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  1. Titans are a much, much more dangerous team now. A balanced team can hang in games and pull off the comeback even after getting dominated. Time to get on a run and see how much money Tannehill deserves.
  2. Lamar Jackson looks like a RB, seems pretty tough. Also - who wants to give the Ravens defense a reason to retaliate?
  3. How about that terrible fake kick by Andy Reid?
  4. That drive was gifted after Harold Landry's forced fumble, as I recall.
  5. The idiocy on that drive wasn't just the fake FG but also every play called leading up to that point.
  6. One of the befuddling transformations this year has been Vrabel's decline from saavy game manager to meat headed idiot. Simplest answer in my book - LaFleur was a positive influence on the teams decision making. And now that he's gone we're getting a better picture of Vrabel's true abilities.
  7. What's more funny is at first I thought this was @OILERMAN and kept waiting for the part were he drowned the kittens in a bucket.
  8. Lewan always acted like a clown. When he starts playing like a clown it will be toxic.
  9. Better to be silent and thought a fool than vocal and proven one. He's fucked up and knows it. Taylor Lewan extension, Mike Vrabel hire - both on him.
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    Now it seems to be sticking. Cache invalidation is supposed to be easy, right?
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    Spoken to soon 😕 Will keep an eye on it.
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    Thank you for tuning these @TitansGuru. I no longer see the ad.
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    They are somehow quite intrusive. The Titans performance is making TitansReport depressing enough. The ads really make my visits unpleasant.
  14. Mett being a terrible QB is not a reason Mariota with the #2 pick. Mariota being a terrible QB is why you'd punt to the next draft. And after we drafted the great Mariota? #1 pick the next year. Hell with good scouting you could trade for a team and run with Cousins or Foles. Point being... forecast pro performance, then pick accordingly. I've never had faith in Webster's drafting and honestly Mariota looks like more of the same.
  15. Now let's pass the ball! Get those WRs involved!
  16. Titans the worst 4-4 team in the league!
  17. I'm way more comfortable with Tannehill and that's what matters.
  18. No way. Vrabel is way more apt to cut a player if they can't do their job. His benching of Mariota gets a C for waiting 6 games but still it happened. One good thing about Vrabel is he makes the decision. It's not always the right decision, but it gets made. MLF would have limped around much longer.
  19. The difference between Dick Lebeau and Dean Pees is greater than the difference between Mularkey, LaFleur, and Vrabel. I wish we still had LaFleur as coordinator.
  20. It seems pretty clear that the team is not using analytics on gameday.
  21. It definitely felt like Vrabel was chasing that drive. Derrick Henry stuffed Derrick Henry stuffed Completed pass short of the sticks Burn time out trying to draw DL off-sides Fake punt stuffed, should have been a TD for Tampa The whole affair was game losing.