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  1. What an idiot... It's always black and white get your head out of the gutter... Grow the fuck up... So let's see Trump's a racist because he talked about "iconic" Henry Ford while at Ford Motor Company... So this makes him anti-black... and Ford hated Jews so Trump must hate Jews by that dumb fucking nitwit mentality... So you should vote for "George Biden Wallace" instead because he doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground... Very sound assessment...
  2. I don't take the time to read most of your bias dribble --- use your brain... But for the hell of it... The coal business is not buried like Clinton and her other lobbyists would have gamed people like you as congress salesman would have lined their pockets as you bent over again and again, McClain came back and rescued Obama-gate, and Mexico is paying for the wall it's called USMCA... Keep up...
  3. thor

    Virus in US

  4. Not very smart are you??? But, you can keep your doctors...
  5. thor

    Virus in US

    It's pretty amazing how these socialists stick their head in the sand and try to pretend this kind of stuff isn't happening... The MSM pushing constant lies and they're willing to swill it down without question... Supporting attacks on "free speech" because it's not what they believe... Even now in the midst of a pandemic the willingness to give away their freedoms at the drop of a hatred due to their narrow minded views and ideology... Fortunately, these idiots will never get their way but in a sense it's too bad because they deserve what their asking for...
  6. Wow, Flynn case takes another turn for the interesting... After Federal Judge Sullivan is ordered, yes ordered, to come before DC Circuit Court appeals panel and explain his position personally, The Washington Post --- LOL!!! yes, that WaPo --- is reporting Judge Sullivan is hiring a high profile DC lawyer... But, Sullivan is supposed to give his personal explanation... LOL!!! Good job Obama --- sunlight is a hell of a disinfectant... 🏌️‍♀️ ⛳ I wonder how out on a limb I will be with my next "conspiracy theory"... What if??? The part of the “resistance” that Federal Judge Sullivan was participating in and had a role to play is now in sunlight and with few options for deniability and justification remaining, Sullivan has hired himself a lawyer... 🚀
  7. thor

    Virus in US

    Watch as democrats praise Nancy Pelosi for the fine job she's been doing... After all, it was Nancy who was handing out gold pens as the pandemic began, it was Nancy gathering votes to keep Trump from his "racist" ways of stopping flights from China and Europe, it was Nancy's togetherness push inviting people of her district to a Chinese Festival while the virus was emerging, and it was NANCY PELOSI that in the middle of a pandemic infecting people with a potentially deadly outcome that delayed PPP for 2 weeks possibly killing many Americans... Then, on top of that we find out democrat governors have been seeding retirement homes with "China Virus" infected patients... We now find out Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has been concealing the number of deaths in nursing homes, in Fairfax County out of 330 deaths 249 were at these homes... That's 75%!!! In Michigan a 20 year old boxer was caught beating up a 77 year old veteran --- why was he at the retirement home??? He was sent there because he tested positive for the virus --- Hey, Whitmer!!! These are the corrupt bastards democrats are pushing on America...
  8. This is one clueless idiot... LOL!!! Just reading that comment shows "exactly" you have no clue whatsoever... Now I fully understand the kind of morons voting for democrats...
  9. Get a clue... https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2020/05/23/the-key-reason-dc-hates-president-trump-its-a-big-club-and-he-aint-in-it/#more-192524
  10. thor

    Virus in US

    Dude, you're a moron... So don't play golf it will keep people from not dying --- why don't you go waste your bs on telling dems to stop seeding retirement homes with China Virus and murdering Americans??? and stop paying for pot shops and illegal immigrants while threatening to fire first responders??? IDIOT!!!
  11. thor

    Virus in US

    What's wrong 4 years of peddling your lies and the truth is sticking a foot up your ass... Keep believing lemming news and wacko Madcow!!! Then, you have the "conspiracy crew" crying and pissing in their milk... "They want no part of discourse" ---- you mean they don't want to hear more lies and your conspiracy nutcase theories that the dem congress and MSM feed you and you swallow... Shit, your dem governors are playing "Little Napoleon" while seeding retirement homes with the "China Virus" , and your Presidential nominee thinks he's George Wallace... What the hell is there to talk about --- how the MSM lies about Trump and you buy it?, how you think The Green New Deal is worth getting rid of oil and cow farting? Or that socialism is the greatest thing since the last time millions of people were killed by attempting stupidity x1000000000000000000000000000000000??? Go stick your head in the sand and block me... Make my day!!! 🚀
  12. Hell yes, all the fucking up is on the dems --- Obama and Biden did such a great job selling out to China they all got fucked... Go check the dem deaths compared to states run by republicans... Just goes to show you not only were dems pitiful in preparation and sold out America but, they intentionally seeded retirement homes and murdered many more... The proof is in the corrupt dems racist numbers --- and you racist socialists support these murdering bastards --- FO!!!
  13. What a brilliant topic with such fantastic evidence... Did @OILERMAN get this info from "Fake News" Madcow??? LOL!!! LOL!!! Glad to know Obama nd Biden care so much about the people that vote for them after all; "You're not black if you don't vote for Biden." LOL!!! Sad thing is I would actually expect Madcow to report somethin like this being a Rhodes scholar like Clinton!!! LMAO!!! FAKE NEWS!!! LOL!!!
  14. What a fucking dumb ass... Shit Vinman STFU!!!

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