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  1. He just said he shot gunned 9 beers before every game for McNair. Arm chair doctor winner. Lol.
  2. Was he an alcoholic or unhealthy eater? Could have been pancreatitis. It's a killer if you dont seek medical help.
  3. He can read his first read all the way to a sack.
  4. I would take Fromm number 1 overall. So hopefully we get him since the media is retarded as usually.
  5. I don't think it really matters whether it's Tannehill or Mariota. I think mariota being scared shitless to make a decision and simply throw the damn ball is a major reason for the sacks. If he does have 5 plus seconds he ends up awkwardly scrambling and throwing the ball away.
  6. Delanie has been a very vocal supporter of Mariota. He isn't talking about MM. He's not calling for Tannehill. He probably wants to open up MM more. We are very conservative, trying to win and hide MM similar to our old coach Mularkey. Glad Delanie isn't coach.
  7. And thanks for the reminder mention post. You're the best!