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  1. Carraway has been gone for a long time. 5th OLB is Gimel President. And Trawick is a free agent.
  2. We’ll see a big difference for sure. They didn’t sign him to to an 11M APY contract to not see a huge difference. Unless of course you just think Robinson is patently stupid.
  3. Too bad the Vikings are a zone blocking team then I guess!
  4. Man, I spent some time yesterday researching the DL in the draft this year. The only real nose tackle in the whole draft is Dexter Lawrence. The only true zero technique. Even Daylon Mack is more of a gap player or a 1 tech despite his size.
  5. It was a private work out on campus, not a private visit. The private visits haven’t started yet.
  6. Yep, at their pro day. The other pro days haven’t happened yet. They’re definitely interested in Wilkins and Lawrence though.
  7. The pro days haven’t happened yet for Iowa or NC State, or Mississippi St. And it wasn’t reported that they met with Wilkins or Lawrence at the combine or anything either. We’ll get a better idea when visits come to light.
  8. Hockenson, Simmons, Wilkins, Lawrence, or Bradbury.
  9. Hah no idea. Doesn’t have many followers.
  10. They have one but not a good run stopping one. Could draft a guy like Daylon Mack later on or could re-sign Logan or sign one of the othe FAs like McGee. We didn’t sign Bennie Logan last year until April. Or maybe they think this cat Dee Liner who they picked up in Jan has real potential.
  11. Ok guys, Rigteous has declared and guaranteed that we will not draft a TE in the first round. So let it be written (and remembered by all).
  12. This is one of the reasons why Beddingfield got fired. He doesn’t realize we’ll get a comp pick for losing Tannehill and or possibly Mariota next year. And Saffold is a more expensive version of Spain? What a stupid thing to say. Is that kind of like how Aaron Rodgers is a more expensive version of Johnny Manziel? Saffold and Spain are Equal players??? Saffold is an all Pro and Spain can’t find a job. He’s saying this because he was the one who brought in Spain as an UDFA and he’s totally biased. Beddingfield’s opinion is unreliable on any player he brought in or advocated for or against because he’s so biased and has an ego.
  13. Mularkey wants ALL the blocking tight ends!
  14. In Robinson’s interview with Mike Keith, he clearly said they brought Tannehill in to be “the backup.” I think Jamal stated the situation well on Twitter though, Tannehill isn’t coming in being content to be a backup and will push Marcus. And if Marcus gets hurt again, it could be the end of the line.
  15. It’s interesting that he mentions Pamphile first as a RG option. He started two years at LG with the Bucs. It would be literally like having 4 OTs and a center playing on the line haha. No player below 6’5 310 except Jones. But of course I expect them to draft someone to play there (eventual starter) unless it is a pure center like Bradbury.
  16. I think it will be DL/TE/OL in round one and then either OL or DL in round two depending on how everything falls. It was interesting because Robinson was basically talking about Finch as if he was a starter in that Mike Keith interview, which isn’t surprising. Probably bumps the OLB need down a notch. More of a 3rd/4th round need perhaps. And this defense can certainly make something of lower round OLBs as we’ve seen with Baltimore/NE/Houston.
  17. Sorry but breaking a 3 year old’s arm is even more severe than over disciplining (beating) a child, although beating a child is terrible obviously.
  18. I think he'd only miss about half the season. And one thing to consider is that as a DL, missing time isn't quite as big of a deal as far as falling behind. But it's certainly a problem, no doubt. But yeah, it would be a "disappointment" in the short term for sure. And they're trying to win now, so that could be a real factor. Trading back and taking him would lessen the blow though.
  19. Kuharsky: This is not a QB competition Jon Robinson: “I’ve talked to Marcus and told Marcus he is our starting quarterback. Ryan is here to help Marcus, to push Marcus, to compete with Marcus." Hmmmmmmm. I'd say it's Marcus' job to lose, no doubt. But it's certainly a competition to some degree.
  20. It was the Matt Miller report, and it was pretty definitive, so that's why I'm taking it into so much consideration.
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