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  1. No I was talking about Medicare A and B; in metropolitan areas where it's expensive to maintain a practice, the reimbursement rates are not high enough if you take on a high percentage of Medicare patients, most physicians will only accept patients whom they were previously seeing who have turned 65 and transitioned to Medicare, they won't accept new patients on it.
  2. They had Andrew Wang on CNN before and after, offered an interesting perspective on a lot of things including debate prep; said Bloomberg should have skipped debate, also brought up that the people prepping you had to be brutally honest and make you redo answers that you didn't come off well in rehearsals, wondered if he had anyone on his staff willing to stand up to him. He also commented on how Bloomberg was hiring a lot of the available people out there by paying about 150% of the market rate. He also made a good point when someone brought up that Warren had already raised about a million dollars off her performance; said that was nice but she was going to need about 30 million more to get ads up for Super Tuesday and the following week and you can't buy those ads 3 days out, need to be buying them now.
  3. Pete brought it up about referencing the Vegas incident, and talked about kids having to learn shooter drills; Biden brought it up again at the very end, mentioning that he was the only one who had took on the NRA and won.
  4. And no guarantee of a roster spot, not a guaranteed contract.
  5. Lavert Hill was left on an island a whole bunch of the time at UM against some really good receivers; small but really quick and fairly polished
  6. I get the need for player safety and understand that's it's the way going forward, but I do think the lack of contact really hurts the development of younger players, especially for lower round developmental guys who've played at lower levels. You can do all the technique and classroom work you want, but full contact at near game level speed is something you can't simulate. The Patriots and the Sea Hawks have been known as having some of the hardest practices and it does translate to better performance.
  7. If you have weed in the car, stay off I-10, especially if you have 157 lbs. Pretty much common knowledge.
  8. Makes sense, since for David Carr the safest play was to take a sack and he was really good at it.
  9. If you want someone to see your response, you can use the notification function, @T-RAC and they will know you're responding to them without making the rest of us see their stupid posts by quoting them.
  10. But if it comes down to Bernie, Bloomberg or Joe, what's the difference, especially since he's the one who has released his health records and by accounts has a vigorous exercise and diet regime.
  11. I don't understand how legitimate clergy can let this stuff go by without condemning it.
  12. Ironically, especially in light of today's spar over health records, the one candidate who has made his public is Biden. Nowadays it's all about looking good on tv, and Biden. partly because of the stuttering and the effort it takes for him to surpress it and the fact that he is an old man, doesn't come off as well as the others. Interesting note, the famous Nixon-JFK debate where Nixon didn't wear makeup and was sweating profusely due to illness and looked so bad on TV was in an era where a large swath of the population didn't have televisions and listened to it on radio; a majority of the people who heard it on radio said Nixon won it.
  13. Been trying to tell the Trumptards this for months, The Hill, a right wing leaning publication stopped publishing anything Solomon wrote because they realized it was all made up propaganda sourced to completely discredited individuals not only discredited here, but especially in Ukraine.
  14. And of course Trump's response is....... wait for it..... I barley know Dana Rohrabacher 😅.
  15. I have 2 sisters in the NYC metropolitan area who are both Medicare eligible but haven't signed up yet, staying on their work plans. Why? Medicare reimburses $15 per office visit and it's almost impossible to find doctors in that area who will take on new Medicare patients. Bernie's plan basically imposes those reimbursement rates in a very short time period on doctors, who are legitimately skeptical about the effect that would have on their practices. We need to get to single payer, but it's going to have to be a drawn out process where, for at least the immediate future is going to have to function side by side for a reasonable time with the private system so the transition can be made in a matter acceptable to all. The one good thing about the ACA is that it put stipulations on those private plans that were much more protective of patients rights. That's why we need to start out by offering a public, single player option while strengthening the ACA, including further rolling back insurance companies abilities to overcharge and reforming how much big pharm can rape patients for.
  16. He's not going to take a below market deal and that's what that is. I'd do something like a Cousins deal, 4 yrs for $112 million with a buy out option at the end of year three for 8.
  17. I commented on him looking slow coming out of breaks some of the time, that makes a lot of sense.
  18. Sounds like some sort of political science experiment, let's run against the guy on the top of the ticket and see what happens.
  19. This why I don't want Sanders to win, if they don't flip the senate none of the progressive agenda moves forward an inch. Show me data that shows Bernie helps down ballot senate candidates in purple states that are crucial to moving that agenda forward.
  20. Notice that all these pardons are going to people of means convicted of white collar corruption offenses; it's all about setting a narrative of that this sort of thing really should not be a big deal, just in case certain business dealings that a great deal of effort has gone into preventing from being made public ever do.
  21. The 'debates' are in fact anything but; they're all about gotcha moments that make good sound bites. In a true debate, Amy would probably do really well at being able to rationally defend her positions in detail.
  22. Out of all the harsh sentences handed down by federal prosecutors over the last 3 years, the one that the AG decides to intervene personally on just happens to be a close associate of Trump's who was up to his neck and had personal contact with the people involved in hacking the infamous emails, what a coincidence.
  23. Same Allen Dershowitz who threatened to destroy any other women who came forward with "false allegations " against Jeffrey Epstein?
  24. I was thinking Warren and Booker; unfortunately no serious candidate has ever announced a running mate ahead of time, there's no guarantee that it would be an effective strategy.
  25. As Assad's Russian back forces close in on the last rebel held territories, the already desperate humanitarian crisis deepens. Imagine being forced into a refugee camp where there's no heat in freezing temperatures and having your new born freeze to death. Damn everyone of every nationality and political persuasion sitting back in silence while this goes on: https://www.cnn.com/videos/world/2020/02/17/syria-idlib-assad-russia-military-campaign-bombings-damon-pkg-intl-ldn-vpx.cnn

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