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  1. It's not that. He's just not living up to his Top 5 status or even first two round status. That's the bottom line. AJ Brown has NOT made people hate on Davis. He's not living up to expectations. That said Bongo is still a moron.
  2. 100% out of all the analytics guys he was the worst at context.
  3. 100% that seemed like his main problem. A guy who didn't even live in America was arrogant and thin-skinned about his analytics and QB study. It got him far but the wheels started to fall off when he couldn't let go of his mistakes.
  4. @scine09 here's a message from Reddit for context. "Fahey got fired/left espn for having a meltdown at a bar (that's all he said about the matter) also his tweets over time have suggested that he's wrong about a ton of critical things"
  5. Heard an interview where he said he had never seen a game live but watched a lot of games and came up with some of his own analytics in the growing analytics era then starting publishing. Sites/Teams got interested and here we are. Seems like he's had a slow descent while others have managed to stay relevant though . It seems like it's because he's extremely arrogant and hot headed. Can't face it when he's wrong and has blocked 90% of Twitter.
  6. The problem is before he started doing it he had never even seen a game live. He was the ultimate armchair nerd who just built some number in the analytics era.
  7. Well it seems a bit much to go all out on franchises who have never dealt with this before. The NFL decided to have their season. There were going to be issues. It's not all the franchise's fault they didn't know how to deal with NFL players interacting on a daily basis.
  8. I'm really excited for this game now lol It's become apparent that Henry can run hard or run soft it just depends when his engine gets going mentally. This helps.
  9. OK. I'm not sure what the big deal is for me saying the season is LIKELY going nowhere with Tannehill based on what we knew at the time. "I do expect Tannehill to be better than Mariota.How much better is the question." Yeah. Seems like something that I would say. I will take the L on the no hope for the season thing. Was way off there in the heat of the moment. I guess there's always hope. But I was simply not expecting much based on his previous stint. Consider me guilty of that I guess. I said Derrick Henry wasn't going to be any better either, and he turned it around. What is all this trying to say? That I didn't believe that Ryan Tannehill would be a star until he proved it? Am I crazy for that? He still has to prove it.
  10. I was mocking QBs at one point. i stopped a long time ago.
  11. Lol i didnt. One problem everyone is going to have with me ... obviously... is ill just never fall in love with a player. I wasnt going to lose my shit about tannehill until he proved it. Why would i? Im only now being sold on henry... and even now his performance out the gate wasnt the greatest. im the guy that still thinks the Collins-led Titans werent going to win a super bowl cj injury or not. I just dont get gaga over anyone anymore.
  12. Lol i didnt say that. I said that expecting him to be anything than what he already was werent the greatest odds. Im not a scout, so i wont break down film and try to figure out if a player will turn it around. You should know by now im rarely hyperbolic.
  13. The Steelers have the run d to stop Henry without selling out, so itll prob be on Tannehill.
  14. Exactly. My point is that a star QB can do plenty in a run-first offense. So me saying we're in a run-first offense is not a knock on Tannehill as you guys seem to make it to be. I think Wilson is a HOFer and is my favorite QB in the league. And he's been the best QB overall for years. Because if it was Kirk Cousins within this offense, he might do OK but not nearly as well or as efficiently as Tannehill or Wilson. I just think that defenses are still game-planning the most for Henry in our case. Not Tannehill. Maybe that's a mistake on their part ... I think the team that DIDNT focus on Henry were the Patriots in the playoffs last year.
  15. Yeah I did. However, as time went on it appeared that he was more than that and had no issue with the longterm contract. You're right about the Mariota/McNair stuff. People treat Mariota like a son when you see comments on Twitter etc. They have a hard time letting go of him but will shit on Tannehill the first chance they get. Makes no sense.
  16. Did I say that specifically? I do remember saying it tends to work when you draft your own and not take someone else's sloppy seconds. But that theory is being proven wrong right now.
  17. Last year, I thought Tannehill was a better Jared Goff (his best year) or similar. This year it's obvious he's well ahead of Goff as he is MUCH better outside of the constructs of our RUN FIRST offense (LOL). Tannehill is proving that he can do it all regardless of our philosophy.
  18. I don't believe that at all. I think you all are extremely excited so because I'm not saying he's a superstar and everything is about him I'm somehow downplaying him. Russell Wilson up to maybe the last year or two was in a run-first offense. Are we still among the top teams in 1st down run attempts? We probably still are. We have an identity. And yes, that identity is definitely evolving.
  19. It seems to me you're the one who so badly wants to leave Henry behind for our Peyton Manning. We have an identity as much as you hate it. Relax.
  20. Let me add that I thought last year he was a Jared-Goff type within this offense. It's obvious now that's he's better than that and is trending towards star status.
  21. LOL I never said one-read. I think you guys are in love and it's cute. Any little thing said about Tannehill now is blown out of proportion. Read my comments in the other thread to get an idea of where I'm at. But seriously guys. Take a cold shower and don't be so prickly. I know it's exciting but it's obvious some of you have thin skin when it comes to Tannehill already. Hell @oldschool you're mad that he didn't get the ball to win the game lol. Like who cares? It was a good call that worked. But you wanted Tannehill to get the glory ... I get it. You want the world to see how wonderful tannehill is ... heart emoji. But please don't weigh me down by getting pissed off by something as simple as we're in a run-first offense. We are. That isn't a knock as much as you think it is.
  22. I think you took my comments a bit too literally. I said any QB can have a modicum of success in a run-first offense. I meant run first not just play action specifically. I mean more a run-first offense that sets up the PA pass. Russell Wilson was in a run-first offense. And we all know what he did with it. Still a run-first offense is at it's core the easiest offense for a QB to grow in. It protects him. And allows him to make plays from that base. But in the end the big plays are up to the QB. You guys need to stop being so sensitive when it comes to the QB. I know Tannehill has been playing at an MVP level but it doesn't mean we have Peyton Manning. Seems like any little thing I say is blown out of proportion.
  23. No. I said IN THE END. I didn't say it was all them. RT was asked to do too much in Miami because of marginal talent around him. They wanted him to be Aaron Rodgers. If his talent was up to the task like a Rodgers he could likely handle it. Instead, RT needs a run-first, PA offense that takes the pressure off. Every QB can have success in this offense. In fact, if you can't have some kind of marginal, game-manager success in this kind of offense you shouldn't be a starter. However, when it comes to making this offense sing like it has, it lies with him. Our offense doesn't ask our QB to do the heavy lifting, but it does give plenty of opportunities to shine if you have the talent. And as the QB gets used to it, you start letting him do more. Which is happening now. A previous QB we had here couldn't even survive despite that. THATS HOW BAD HE WAS.
  24. OC's get too much credit and get too much blame. In the end it does lay with the QB.

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