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  1. Likely Dubya's greatest achievement
  2. FBI Republicans conspiring to enforce the law 🙄
  3. You really love that fact, have seen it mentioned several times
  4. Dude is guilty of everything including treason.
  5. When theoretical precision is represented in understandable day to day units, the basic equality is clear and easier to understand.
  6. The algebra argument is dumb and wrong. The precision argument is more meaningful. Does $999,999.99 equal $1 million? No, but it’s often close enough.
  7. He came off very awkward in that Senatorial rules show down a while back. He doesn't have that "reclaiming my time" magic. He may be better with rehearsed speeches.
  8. Booker's ambitions are not matched by articulation. Dude can't make his point.
  9. > The wall is not a wall between Mexico and the US, it is a wall between reality and Trump's supporters. He doesn't want his constituents to know what he is doing to Medicare.... Nancy Pelosi is on point.
  10. it's an interesting angle -- instead of raising taxes, simply fund the audit department of the IRS
  11. Nearly completed... halfway there... btw have you completed the Conflict of Interest disclosure forms Mr. Whitaker... just a formality don't worry.
  12. From a purely rhetorical position, this post is utterly devoid of any semblance of argument. Here's the facts. OPINION. AD HOMENIM ATTACK. FEAR. These obvious fallacies are unconvincing and insulting to the reader.
  13. Conservatives stand for blind obedience to the fat man in charge, likely due to their own failures and inadequacies.
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