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  1. patsplat

    Virus in US

    Also we haven't seen things through. NY is going to have high numbers but per capita expect the knuckleheaded southern states to really take it hard.
  2. patsplat

    Virus in US

    Yeah I'm not all that optimistic.
  3. patsplat

    Virus in US

    What's going to look bad is when he's dumping on NY while the rest of the country peaks.
  4. patsplat

    Virus in US

    Another example of Trump's egoism killing Americans. Fuck this traitor.
  5. patsplat

    Virus in US

    Over 200 people died yesterday in NY. Hospitalizations and ICU admissions tweaked downwards. One can hope that state wide staying at home is showing its effect. Have to wait till tomorrow to see if it becomes a trend before really getting my hopes up.
  6. patsplat

    Virus in US

    I guarantee that $1200 number being as low as it is has nothing to do with the arts.
  7. patsplat

    Virus in US

    Vitamin C tastes nice
  8. Because you are an useless pile of excrement who never once is part of the solution and is always marching to deflect accountability by finding some one else to blame. The only time you've come close to demanding accountability is when the consequences of your reckless support is laid spelled out with clear personal consequences. Hence, I hope your 401k tanks, your family is grabbed by ICE, and you catch a severe case of COVID. Not because I wish any true harm on yourself or your family. But because that's the only way you will ever outgrow your reckless indifference. And please, do not spend a cent on that "60% yield" and stick it in a Vanguard fund instead.
  9. Most of that looked alright. There should be more payments. And more ventilators.
  10. My 7 year old is doing gymnastics at home via Zoom. It's a bit amazing, but I fear for my TV with the floor shaking.
  11. Yeah all those headlines of "Best performance since 1933" failed to instill any level of confidence. Especially given the specter of a world war following a global economic crisis.
  12. For the record I'm not getting a handout
  13. Anything claiming "a yield of 60%" is BS, plain and simple
  14. Are you seriously going to just give that money away to a swindler?

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