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  1. Better late than never. Onward and upward. Excelsior!
  2. If Tannehill had started week 1, we'd be doing fine however the MM crybabies would be pouncing all over every loss. Even at 5-2 they'd be sitting around waiting for their turn. As it is there's a clear exit.
  3. More impressive than the numbers is the range and diversity of completions.
  4. couldn't he like... wear a headset?
  5. The Titans with Tannehill and Simmons are a better team than the one that started 2-4.
  6. That's seriously the weirdest nature video I've ever seen. Including everything posted in this thread that's saying something.
  7. Arthur Smith can only call the screen or the bootleg, he can't actually throw the passes.
  8. Down two starting coverage players - Jackson and brown - it was a long day against Rivers.
  9. These 5 yard runs from Henry last few games have been impressive.