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  1. Dude the first half of the post are the incidents from Rolltide's Tucker Carlson video! I researched the background of each and every few seconds of video. Add more facts if you want but quit whining from the Lazy-Boy.
  2. patsplat

    Virus in US

    Says the redneck who divorced his wife and child
  3. If you are rioting you ain't Black. But seriously, since you need it I added it. It's time to admit race exists in this country. And that White violence is a problem.
  4. I looked into that Tucker Carlson video The white Columbia SC restaurant boss getting jumped by the Black crowd is fucked up. The white Rochester woman getting jumped the Black dudes fucked up. The white dude in Dallas confronted a mob with a machete and got jumped. Moral of this story? Don't start a fight with a crowd. The San Jose car attacks by Black kids is fucked up. Note also, in San Jose a car backed over two protestors. 💩 all around All those white dudes attacking another white dude with an American flag in Portland is fucked up. Chicago looting by Black kids is fucked up but I don't give two shits about Nike's losses. It's theft and its wrong, but it's simply not the same class of issue as the violence against people. Including the incidents above. Portland looting by White kids is fucked up but I don't give two shits about Apple's losses. Plus those idiots will all get caught when apple registers those devices as stolen. Couldn't find any info on the fire in DC with a panda bear White Fox News reporters getting attacked is fucked up, but it's telling you haven't given a damn about the many reporters gassed or shot by the police over the last couple days Left out are some other things we've seen: Black protestors begging white dudes to stop breaking glass Black protestors forming a human chain to prevent white dudes from breaking into a target Black protestors taking a white dudes skate board away after he starts breaking windows Black protestors grabbing a white dude smashing pavers into rocks and throwing him over to the police Black protestors handing a brick right back to a white dude in a car and telling him off White cops knocking over an white old man in the street Cops shooting and blinding a white photographer in the eye Cops shooting a white reporter on TV in Seattle White cops grabbing and macing a Black dude talking smack from behind the line in Kansas City White cops grabbing a Black couple out of their car in Atlanta cops driving a car into white protestors in New York cops dooring white protestors in New York cops smashing the windows of car as they walk by cops tear gassing a crowd and priests for the presidents photo opportunity a white nationalist setting fire to a courthouse in nashville There's plenty of 💩 to go around but too much of this just gets swallowed with no comment.
  5. Come on man, he defunded the CDC saying he could scale up if needed, then ignored the CDC when he needed to listen. This is the Trump economy -- 20-30% unemployment at the first real crisis. You need to demand more from your party.
  6. First off, over the last few years the GOP policies of free tax cuts for the wealthy and "please die for the economy" leave Republicans in no position to claim the moral high ground. And second of all, what is your problem with healthcare, infrastructure, a booming economy? Quit being such a sucker and vote in your self-interest, or else capitalism will fail.
  7. I'd prefer for voters to have a real choice so @Justafan can go back to being a conservative Republican and constructive policy conversations can be had. The GOP right now has absolutely no governing policy other than cutting taxes for the rich and the violent rejection of the Other.
  8. Yes this was posted. Along with the evidence that an ANTIFA "organization" led back to white nationalists. Given that the lie is exposed I expect this to quickly get buried.
  9. New York seems quieter after last night. Hope it holds up tonight.
  10. This is the second national crisis that Donald Trump has been utterly incapable of even attempting to manage.
  11. patsplat

    Virus in US

    If I may politely intervene, note there are 2 protest threads. This is the covid thread. It hopefully will become less relevant though I doubt it.
  12. There's definitely been lots of social media posts that were wrong these last few days. And lots that were legit. I think it's important to acknowledge that many of those suspicious piles of bricks may have just been for construction, without forgetting that there also were white dudes passing out bricks that no one wanted.
  13. patsplat

    Virus in US

    I expect a covid uptick in NYC following the protests. However, most protestors were wearing masks. Curious to see how the NYC protests compare to the uptick following the Wisconsin protests.
  14. For what it's worth, I agree that Rochester video of the dudes beating a woman with a 2x4 was disgusting. But I think you need to look for more evidence that just the one video Fox News boosted. Don't ignore the videos of "peaceful protesters" begging the rioters to stop, or the "peaceful protestors" throwing the thugs to the cops, or the "peaceful protestors" blocking storefronts from rioters, or "peaceful protestors" cleaning up the mess after the rioters. There's been plenty of examples of what you want to see. It's all quite easy to find. Listen to Black people.

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