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  1. His speed is legit. Not sure about a top 20 pick though.
  2. I’d be happy with anyone for the Andy Reid coaching tree. They seem to be prepared and do will after they leave him.
  3. What about Davis makes you question him being a #1 WR? My only beef with Davis was he wasn't featured enough in this offense.
  4. Good baseball players make more than great football players. Good make that money young man.
  5. I hope so. I hope this is something that surgery will fix in the offseason. I would hate having to hold our breath every time he takes a hit next season. Get this shit taken care of.
  6. I love Davis. I loved him in college and was happy draft night. The only problem I have is he disappears too much throughout the game. I don’t think it’s his fault. He should be target a lot more than he has been. Especially when our other receivers haven’t done shit. I don’t recall any pass that were thrown his way intercepted this season...that alone tells me that either he catches it or no one catches it.
  7. We allow Corey Davis to disappear to often in this offense. We need to force feed him the ball. We need to abandon the run get the quick passing game going. Speed up the play calling too.
  8. I hope so. It’s time to start stacking good performance on top of each other. This is the perfect week to have a four or five TD game.
  9. This past weekends game reminded me of the Packers game from 2016. We played a complete game against legit SB contenders. We dominated from beginning to end. The next week we played and lost to the Colts. That game was also week 10 and two years from this past Monday. Let’s hope history doesn’t repeat itself.
  10. Malcom Brown from OU would be an interesting player if we went receiver early again. He has a chance of being the fastest player there.
  11. Not this week. We need to keep this train rolling. We need a strong showing from our offense and a dominant performance from our defense.
  12. This should be a fun game. I’m less worried about the next two weeks. We show up for big games. I’m more about the Jets and Giant games.
  13. So far with out current coaches, we play up or down to our competition. This should be a fun game.
  14. Was Conklin injuried or benched? Either way, they need to find a way to keep Kelly on field.
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