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  1. This would be an awesome prospect in the fifth round.
  2. The last player we had that kicked someone in the head become an All Pro. Go get him JRob...lmao
  3. MM never answers any question with a straight answer. He always talks in circles. Who knows.
  4. I was listening to the Titans Podcast last week with Coach Mac as the special guest. He talked about how when he was coaching they would let Washburn pick late round players that he loved, because they knew he could develop them. I would imagine it was similar with Munch with the OL. I don’t know enough about our current position coaches, but does anyone of them have a track record of developing players? coach Mac mentioned that the coaches track record of developing players would play a part into our drafts. We knew we didn’t need to over DL, because Washburn would get the best out of anyone. Dean Peas seemed to be able to always have stud DL when he was with the Ravens and Pats, but not sure how much he played a part in their development compared to the DL coach.
  5. Keep in mind players often lose weight when they are injured and unable to workout. Delaine Walker talked last week on the Titans podcast that he lost 15 pounds following his foot injury. Not saying 166 is not his normal playing weight, but it could be light because of the injury. Regardless...dude is a player maker. His size is similar to Cooks who we had an interest in a few years ago.
  6. I think Brown will be our pick. Our interest in AB was real. Humphries was not brought here because AB trade didn’t work out. I think we are placing all our beats on MM this year. I think our plan is to load him up with playmakers at all skill players spots. If we get the same production from MM that we got from him the past two seasons, whom ever they bring in to replace him next season will have stacked roster. Can you imagine teams playing eight in the box with Brown’s speed on the outside? He would be a monster in the play action game.
  7. Dude has been a stud these past two seasons. He’s one of the best pass rusher. He’s worth the money.
  8. Which games were you impressed with of Simmons? I've watched two games of his and he didn't jump of the screen to me. I was more impressed with Sweat. Just trying to figure out which ones to watch.
  9. Landry is more of the exception than the rule. I don't see anything special about McLaurin’s game. Do you? His career high was 35 receptions this past season. He's played the past two seasons, but had limited production as a receiver. Campbell had 90 receptions and was the number one receiver. McLaurin is not a great route runner...at least not yet. I would be disappointed if he was selected on day two.
  10. McLaurin was not even the best WR on his team. I'd roll the dice with Taylor before McLaurin.
  11. Yes, he could be in play. We are not done with WR. Our interest in AB and then kicking the tires on Nelson shows that we are committed to upgrading the position. I hope we find a way to upgrade the position. I think more likely in will be someone like Riley Ridley in the second round. I don't see anyone in the draft that has similar traits to Hollywood Brown. Other players times fast, but there playing speed didn't match.
  12. So what do we know about JRob...our first few picks are the best player at the position of needs. We have filled the biggest need from FA in all of JRob drafts so far. In my opinion, it's RG and solid #2 WR. - I could see us going after Jonah Williams for RG and moving him to RT for 2020. - I see us going WR in round 2. My preference would be to trade the second for a veteran like AJ Green. I haven't seen anywhere that he's available, but I would find out. - I could also see us drafting Drew Lock. He could sit behind MM for the next two seasons.
  13. Now as phase 2 of FA starts. What are some moves you’d like to see the organization make? I’d like for us to reach out to Cincinnati and see what it would take to move AJ Green. I’d offer a third this year and a third next year. If Green is a no-go. I’d offer our sixth round pick for John Ross. The OL has big name players available, but they are all older players. I'd reach out to Ryan Schraeder or Matt Kalil to see if they were interested in moving to RG. For DL I’d consider Adrian Clayborn. He's not great at anything, but he would be more of a pass rushing threat than Jones. I would like like to see us take a chance on OLB Shane Ray. He hasn’t been great, but he did have eight sacks a few seasons ago. Not a need, but I’d reach out to Darqueze Dennard at CB. Let him compete with Simms. None of these players will demand a big salary. I'm not advocating signing everyone on the list, but these are players that could start at a minimum upgrade our dept. Thoughts?
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