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  1. @Jamalisms you are a lying dem... prove your statement... liar...🐀
  2. What a moron response... Very much falls right in line with dems stances... So blame Trump for the "choice" that women are fighting hand over foot to have... Just like dems try to shut down free speech at every turn they dislike... Attempting to destroy America with no borders, sanctuary cities, illegal immigrants voting, siding and paying Russians for corrupt data, attempting to over throw an elected President because they are whiney losers, the need to shut down conservative speech at every turn the crap just keep on coming from this crowd...
  3. What evidence??? Twitter trolling???
  4. thor

    4.1 GDP

    Just keeps winning!!!
  5. Bias moron still yapping... Go postal elsewhere...
  6. Poor dems... Whining away... Trump gets so much done in one day they call him lying because he's moving so fast and things change... Dems don't know how to think that fast --- they need time to watch MSM to find out their next whine... Dershowitz is just telling things like they are but dems can't handle the truth that's why they need to be attached to the MSM and need support from their "reach around buddies"... Every day just gets better with Trump!!! Winning!!! Trump winning!!! equals: Dem whining!!!
  7. The dems are going crazy --- foaming at the mouth --- TDS wearing them out...
  8. Some crooked government employees...
  9. What a crock of bullshit... Especially since it's coming from one of the Soviet propagandists...
  10. Retard --- Page has explained his position several times --- find it for yourself... LOL!!! I suppose you're retarded enough to believe the FISA warrant was on the up and up... You're calling someone a retard... LOL!!! You retarded doofus!!! Where's Waldo???
  11. Yes, that Naval Academy Graduate is an advisor for the Kremlin... LOL!!! Carter Page!!! LOL!!! Spy extraordinaire!!! 007!!! LOL!!! You dumb asses have been bamboozled --- and you want it so bad to be so... What bozos...
  12. Your info isn't even correct unless you include skipping parts as correct... What was Carter Page doing between 2013 - 2016??? Page met with high ranking officials --- who did this information come from and was it verified... (your bullshit doesn't wash) There's no point even arguing the bs you're throwing out there... You have 90% fucked up... I'll give you one good hint however --- why is the date redacted???
  13. Exactly, it takes a complete moron to buy the shit the Justice Department, FBI, MSM, and dems have been trying to sell the US public... It's about time you started to realize how full of shit this complete setup has been... These dicks got caught trying to undermine a US election --- and the worst part is they will get away with it because it leads to Obama...