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  1. #NeverForget those who enabled Trump's worst behavior
  2. Now this is the case but as of a week ago plenty of Republicans were going along with his sham protests.
  3. patsplat

    Virus in US

    There's a lot more to it besides "put it in a big jet"
  4. patsplat

    Virus in US

    Here's a look at what a vaccine distribution plan might look like: https://www.americanprogress.org/issues/healthcare/reports/2020/07/28/488196/comprehensive-covid-19-vaccine-plan/
  5. patsplat

    Virus in US

    Here's an interesting article I found about "colder chain" logistics for these vaccines: https://blogs.sciencemag.org/pipeline/archives/2020/08/31/cold-chain-and-colder-chain-distribution
  6. patsplat

    Virus in US

    My main thinking is, the military has planes like these: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lockheed_C-5_Galaxy In order to fly tanks and heavy equipment. There's not going to be all that much in the way of refrigeration on a cargo plane designed for hauling heavy equipment designed to operate in environments from Alaska to Saudi Arabia. To transport a vaccine, the cargo is millions of tiny glass vials, sensitive to shock and temperature. In pretty much every way it's completely different cargo, going to completely different routes. This is why I think army style logistics is a poor fit. This is trucking problem. When the army needs these kinds of supplies, they simply call in Walmart or Amazon or whoever else in the private sector has the expertise and the capacity to manage it. Why not start there?
  7. patsplat

    Virus in US

    sooooo hypothetically, how would you manage shipping the vaccine?
  8. patsplat

    Virus in US

    I'm not thinking about home delivery, I'm thinking about expedited delivery to say every hospital, urgent care, pharmacy, and clinic. That makes it "easier" but it's still a serious task.
  9. patsplat

    Virus in US

    The key question is distributing 229 million doses. Most vaccinations take place while people are kids, not all at once. At that scale it's about more than just procuring and driving special trucks. Other issues include managing warehouses, tracking, monitoring that the temperature limits aren't exceeded, training, etc. There's a lot to it.
  10. patsplat

    Virus in US

    Nobody has that equipment in bulk, everyone will need to adjust. And if I needed someone to manage it, I wouldn't pick the folks who's go-to strategy is to slap "wide temperature range" as a requirement on every piece of equipment. They are not going to be the ones to ensure transport within a narrow and delicate tolerance.
  11. patsplat

    Virus in US

    For refrigerated shipping, talk to Walmart or one of the other grocery specialists. Point is -- it's not going to be the "Army General"
  12. patsplat

    Virus in US

    In all serious though, if you wanted to efficiently distribute any number of packages all across the united states, the appropriate federal agency is the USPS. It's obvious.
  13. It's as if the parents returned home after their anniversary and the schnapps drunk teenagers are grounded for the next four years.
  14. They will believe it. Just like how eventually, they'll believe that COVID is real.
  15. patsplat

    Virus in US

    Let;s talk about distributing a vaccine. The plan was to have the Army handle the logistics. Sounds good right? Think again. There's ~2.2 million active military personal. There are 328 million Americans. So while yes, the military knows how to handle logistics, it doesn't handle logistics on the scale of the entire country. There is only one federal agency with a mission to deliver to every household in America - the United States Postal Service. USPS should be central to vaccine distribution plans. The military has a place when operating in environments with no services, but it's ridiculous to expect them to manage a delivery service.
  16. @LongTimeFan I'm posting this now, this weekend, because it's clear that none of these legal challenges comes close to changing the outcome of the election. There is no substance to these nuisance lawsuits. The stated goal is to delay certification, and then to appeal to state legislatures to overturn the results. It's an attempt to overturn a democratic election, otherwise known as a coup. We can have our angry arguments in some other time. Right now it's time for Republicans like yourself to say -- this raving absurdity needs to stop.
  17. This is an attempted coup. Trump lost the election. Now he's asking that the states overturn the results.
  18. These court changes are an attempt to pressure the legislature to overrule the results of the election. It's time for sensible Republicans -- @AvgJoe @El Guapo etc -- to side with Republicans like Mitt Romney. This country can't afford an incompetent autocrat. Especially not while COVID is back to exponential growth.
  19. Biden is the President-Elect. The court challenges are in bad faith. Delaying the transition weakens America. It's time to for Republicans to accept Biden, even if Trump never does.
  20. My wife took a training to be an election count observer in PA. The law there was that you could attend and observe... and that it was also illegal to obstruct the count.

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