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  1. I think it's okay to accept that at some point one has to make a leap of faith. I think one also should be open to new science and new ideas. God isn't done with teaching us.
  2. I think intentionally penalties can become a 15 yard unsportsmanlike conduct
  3. Kyle wasn't the only one sick of watching the Titans with Mariota.
  4. Titans are built to punish the blitz, but they need to be careful.
  5. If Houston is a fire sale, can we get Tunsil?
  6. Rich Gannon called it a penalty on Houston. Let's stick with the facts lol.
  7. I heard that Hunter Biden was a better quarterback than Josh Allen. Care to comment?
  8. I have a screenshots of LTF's bank account showing he's lost at least $10 million miss managing his properties. No one will publish it though.
  9. I've got Derrick Henry in front of Eddie George and Chris Johnson. I love both of those players but he's like a combination of the two of them rolled together.
  10. This story is complete and total bullshit.
  11. I was coming here to talk about this article. Basically Giuliani couldn't get anyone to publish this bullshit hard drive story. So they went to the Post. Then at the Post none of the editors would attach their byline to the story. So they grab the byline from a Fox News reporter. She didn't know anything about the story until after it had published. The story is garbage. Nobody with any shred of integrity or dignity wants anything to do with it.
  12. That audible to a run on the 94 yard td was incredible.

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