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  1. Apparently sober, does tidying but not cleaning, watches old people tv, doesn't have a job. Next step is rent.
  2. A lot of those teams have winning records because they beat the Titans
  3. @IrishTitansFan please note that @Jonboy is being polite. It's quite simple: Julio Jones is a great player but was a bad pick.
  4. You know what I miss about Jeff Fisher? Owning the AFC South. One great thing about Fisher was he played to win the division, no matter what. He'd do crazy shit if necessary - like kicking 3 onside kicks in the first quarter. Titans have been pathetic in the division since he left.
  5. If the Titans can get healthy they are a dangerous team. The full strength defense is fantastic.
  6. The NFL created this BS publicity stunt. It's just entrapment for Kaep.
  7. Aside from a rundown on the NFL's BS of which there is plenty, the concluding ire was on point. ESPN blowhard and Great Value Jason Whitlock, Stephen A. Smith, who explained that Kaepernick worked every day and spent his own money to show off his skills because Kaepernick wanted to be “a martyr,” remains a fucking joke. Some people will undoubtedly take issue with the implication that Kaepernick was, or is, a slave. But that’s not how analogies work. For instance, if I called Stephen A. Smith the Michael Jordan of sellouts, that does not mean that I think Shuck and Jive Hall-of-Famer Stephen Asswipe Smith (I’m pretty sure that’s his real name—or at least his rap handle) is a great basketball player. But if I did compare the NFL to a plantation, then Jay-Z would probably insist that working for Massa is better than freedom.
  8. Good God have I got some unbelievable investment options for you.
  9. The Patriots destroy everyone in their division. It's not an accident. Do you wanna coach a team knowing that twice a year the best coach in football will hold a clinic on how to defeat your team?
  10. Who should HOU add to help Deshaun Watson? OL to protect him? DL to stuff Lamar Jackson? Or, as you would have it, another WR to watch him get sacked?
  11. DeAndre Hopkins is one of the best WRs in the league. He's worthless against the Ravens right now.
  12. A bunch of Matt Millen's in here salivating over WRs
  13. Opps, I got this totally wrong. Trading 4th rounders and backup QBs for WRs total justifies the Titans using the #5 pick for Corey Davis. There may have been better defenders but there's no way you find a #1 WR like JuJu Smith Schuster later in the draft. You gotta just make that pick high to get a productive passing game, all there is to it.
  14. And seriously, a 4th round pick for one of the best WRs of all time (Randy Moss) is hardly an example of "valuing receivers more than I'm letting on"