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  1. New England is funny. Ehhhhh let's see how this goes without Tom.
  2. It only takes one idiot to knock out a team. How many idiots are in the NFL?
  3. @tgo but how do you really feel? jk, I'm with you 🙂 What a weird season this is. Beasley won't show up, Clowney won't sign anywhere, and our 1st round pick is sick.
  4. patsplat

    Biden VP Thread

    3k Americans died in 9/11. That lead to the Patriot Act, the Department of Homeland Security, and with wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The followup for 156k Americans dying needs to be proportional. It's not good enough to nail Trump for lying on his taxes. The entire depth of his depravity needs to be told. In public. This is not how criminal prosecutions work. There needs to be a Truth Commission. America, right now, is a banana republic. I want to see the receipts. Did Trump really cancel plans for a nationwide test and tracing program because COVID-19 was only affecting blue states? Is Trump cooking the books on the COVID-19 case rate in red states? Who are all these paramilitary federal agents? Has Blackwater been contracted to attack protesters? Did Trump re-write the CDC guidelines for school re-openings? Everyone needs to see -- in detail -- how these shallow and deadly decisions were made. Accountability is not a making a mockery of the Justice system. Exposing the facts creates "pressure" on people making those decisions. That's good. We need more of that. And yes, I think that Kamala Harris with her experience would know the difference between evidence that needs to be kept secret to protect an ongoing investigation, and evidence that needs to be exposed in the public interest.
  5. patsplat

    Biden VP Thread

    When every line has been crossed it's no longer time to be tolerant. When the right is bringing real guns to the state house -- Democrats need to start bringing guns to these political knife fights. Quit being so nervous about "applying pressure".
  6. patsplat

    Biden VP Thread

    Now, I'm glad @tgo, @Titans279, @IsntLifeFunny, and @chef can all agree that we shouldn't go after the Trumps with worn out broom sticks in the back of police station. Not the first time I've been a unifier here on TitansReport, won't be the last.
  7. patsplat

    Biden VP Thread

    Someone in the new administration needs to cooperate with prosecutors. While others do the important work of public health and reopening the economy. Kamala Harris is perfect for that role.
  8. patsplat

    Biden VP Thread

    Politely, this isn't a normal crisis. The number of dead Americans is equivalent to Hiroshima nuclear attack (90-166k dead). It's in the range of the Darfur genocide (80-500k dead). Less politely my reaction is... Fuck decorum. I want the people responsible fleeing the country and hiding in a country estate running to the basement when they hear an aircraft overhead. Fuck every last one of them.
  9. patsplat

    Biden VP Thread

    The scale of the current administrations depravity deserves answers. 156k dead Americans, with another 1k dropping every day. The cleanup needs to go far beyond what is prosecutable. Truth needs to be told.
  10. patsplat

    Biden VP Thread

    Her best moments on the campaign trail were Law & Order. When the authorities are about as corrupt, biased, and incompetent as one can possibly be imagine, there is no Law & Order. This country could use more of that.
  11. patsplat

    Biden VP Thread

    The one thing I love about Kamala Harris is I can't think of anyone better to coordinate the many necessary investigations. Following the most corrupt administration in history, it will be helpful to have a prosecutor to call out the bullshit.
  12. patsplat

    Data Companies.

    It's just to right on. I work in tech. I'm part of the problem. These companies are horrible.
  13. patsplat

    Biden VP Thread

    If Bass is the pic @El Guapo is voting Trump for sure!

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