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  1. Should have ran a cover 3 and that would have been a pic. Woodyard played it good for his slow limitations, but it was a bad playcall having him in that situation on 3rd and long.
  2. We cant have woodyard on gordon on 3rd and long. Wtf?
  3. Tajee is smooth as MF'n butter.
  4. He caused the interception too acting like a deer in the headlights.
  5. https://www.barstoolsports.com/chicago/jeff-fisher-announced-his-first-game-yesterday-and-it-sound-like-hes-been-dead-for-weeks?_branch_match_id=565572111967926700
  6. You talk so much during the draft no one would have remembered if you didnt start this thread.
  7. Soon as I saw us with Mariota in the shotgun, I was nervous, Mariota was nervous, and boom,
  8. I think he would be a hell of a back up. How are we defining bust?
  9. It was different with Locker with some of these guys. It was beyond personal. Everyone of them still hates cam newton to this day.
  10. Should I trade tyler eifert for Jonnu?
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