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  1. Wonder if he got his scoop form Viktor Shokin.
  2. On a happy note, we may have finally found something to keep crowds down at Disney, they closed Shanghai and people are cancelling reservations big time in FL and Anaheim; no lines if you're willing to take a chance!
  3. It was a major ploy to get Republicans who didn't like Trump to hold their noses and vote for him, the threat of HIllary appointing liberal justices. Dems could learn a lesson there.
  4. A lot of people will tell you that very literacy program was used to indoctrinate people with Castro's communist views. What would be so hard about being unequivocable? And why not declare now? If he's no longer an extremist, why does he always seem to be holding back from distancing himself from his extremist past?
  5. He's got to stop half assing it when these things are brought up, like he did on 60 minutes and doubled down on it at the town hall again tonight. People don't want nuances when the person carrying the party banner is asked about dictators. It's like he's somehow afraid he might lose the antifa vote. If he wants to be president he needs to make a slight, not abandoning his principles, move to the center. Whether he likes it or not, he's now a mainstream candidate. He can champion all the causes he wants and hang out on the left side of the mainstream. He should also drop this independent bs and declare as a Democrat; how many more elections is he going to run in that he wants to run away from that label?
  6. I seriously believe as he's gotten older, he, at times, has more difficulty controlling his stuttering issue. If you watch his debate performances or speeches closely, and look at them under the light of someone with that issue, it becomes apparent it's not lack of acuity, it's him struggling to get the words out. At his last town hall, he gave a really specific answer about the NIH and their efforts to wipe out cancer and other diseases and went in depth on how the programs could be improved more. He always made verbal stumbles throughout his career and has at times combined events to make better narratives. His recall for someone his age is actually really good.
  7. I'm interested to see how Navy's Malcolm Perry times out and works out. He's small, but electric. Played QB at Navy but is coming in as a slot receiver, could be a jack knife type of player and do all kinds of things; local kid from Clarksville/Fort Campbell (kind of ironic he ended up at the Naval Academy).
  8. Because he's donated hundreds of millions of dollars to many causes, including many progressive ones. You talk about stop and frisk, but he's garnered a lot of African American support and endorsements off his charitable work. He's running an ad now with Tim Duncan endorsing because of the help he gave the Virgin Islands following the hurricane.
  9. You want to pretend that Bernie wasn't a far left extremist who supported some really bad people at one point in his past, be my guest, I can guarantee the GOP and their massive ad buying fund aren't going to let it pass. He better stop trying to just blow it off. You keep saying they're going to throw mud at whoever the nominee is, the problem is a lot of it will stick to Bernie and some of it is some really smelly .
  10. Not talking about going to war, although there were many back then who wanted to and Carter resisted that, we're talking about supporting an extremist whose mob illegally swarmed our embassy and took Americans hostage and then tortured them. Nobody, and I mean nobody was supporting them besides far flung pro Marxist groups, one of which Bernie made a conscious decision to support. What's really troubling is he currently tries to pretend it didn't happen.
  11. I guess if you weren't old enough to remember or weren't born yet, the significance of that event, not that long after Vietnam was so discouraging, we were the country that couldn't lose and didn't have to take anything off of some small far away country, and yet we had been bested to a large extent by two, small, far away countries. To have taken the other side is kind of hard to fathom.
  12. EW is actually 70, does seem very energetic and mentally sharp for her age.
  13. He chose a socialist marxist party who sided with the Iranians over other socialist parties out there that weren't, left his own green type party he helped found to do it.
  14. 20 year old recent high school graduate, speaks volumes.

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