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  1. I honestly hate the "if men did this ..." argument. Yeah ... that's life. Be a man and stop whining. Men don't complain about being groped by women because it doesn't happen nearly as much. History has a hand in this #metoo stuff. Bottom line is life isn't 50/50. Men on average are stronger, women on average are taken advantage of more often.
  2. I worked for an online gambling company, oddsmakers don't make odds just based on the QB LOL. It's based on team and on the division they're in and also the fanbase. They may hedge odds towards the Jets and Giants for instance because New York fanbases are stupid but numerous. It's pure math and strength of schedule with a bunch of score totals. It's too early for them to really dig into talent. And, the limits they'll allow on these bets are low because they know their predictions aren't strong, so they could be exposed by sharper players. For example, the Patriots have 20-1 odds to win the SB because oddsmakers know how fanbases view the Patriots franchise regardless of their probable struggles at QB. But believe what you want in your fanboy logic. PS: Seek help with your Mariota love. It will help diminish my now annoyance with him. I have no problem with him personally, it's people like you and the people that wrote this article that have soured him for me.
  3. @OILERMAN remember what I said about nuthuggers calling "Marcus" like it was their son or boyfriend?
  4. Lol ... I can't believe they're still doing Mariota stories ... unreal.
  5. Closing borders wouldn't have solved it. People travel for business. It was coming to the US regardless. The question is always if you have the leadership and infrastructure to handle it when it arrives.
  6. It's not about the spread. It's about how it's handled. Nobody could prevent it no matter much you blame China. It's how you handle it. The US could've done so much better. The reason there's a push to just ignore it and go back to work is because the US has no structure in place to handle it. So fuckit, go to work and see what happens.
  7. Trump's precious economy was front-loaded BS. It was so strong that as soon as something went sideways it crashed horribly and your whole country have no clue to handle things medically. But believe he's done well because he keeps telling you twitter or referring you to sites that lick his boots lol.
  8. Feel free to delete the thread. Or keep it open to further ridicule me.
  9. I actually forgot I pasted. I cut and run, just came back to check on the thread and ... woops. Sorry guys.
  10. Damn egg on my face. I should know better. lol.
  11. It seems like the league isn't as big on him as: 1. His former team. 2. His former coach. Which makes me believe teams don't see him as impressive as he thinks he is. Only those who were close to him think they can get the best out of him.
  12. Bottom line with this Mariota business. Even if the coaches knew and said Tannehill was better, they knew better. There was no way they were starting Tannehill. Mariota had a level of success that made taking him out of the lineup without his last shot potential franchise suicide. From the owner all the way down to the fan. They don't have a crystal ball an didn't know how the team would perform even if they had better QB play in Tannehill. Or ... what if Tannehill gets hurt game one then it's back to Mariota? The smarter chess move was always go to Mariota until he burns. TDs to himself and injuries gave a glowing view of Mariota that needs to be destroyed before moving on.
  13. Except ... nobody but the absolute die of the die hards give a shit about this ... seriously. This isn't big news by any stretch.
  14. The fact we've getting opinions on both sides in regards to Ryan, coupled with our team not working too hard to retain him, I think we as a team feel his success was based on scheme. I guess we'll see.
  15. If Seattle is out as has been suggested ... we're in the driver's seat. But besides fans ... can someone point me to ANY other GM talking about Clowney? I don't see it.
  16. I still think this is a done deal. We're the only team even talking about him. Everyone else has given up. There has to be a reason for that.
  17. @Rolltide Henry is our starter. It's overkill to draft a RB in the first round right now no matter how much of a hardon you have for a RB. This makes no sense. You want to spend a pick on a 1st round RB next year, feel free. There will be one. For now, get your nose out of Taylor's ass, there will be more highly touted draft picks at RB. Unless you're saying the guy is Barry Sanders or Adrian Peterson reborn, he's not worth the high pick with our roster. In fact, even if he is you could still question the logic behind drafting that guy. That's how dumb your idea is.
  18. RBs aren't hard to find either. OT is a bigger need than RB this year. Much bigger. There are several positions that needed an upgrade outside of RB. Why spend the capitol now? Again, you're just in love with a player. It's overkill.
  19. Why not just address it next year? Seems like you're risking a lot just to have the RB in the 1st round then not have him play much. Just seems like another fan in love with another skill position player so he wants overkill. We have a feature RB ... when we don't have a feature RB, we'll draft a feature RB.
  20. Someone probably wanted a WR or RB. Someone always wants a skill position player drafted in the first.
  21. I don't know why they just don't make Derrick Henry QB ...
  22. Don't make the same mistake you made with Mariota. You're going to have to accept that your franchise QB can't do everything you dream of. If he can, he'll do it.
  23. And yet we win. You're a stubborn man @scine09 so stubborn that your philosophies about "the best way to play" have actually become too old for "today's NFL."
  24. Should we draft another LT to carry the load in case Lewan gets hurt? Just seems like overkill. Henry's the guy. So the other guy is a change of pace.

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