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  1. thor

    Can Sanders Win?

    Honestly??? What the heck does that mean coming from a democrat??? As far as I can tell that word was removed long ago from the party of Clintonites...
  2. You're talking about Trump being stupid... Yet, you're dumb enough to support Sanders... Give me a break!!!
  3. Democratic Socialism... Good ole lipstick on a pig... You're a bunch of nutcases!!!
  4. thor

    Can Sanders Win?

    Guys a liar and conman --- fits right in with the regular bias, racist, socialist democrat these days... Wouldn't know the truth if it bit them on the ass... Just look at their leaders recently... MSM, Schiff, Pelosi, Mueller, Weismann, Vinman, Warner, Schumer, AOC, Talib, Omar, Clinton, Comey, Brennan, Cohen, Avanatti, Crazy Maxine, Biden, Warren, it just goes on and on with these corrupt anti Americans --- and now their fearless commie leader Bernie!!! Every freaking one of them is a lying twit... Unbelievable!!!
  5. thor

    Can Sanders Win?

    Bernie won't win squat... Trump 2020!!! Trump 2024!!!
  6. thor

    Can Sanders Win?

    Bernie won't win Florida... People that have lived through socialism understand that... It's just the democrat morons trying to put lipstick on a pig tryin to get children to believe their lies --- all for power... Not gonna happen... Not in America...
  7. You morons buy anything... Anyone supporting Bernie and his cohorts at least show their colors --- anti-USA... Like you care about corruption --- what a joke...
  8. Total freaking crap... The MSM just comes out with horse shit stories and you morons swill them down hook, line, and sinker... Liu's been involved in several corrupt "decisions"... 1) Anwan brothers --- "unbelievable"... (protect Clinton) 2) James Wolfe leaking FISA to reporters. Wolfe gets charged with 1 count of lying after sending letters to all members of SSCI. Then somehow Liu gives him a bs deal...(protect SSCI) 3) McCabe skates free (protect corrupt state) 4)Greg Craig another "sweetheart" deal... (got to protect Obama) For shits and giggles --- what about Liu being Deputy Chief of Staff for the DOJ-NSD --- the one with the FISA problems!!!
  9. thor

    Can Sanders Win?

    Other then the millions of people socialism/communism have led to their slaughter... Trump's best argument is to point out Bernie's democratic socialism supporters (actually communists)… Bernie, Antifa, Talib, Omar, AOC and what they stand for and against...
  10. thor

    Can Sanders Win?

    There's a lot to learn from these numbers... 1) pro communist 2) free stuff fools 3) we know who was colluding with Putin in 2016 4) absolute stupidity...
  11. I don't know anything about the guy... so it's not up to me judge that's on you...
  12. thor

    Can Sanders Win?

    Why don't you go look at why socialism fails and millions and millions of people have died at its hands? Why don't you ask someone that has lived under socialism what it's really like? Or better then that --- why not go live in a socialist country for a month and come back and tell us about it... Only idiots buy into this clowns bullshit...
  13. thor

    Can Sanders Win?

    This is the kind of shit these nutcases actually believe... Stupidity on steroids...

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