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  1. There was too much risk in not letting Mariota remind everyone how much he sucks for his final year. Up until his benching people were still talking about how he single-handedly beat the Patriots with 24 pass attempts. You start Tannehill Week 1 and he does well morons would be saying, "Imagine if Mariota was in there!" A couple of bad plays and the stadium would be chanting for him.
  2. Mariota was never a runner like Jackson. I think everyone is holding on to my "runner" word too much. Mariota and Alex Smith both had 135 rush attempts in their last year in college. You're right though that Mariota's runner, like Alex Smith's was more about the system and not what he was actually good at. Just because he had straight line speed doesn't mean you're a scrambler like Jackson ... as we've learned.
  3. Well I'm not one to put too may predictions on a player. I'm basing Tannehill on his "OK" past. So I wasn't going to get my hopes up or down with him. But so far it's really good and may be needed considering the more I hear about this "deep" QB class the more flawed it looks.
  4. I just think if they did it too early for the owner's liking it was a risk. They had to do it at the absolute, eye-scratching bottom. Then the risk was 0%.
  5. Why do you still bother with this board? You're so detached from this team.
  6. I mean ... seeing as how I've said Mariota was the best QB since McNair ... I can't say you're wrong lol. The only homerish thing about your statement is it's still early. But I can't deny it.
  7. Most of the teams that have that "unity" (like the Pats) have their franchise QB already. It's no coincidence.
  8. When ownership believes in a QB they don't have to really say much at all. As a GM/coach you have to turn over every stone before a change can be made. You don't think she was hearing fans say, "Mariota has no help!" for the last couple of seasons? That puts pressure on the GM to show he sucks regardless. So you draft and sign a bunch of wide receivers, blockers and try and show her he's the worst piece not the best. But you can't do it in Week 2 or 3 ... it has to get bad. Then you put in Tannehill. And if Tannehill is worse the coach and maybe the GM is going down. That was the risk they were taking. The odds were better for the staff to wait until Mariota hit bottom to keep their jobs. Fans and media saying the move should've been made sooner really doesn't jeopardize their job. Benching Mariota too early and leaving the owner with doubts would put them in a shakier situation than they are in now.
  9. I'm sure you'll be watching like a hawk. It's all you do.
  10. Some random fan in a Jim Wyatt twitter thread. This is the kind of stupid we have to deal with.
  11. It's always a difficult move unless you have Ryan Leaf. During the game a woman on the Titans Twitter thread was calling for Mariota after the second three-and-out. Fans fall in love. Fans bring money. So when you make a change, you better be sure the affect on the field is obvious and immediate. So it has to get SO bad for the dumb fan that a change is almost undeniable.
  12. Who cares who is better honestly. It wouldn't make sense for the Bears to sign him regardless.
  13. Tannehill might give us the chance to draft a more developmental guy in round 2 etc. because the way this QB class seems to be shaking up it's starting to feel like they're overrated. Starting to read a ton of negatives from these guys outside of the top 2.
  14. You put a false statement out there. You don't need to ask. I corrected it. Don't want it corrected? Don't post it.