Warner is smiling and drinking a toast to Jones. Don't see Eli rejuvenating his career at a new stop.
  17. His handling of the reparations question was exactly right, that issue plays well in a room full of Democrats but it will be toxic in the general. Trump is licking his lips in hopes of a Democratic platform including reparations. I just don't see anyone besides Biden with a chance of winning votes in the center, and there are still a lot of voters there especially in key states. I like Warren,, but she's coming off more and more like a big government wonk with a new plan for a new entitlement every week. Pete is about my only hope outside of Biden, hopefully there's still time for him to catch on.
  18. 39 made it through, will put up week 3 tomorrow.
  19. I realize it won't do any good; but it's complete bullshit to have one moderator put up a poll and claim it's going to be anonymous only to have another completely violate that confidentially because of some Napoleonic inadequacy complex to somehow prove he's right when it comes to football matters; it's not my board, but that would be sufficient grounds to take away that moderator status if it were. What's your thought on it, @TitansGuru?
  20. He wasn't the primary, they took that away; he actually released on his own and made a great play, but whatever fits your agenda.
  21. Do you seriously believe that posting on here is going to have any effect on when and if JRob and Vrabel replace him? It's as if some of you think this board actually has an effect on it, as upset as you seem to be about other fans' takes.
  22. The second Tannehill takes the field and has success, I'll be his biggest fan. I'll take into consideration what i feel is appropriate proportioning of blame on any Titan's success or failure including the quarterback's. No one appointed you as the arbiter of proper fandom besides yourself. I do feel Marcus was the major part of the loss yesterday, but not the sole factor; on the key sack that knocked them into a longer field goal, he can't take that sack; that doesn't absolve Ben Jones for letting the late blitzer who was spying him have a free run.
  23. Wesley Woodyard played six snaps while at full health; even though he knew it was coming, has to be a little hard to swallow for a prideful veteran who's been the leader of that room for a while. He is getting well compensated for it.
  24. So when he takes the field Thursday night, should we root for him to fail since it will benefit the team to get him out of the lineup? Let's play these logic exercises out to their conclusion.