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  1. Dion Lewis seems like a better power scheme player than zone player when it comes to running. His value imo is in the pass game. I don’t think he and Henry are in the same zip code talent wise as pure runners, but Henry has to find consistency.
  2. Not possible, contract is coming due. It’s trade him now, try to get the comp pick, or retain him.
  3. There are plenty of teams that would pony up for a tackle, that may have missed out in the draft you would think.
  4. The point is that he’s not going to just step in and take all the first team reps after missing half the season and then the entire offseason, as well as the entire prior offseason and training camp and preseason. He’ll have to earn more reps as he works his way back into things.
  5. Buttigieg with a strong showing - virtually tied with Sanders and Warren. Bullock needs a top 5 finish here to survive, but he may not even make the first round of debates. He’s staked his entire strategy on Iowa.
  6. Assuming he’s healthy for training camp, he should be able to work himself back in and re claim the spot.
  7. It may be that he has to end up taking the job back from Kelly if he’s going to get it.
  8. Maybe it was just read option day!
  9. Among who? The Democrats? I wonder how many independents like Warren. She'd also drag down the ticket in red states and almost ensure that we don't gain control of the Senate.
  10. It'll be even worse once she got more exposure to most of America with the whole angry/scary class warrior persona yelling about sticking it to the rich and gun control and government health care and all that, and having no foreign policy experience whatsoever. I did think that hearing her personal story and such was helpful and probably resonated with a lot of people, she should do more of that. But then she'd be "off message." Edit: referring to her town hall last night, which I watched.
  11. Warren is one of the few candidate that could actually lose to Trump.
  12. I think some don't like her because she comes across as an angry class warrior like Sanders that traffics in division.
  13. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/biden-hits-back-at-bernies-bashing-over-high-dollar-fundraisers “The stuff about Biden with the big contributors,” Biden told Fox News. “My lord, this idea of Biden’s the big donor guy, come on. I’ve eschewed any relationship with any PACs.” And touting his grassroots contributions, Biden appeared to reveal for the first time the number of individual donors to his campaign, saying “we’ve had over 300,000 individual contributors. Average contribution of these is under $200.” Asked if he would return fire, Biden told Fox News: “I think the worst thing we could do is get into a match where we’re going after each other in the Democratic Party. So I’m going to try my best not to be negative relative to my opponents.” And he said that “just like I’m not going to go down to Trump’s level when he starts his attacks, I’m not going to go down to anybody else’s level when they start attacks.” But he said he would respond at times to “set the facts straight.” He added, “I’ll respond to assertions. I’m not likely to go and point out what they’re doing, which is sometimes different than what they say.”
  14. This should keep the candidates fairly quiet except Sanders who voted no. I think if asked directly, they will say they don't support the Hyde amendment but they won't be able to go on the offensive on this because they'll get called out for their hypocrisy.
  15. @oldschool @Titans279 I was kind of puzzled by this stance by Biden and have done a little research today - about 35% of the Democratic party is actually anti abortion (on average). I also found this: "This position matches up with a significant portion of Democratic voters, many of whom do not support federally funded abortion. A 2016 poll from Politico and Harvard University asked voters whether they think Medicaid, the federal program that pays for health care for people with low incomes, should cover abortions. Just 36 percent of likely voters said yes; 57 percent of self-identified Clinton voters said yes." https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2019/06/joe-biden-abortion-stance/591112/ I'm personally opposed to the Hyde amendment, but I can understand Biden's position, although he's going to take heavy flack on this from the left flank obviously. I think part of this is actually a political calculation although it may seem adverse in Dem primary politics, I think it may actually be a politically neutral position even in the Dem primary, meaning, I don't think it will hurt him in the long run as much as it would seem. He's basically just maintaining the same stance he's always had on the Hyde Amendment. It's kind of interesting though how Biden is able to stay in the headlines so much lately between attacks from the left and attacks from Trump as well as releasing his education and climate plans. Sucking up a lot of national attention and getting some free press nationally. I don't think that very many Biden supporters will be swayed by this. It may just cement other candidate's supporters against him who weren't voting for Biden anyway. I could see him losing a few percent over it in the immediate aftermath in the polls but I don't think it will be significant.
  16. To be clear, I'm not blaming LaFleur for the issues statistically and otherwise with the offense last year. There was a natural learning curve going to the zone scheme, and obviously he had to deal with Mariota's struggles and the swath of injuries. Just pointing out that there was some friction there and that Smith has some mixed feelings about MLF. I have no doubt LaFleur was great with the x's and o's conceptually and schematically, but Smith may be better when it comes to individual matchups and flexibility and understanding the players' perspective and such. I do think that Smith will have the edge when it comes to intangible factors and preaching physicality over finessee, as this is a very emotionally intelligent group and probably more sensitive to certain factors when it comes to messaging.
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