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  1. 13 minutes ago, Jonboy said:

    Are there any day 1 starters at SS in this draft? I hadn’t thought about it much, but Beddingfield’s article made me think more about it.


    Byard is in line for a monster deal so it would be nice if our SS was on a rookie deal. 

    It's an interesting thought because we looked into some of the top strong safeties last year in the draft. 


    But of course we already have a starting strong safety under contract for 2019. 😃

  2. I said in the original post that Carpenter probably ends up with the Vikings where the have holes on the interior and follow Rick Dennison there, where he's a great fit. But they have extremely limited cap space and they may not be able to sign him. 


    If he makes it to FA, he could be a good option to replace Spain. Probably a little better player than Spain, but not a world beater. Extensive experience in the zone scheme. 

  3. Just now, Jonboy said:

    I wouldn’t say that, but the window of the AFC South being weak is over.


    We can still have success. Some of our best years came when 18 was leading the Colts. 

    Well yeah - we can probably have a chance to win some wild card births but winning the division will end up being a tough proposition. 

  4. 59 minutes ago, Jonboy said:

    I posted a separate thread on it, but Beddingfield is also suggesting we should move Conklin to G and start Kelly at RT. 

    That must be where PK got it from. 


    Cosell thinks he’s a guard too. 


    But Conklin/Robinson/Vrabel don’t

  5. 30 minutes ago, Jonboy said:

    Sounds like the Colts beat writers expect them to go after Collins. Makes sense because they have Hooker on a cheap deal at FS. 


    Indy is going to have a monster offseason. We might as well brace for it now. 

    Yeah we have no hope unfortunately. 

  6. 40 minutes ago, Soxcat said:

    Kelly could still move to one of the OT spots if needed.  I'm not sure Kelly is the best option at OG but if playing him at one of the OG spots gets us the best 5 out there it is worth considering.  Not sure he is the best option however and we might be able to do better. 

    I don’t see Kelly as a guard at all, but I guess he did play guard somr with Philadelphia (albeit unsuccessfully). 

  7. 11 minutes ago, oldschool said:

    100K voters in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania are why Trump is president. A lot of moderate blue collar dems stayed home because Clinton's campaign ignored them. She is by far the most likely to unseat a trump because she doesn't come with a coastal elitist tag like the rest. Again progressives need to get on board with the fact the country isn't as far left as they want to believe it is.

    This is actually spot on imo


    But this is the Democratic primary we're talking about. 

  8. 4 minutes ago, oldschool said:

    major and important liberal news organizations.


    This your problem right here. Its a non story and everyone on the hill knows it. 

    Dude political junkies pour over Politico every day, I know because I'm one of them haha. 


    Not saying you aren't or something, I'm just saying Politico is a great and accurate platform. And the company I work for owns Huffington Post so I'll throw them out an endorsement too. 


    Regardless, I understand the reasons you guys have cited for liking Klobuchar. I just think she'll be small ball even in the areas she supposedly excels at next to the others who will enter the field. 


    I'll take Biden, Beto, Booker, Harris over Klobuchar all day. 


    I guess we'll just agree to disagree. We're on the same team, afterall. 

  9. 1 minute ago, Mythos27 said:

    Trump would likely wash Amy. I like her fine enough but if her fly-over country is her main strength, then she's toast because she isn't gonna best Trump in that department. 

    She won't even best Biden in that department. Biden's reach into the union vote and his message is deep and battle tested. 


    Octogenarian or not. 

  10. 22 minutes ago, oldschool said:

    Well said. I like Booker's tenacity but if you talk to people from Jersey, he had a lot of failures as a local politician. This idea he's untouchable is foolishness. I think Harris is a better candidate at this point and I'd put her and Klobuchar at the top.


    @tgo, are you still hung up on the staff abuse story that cleary went nowhere? There is a reason the major outlets didn't run it. 


    Huffington Post, Politico, etc are major and important liberal news organizations and the sourcing was cross referenced and reputable. The reporting was accurate, you're just choosing to dismiss it. 


    Her treatment of staff has been known for years anyway and is well documented apparently. 


    Anyway, just beyond that, even if I totally discount that issue, I can think of absolutely no good reason to vote for her. She's accomplished about the same in her long senate career as Bernie has - absolutely nothing. 


    She's "well spoken and pragmatic and has midwestern charm" basically? 


    I mean ok, but she's not nearly as pragmatic as Biden or as charismatic as Booker and Beto and doesn't have nearly the policy set of Harris or Warren.


    Moreoever, I think Trump would wipe the floor with her. 


    I just don't get it.


    Personally, the most important things in a candidate to me are executive experience, foreign policy prowess, and having the ability to call on relationships with Congress and with bureaucrats and networks of power to accomplish things, and most importantly electability. 


    Klobuchar will be about like Trump in that only certain people who work for her even like to work for her or believe in her, and she is not widely admired or respected even within her own circles. She's rated every year as one of the worst people in Congress to work for, and has the highest staff turnover of anyone every single year.


