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  1. patsplat


    I concede my comments are on par with 'doesn't throw from the core' Though my concern is not really about the throw but more so about the nervous and wasteful movement.
  2. patsplat


    Luckily there will be plenty of camera angles from the Pittsburgh game to dissect!
  3. patsplat


    I dunno, how do you think Mariota has performed? What do you see when he plays?
  4. patsplat


    Watch the plays Marino made in short yardage situations from that same video. He doesn't go back three steps and hop right in front of the line, he keeps his feet moving with short steps. Yes there's something on that first drop back, but he also went back quick and fast and was basically fine. Many of the other drop backs he goes back, stands, and makes the throw. The "bad QB hop" is just sitting in one spot. I have no idea whether the hop causes the bad play, or it's symptomatic of underlying indecision. One thing is for sure -- looking like Vince Young is not the path to being a quality NFL starter.
  5. If the Green New Deal passed it would pump tons of money into the economy to produce goods and services valued all over the world. Or, you know, we could just randomly raise taxes and give away money to see what happens.
  6. I feel like you can also get it... if you've never gotten DirecTV. Current customers - no discounts!
  7. Somehow I'm able to pay for nfl sunday ticket streaming from directv, without buying the full cable. I don't get how that works. But I do need a local streaming service to get primetime games i.e. youtube tv or fubo. And I do need Gamepass to watch game replays. So even legally, and with a discounted directv, it's pretty annoying.
  8. Wait is Soxcat arguing that carbon dating and the speed of light and dna sequencing and all other sorts of scientific evidence that conflict with the timeline set out in the Bible - that all of these were created by the anti-christ? And God created all these things and the anti-christ to test our faith in Him? And when we fail that test we will suffer torment for eternity? What an insecure sadistic prick! Fuck that asshole. I'm gonna go enjoy some sex, drugs, and rock-'n'-roll. Rubbalubbadingdong! Pickle Riiiiiiiiick!
  9. What could possibly be cruel about tying a rope around a bull's nuts?
  10. patsplat


    On the short passes Marino is taking quick steps, back rather than hopping in place. I get that this is "Mariota doesn't throw with his core" redux, and understand the skepticism. Remember the VY video throwing passes trying to get back in the league? And he was hopping instead of stepping? Where the hopping was a trait his coaches had called out? Those Vince Young mechanics are what I see on some of Mariota's bad plays. It's not a good look.
  11. patsplat


    My "agenda" is that the three and out is a bigger stink than the deep conversion with no YAC.
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