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  1. .... Ford and Jarrett are likely getting tagged for one. And if they don't they'll both cost 18-20M per year. And Humphries would be another 8..... So yeah, of course it won't happen. In fact it's not even mathematically possible.
  2. Wouldn't be surprising but none of those players are worth that much money except arguably Le'Veon Bell.
  3. That kind of depends on what your expectations were for him. He wasn't worth 15M but was/is probably worth 8-10.
  4. Suh was actually a dominant run player and PFF rated him really highly. He's not in Donald's zip code though. Totally different kind of player.
  5. It's totally puzzling to me that he was so consistent for his first 4 years, didn't miss many games at all - but then since he came here he's been injured almost constantly. But yeah, I guess the hope is that he'd return to his Jacksonville form in terms of injuries. But you're right, it's a huge "if."
  6. It's an interesting thought because we looked into some of the top strong safeties last year in the draft. But of course we already have a starting strong safety under contract for 2019. 😃
  7. I said in the original post that Carpenter probably ends up with the Vikings where the have holes on the interior and follow Rick Dennison there, where he's a great fit. But they have extremely limited cap space and they may not be able to sign him. If he makes it to FA, he could be a good option to replace Spain. Probably a little better player than Spain, but not a world beater. Extensive experience in the zone scheme.
  8. Hey man, there's a reason they call the secondary the Cyp squad.
  9. Well yeah - we can probably have a chance to win some wild card births but winning the division will end up being a tough proposition.
  10. That must be where PK got it from. Cosell thinks he’s a guard too. But Conklin/Robinson/Vrabel don’t
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