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  1. I find it a little weird that everyone is so "sky is falling" regarding this potential development. I guess it's a big deal if you truly 100% believe that Tannehill is a franchise star at QB for the next X amount of years. If you do the thought of a declining Brady could be frustrating. But if you think Tannehill would be more of a stopgap QB and you'd still need to draft a "franchise" QB at some point within the next two years. The Brady factor doesn't sting as much. I'm still more in line that Tannehill is an above average game manager for the next couple of years. And therefore, getting a year or two out of declining Brady with a draft pick waiting in the wings wouldn't be earth shattering. I'd rather stick with Tannehill though. I'm just gonna wait. But I've stayed out of this because it doesn't bother me that much.
  2. He finally broke like some of us did months ago ... the "woe is me" when it comes to Mariota is so ridiculous ...
  3. You're not wrong. The Alex Smith comparison was a pre-draft scouting report and it's stuck in my head. I believe it was right in terms of style of play. But Mariota is obviously worse. When I make the comparison, I'm in no way saying they're on the same level.
  4. LOL cmon I made a small comparison in terms of style (QB who can run in a straight line with no arm strength and a conservative style). Don't cremate me.
  5. If you haven't figured it out yet ... people's perspective on how to maximize him is all over the place ... just like he is as a player. Not a good sign. It just shows me he's a master of none. Which is his M.O. since he's been in the NFL. So when people see him casually, and when they don't see him pass as effectively as needed ... they think, "run him more!" But when coaches do that and he's not effective fans say, "make him pass you're running him too much he's not Lamar Jackson." But when they make him pass ... people see his struggles and say ... "they should run him more!" Wash, rinse, repeat. He's not a good enough runner and his not a good enough passer to dominate a system. He's Alex Smith with bad pocket presence.
  6. LOL none of this even agrees with what Carr said. It's actually mostly the opposite. Kordell Stewart is more of what Carr wan'ts for Mariota if you read his messaging. Wiz's scheme is more west coast and allows less running which is the opposite of what Carr is saying Mariota needs.
  7. Yeah I agree with that, but unless there's a young FA out there we shouldn't spent a ton on a potentially declining star. A Cameron Wake type signing with a high pick would be good.
  8. I think it's time we spend some draft capitol on another pass rusher. We need youth at the position.
  9. They said the same shit about Aaron Rodgers. Don't fall for this trap. The QBs who get wide open targets tend to be damn good. It's no coincidence.
  10. Exactly. So who knows what Brady saw in two days ... it's a throwaway line IMO. It could mean anything.
  11. I don't know why you're all taking so much offense to this. This wasn't the same offense we finished with at the end of the season. It was an offense based on what Mariota could do.
  12. That was a different time for our offense so I'd take that criticism with a grain of salt. He might of thought the QB running that offense was "laughable."
  13. Fair enough. However, considering his price tag and overall performance it's a better Tannehill alternative than the other ones I've heard.
  14. The Lions could just keep him. His price tag isn't that high in comparison to other QBs.

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