    She can barely even keep her ship afloat apparently, much less pull levels of power around Washington and the country to accomplish anything. Which she's proven over the last 20 years by not doing shit. 


  11. 6 minutes ago, Legaltitan said:

    whoah there why the hostility?


    I absolutely think she brings something unique to the table that other candidates don't. She doesn't have the gaffes or age or grabbiness of Biden, she has a lot more experience than O'Rourke, who I really like but who hasn't even announced yet, and she is a totally different candidate than Booker. Sorry, have to really disagree with you. In a crowded field she has created a clear lane for herself. We'll see where it goes.


    And it is absolutely foolhardy at this point to say no one will sniff at winning the primary. It is way to early, the field much to crowded, and we only have to look at recent history to know that isn't true. Bill Clinton had no chance. Obama had no chance. Trump had no chance. 

    Just want to respond to one aspect of your post here - Obama had a ton of early support and people were eyeing him for president long before he announced. I supported him immediately once we entered the race. 


    Anyway, I guess we'll see if Klobuchar wins the primary lol. 

  12. 4 hours ago, oldschool said:

    Its early but she's the strongest candidate of the group in my opinion. 

    That’s ridiculous. 


    She’s polling at less than 2%. 


    She won’t even sniff winning the primary. 


    Anyway, I won’t vote for her - period. There is zero reason to. She has no advantages whatsoever over candidates like Biden or O’Rourke or Booker who are more moderate than the Sanders/Warren types. 


    But you guys knock yourself out. 

  13. 20 minutes ago, Thrill said:

    I hope Spain would be willing to come back but I don’t see it. We gave him the cheapest tender and even benched him during the season when it looked like Kline deserved to be benched way more. 


    If if I were him I’d go to whoever paid more, which doesn’t seem to indicate the titans based on the recent past. 

    Yeah It’s highly unlikely that Spain comes back. 

  14. 2 hours ago, OILERMAN said:

    Maybe Ben Jones will be moved to LG?

    I don’t see it long term but who knows.


    I do think Levin could be his successor at center after his contract expires. 


    He has serious potential and still has room to develop. 

  15. 1 hour ago, AussieTitanFan08 said:

    Not sure JRob has even contemplated moving Conklin to OG yet, i'm sure the hope is he gets healthy this offseason and returns closer to his 2016-2017 play than what he showed in 2018.



    No way this happens imo. Just Kuharsky giving his opinion essentially. 

  16. 1 minute ago, Nash said:

    Are these players unrestricted free agents? Can cuts be signed at any time??

    Free agency officially starts on March 13. 


    Players who are released prior to that can sign with anyone. Players who have their options declined generally become free agents when FA begins. 

  17. 20 minutes ago, MemphisTitan said:

    Kline is the biggest problem. I don’t understand why people are so hard on Spain but ignore how terrible Kline is. Jones is also horrible 

    Kline most likely isn't going anywhere this year given what Robinson has said about him recently and the structure of his contract. 


    Vrabel and Robinson also have a lengthy history and very good relationship with Jones. I doubt he'll be released before his contract expires next offseason. 

  18. I think out of the 1st round pass rushers, the one that Titans wouldn't take would be Jachai Polite. 


    A couple of players I've revised my thinking on: 

    Montez Sweat

    Dexter Lawrence


    The questions surrounding Sweat's maturity seem to be overblown. However, his pass rush finish and the effort at the end of his rushes seem to still be in question. He's a tough player, sets the edge, is violent and gives maximum effort throughout the rush until the stem of the rush. He performed very well at the senior bowl. When I see him and read about him, he sounds like a Pees/Vrabel/Robinson OLB to me. He's a physical and tough guy, but is he smart?


    Dexter Lawrence is what he is. He's a dominant run player. His pass rushing *potential* is under-stated however. It's raw and undeveloped at this point, but the potential is there where he could play 60% of your defensive snaps. You can't draft him expecting him to be a big time pass rusher. You draft him to clog up the middle of the defense and to take up a couple blockers to free up your linebackers and to stack the run and to two-gap. While he's more of an end of the first or very early 2nd round type prospect, he could end up being in play at pick 19 if guys like Wilkins and other DL are off the board. He's a perfect fit as a nose tackle in this scheme. And they just don't build them like Lawrence anymore. A strong argument is there for a run player like Lawrence on the DL due to 1) how the front 7 is schemed - that is, the defense is designed to free up the linebackers, and 2) the fact that we play so much nickel and need some extra "umph" up front in run defense, where we were lacking last year. 


    Suppose the vast majority of the edge rushers and DL are gone by pick 19 and they decide against drafting a WR or TE. They may end up considering guys like Lawrence or Bradbury or Lindstrom, who we'd be slightly reaching for, but who are perfect scheme/need fits. 



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