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  1. The way that guy opened up with an off balanced kick, he would have lost even if he had a gun.
  2. SPY 125 seems pretty out of reach IMO. That would be DJIA around 12,400.
  3. Today's afternoon session will give a good glimpse into the real market confidence right now. It's a 3-day weekend with the market closed tomorrow for Good Friday. Coronavirus numbers are still going up too. My MAC stock has doubled since I bought it. Tempted to sell and rebuy at the next dip!
  4. Did you start working at Taco Bell? That looks like a nacho supreme! LOL
  5. Is this a trick question? It's obviously house #2. I'd have Earl and Mawae bouncing the door. Tannehill is tied up in the back room, his wife is on stage dancing on the pole while me and Pacman are making it rain. Wycheck is meanwhile asking everyone if they have seen his baseball.
  6. I'd love to have him on the team, but only if he truly wants to be here. This guy over estimated his value in free agency and asked for absurd money. The entire league rejected him. He lowered his demands and after a couple teams showed more interest he hasn't expressed an interest one way or another. The stinks like a bad free agent signing at this point.
  7. right that's good that's good unless of course somebody comes up with 6-min eggs, then you're in trouble huh? LOL
  8. @rns90: Girlfriend, will you marry me? Girlfriend: Maybe, but I have to explore some other options before I give you my final answer. @rns90: OMG everyone!!!!! I am all in on this girl!!!!! @Titans279: Bro, I am going to get ordained online so I can announce your wedding because my avatar is a picture of Mike Keith for some weird fucking reason. @rns90: Don't you mean "maybe" announce my wedding? I mean, she hasn't committed yet. @Bink: Fuck you rns90. That was a dumb thing to say. We are in uncertain times. Your girlfriend's inability to commit to your relationship should be totally excused because everyone has to stay home for a few weeks. @Starkiller: I'm usually somewhat fairly intelligent, but for some reason I can't understand why anyone could question his girlfriend's level of commitment to their relationship. @tgo: I can get a two-girl lesbian toy show for the bachelor party for 20% of the cost of that engagement ring you bought her. @abenjami : Dump this bitch and move on to the next ho.
  9. Did I miss somerhing where Clowney said he wants to be a Titan and intends to sign when this is over? Because last I heard, this guy was still playing the free agent game and trying to pit teams against each other to extract a few extra dollars.
  10. No. If he said he wanted to sign here then the holdup would be medical. Right now the hold up is a guy who doesn't fit in this team environment.
  11. Here's what it means. At this point, if Clowney is not 100% sure the Titans are the best combination of contract and playing situation, then fuck him. Clear enough?
  12. Has Clowney said he is signing here pending a physical?
  13. At this point I would tell Clowney no thanks. He's obviously not in this for the Titans.

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