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  1. @Jamalisms you are a lying dem... prove your statement... liar...🐀
  2. thor

    Lock Test

    What do you expect from dems... For example @Jamalisms locking my threads with no proof... Expected from lying dems actually...
  3. What a moron response... Very much falls right in line with dems stances... So blame Trump for the "choice" that women are fighting hand over foot to have... Just like dems try to shut down free speech at every turn they dislike... Attempting to destroy America with no borders, sanctuary cities, illegal immigrants voting, siding and paying Russians for corrupt data, attempting to over throw an elected President because they are whiney losers, the need to shut down conservative speech at every turn the crap just keep on coming from this crowd...
  4. thor

    Russians Currently Hacking the Mid-terms

    Russian Hacking!!! What the fuck??? Are the dems giving out their passw0rds again???
  5. What evidence??? Twitter trolling???
  6. thor

    4.1 GDP

    Just keeps winning!!!
  7. Bias moron still yapping... Go postal elsewhere...
  8. I understand someone's got to explain to you dems you lost get over it --- but, in contrast to your football knowledge you've finally said something worth while since your stance on how Woodyard sucks and should get cut after his first season here... you dumbass...
  9. Cry baby whining again... Get over it dude Trump won!!!
  10. Cry baby whining again... Get over it dude Trump won!!!
  11. thor

    Trump tweet might come back to haunt him

    LOL!!! Mueller trolling Trump tweets... Well that proves it!!! Russia Collusion!!! WTH Mueller is the cupboard bare??? LOL!!!
  12. Poor dems... Whining away... Trump gets so much done in one day they call him lying because he's moving so fast and things change... Dems don't know how to think that fast --- they need time to watch MSM to find out their next whine... Dershowitz is just telling things like they are but dems can't handle the truth that's why they need to be attached to the MSM and need support from their "reach around buddies"... Every day just gets better with Trump!!! Winning!!! Trump winning!!! equals: Dem whining!!!
  13. The dems are going crazy --- foaming at the mouth --- TDS wearing them out...
  14. Some crooked government employees... https://www.investors.com/politics/editorials/russia-trump-collusion-investigation/