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  1. Trust me, it's not the flu. Though yes, I get the frustration.
  2. @Denali yes this is BS and much of what I've been complaining about for the US covid response. The CDC is unprepared to perform enough tests. Tests are rationed. And since the only people getting tested are the ones circling the drain, it's very difficult to get accurate data. Until NY got approval for their own labs and tests, this was the BS. It's actually why I started the Virus in the US thread in the first place. Now with the right infrastructure, it's easy to get a test. I went to an urgent care, no questions asked.
  3. Or maybe it should be defunded, because it is a permanently corrupted city agency and our property taxes are better spent elsewhere.
  4. @Justafan I looked up Fort Hood news and JFC you have a lot to deal with. It is really sad, it was tough just reading one story let alone keeping up with all of it.
  5. patsplat

    Virus in US

    It is weird how these posters feel like someone has got to fill the void, or else the libtards are gonna win.
  6. These aren't isolated incidents. The first commission to investigate abuses of the NYPD was in 1894. It's continuous. And no, the existence of gang violence does not justify or excuse state sponsored gang violence.
  7. patsplat

    Virus in US

    Not in NYC. A very dense city with many protests. Where mask wearing is mandatory in public.
  8. This leaves you in the category of "dry kindling" aka "fresh meat" I myself was disappointed by my negative swab and negative anti-body result.
  9. I'm just gonna leave this image here. Gonna be a bumpy ride.
  10. This at the time of Alta Vista and Yahoo. The search engines had forms where you could submit urls. The kid didn't bother me. It was illustrative of the boss's desire to get free labor anywhere he could, whether it was from his family or during an interview.
  11. Titans are better. We've mostly replaced injured and old players with young talent.
  12. Funny how preseason games don't matter now. It's almost like they never did.

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