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  1. If MM could only improve or at a minimum get back to where he use to be, it would need to be his red zone play. Dude used to be money.
  2. The QBs really hurt CD last season. I can’t recall one pass that was targeted for CD intercepted last year. We need to force feed the ball to CD every game this season. As much as I hope MM becomes a franchise QB this season, but if he continues to throw 13 Tds a season...there’s qb option next season. Carr or Stanford are two I’m keeping an eye out for. With a legit Qb, CD would be top ten.
  3. For Mariota and the Titans...this is a win-win situation for both parties. Mariota has an opportunity to earn a second contract and be a Titans for the next 10 years. If Mariota plays like he has the past two years and we decide to move on...our skill players are stacked. This would be a very attractive spot for a veteran or a play in play rookie next year. If Mariota flops, I could see use trading up to get a qb next year.
  4. Good post. If Mariota play at a minimum matches his sophomore season, we should easily win 11 games. Just not sure if we ever see that guy again. If he could just improve in one area I hope it's making quicker decision in the red zone. You use to be money. Last season it was 54% with 8tds. Just to compare...Andy Dalton was 64% with 16tds. I think Simmons will replace Jones next year. We still need a stud at OLB. Hoping it's Honor Landry. If he explodes this season our defense could become elite. I think he's our X factor.
  5. I think we keep six receivers and 3 tight ends this season. Injuries happen every season and no reason to cut Sharpe. His salary is manageable. Jennings will continue doing KR duties.
  6. I would reach out to SF to see what would it take to move Solman Thomas. He hasn't produced in his two seasons there and I'm not sure if he's considered in there long-term plans. I'd offer a late round pick for him. I'd probably kick the tires on Shane Ray too. Both are still young players and could benefit from a change of scenery.
  7. Don't know why, but he reminds me of Steve Smith. I love the pick. Dude is a baller.
  8. I don’t know what his red flags are, but whatever they were prevent him from working out at the combine.
  9. After drafting Simmons, I don’t think they could draft Ferguson. Can’t have both you’re first two picks with red flags for character concerns. I think we go receiver or OL.
  10. I think they will draft a player who wasn’t able to workout during the off-season...Simmons or Brown. I would be cool with either.
  11. This would be an awesome prospect in the fifth round.
  12. The last player we had that kicked someone in the head become an All Pro. Go get him JRob...lmao
  13. MM never answers any question with a straight answer. He always talks in circles. Who knows.
  14. I was listening to the Titans Podcast last week with Coach Mac as the special guest. He talked about how when he was coaching they would let Washburn pick late round players that he loved, because they knew he could develop them. I would imagine it was similar with Munch with the OL. I don’t know enough about our current position coaches, but does anyone of them have a track record of developing players? coach Mac mentioned that the coaches track record of developing players would play a part into our drafts. We knew we didn’t need to over DL, because Washburn would get the best out of anyone. Dean Peas seemed to be able to always have stud DL when he was with the Ravens and Pats, but not sure how much he played a part in their development compared to the DL coach.
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