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  1. I meant Lamar Jackson ugh too much time in Politics for me
  2. What gets me is the combination of his accuracy, and his speed on the occasional sneak. He doesn't run all that often, but when he does it's deadly. His running is much closer to Lamar Alexander Jackson than Tom Brady, and his passes are on the money as well.
  3. They gave away a bunch of XLM a while back to every user which is now worth ~$380
  4. And then they kept posting for nearly another year
  5. The Patriots had a lot of players sit this year out. I think they have more talent than the results this season would indicate.
  6. If any of y'all have a keybase account, it might be a good idea to check for XLM in that wallet.
  7. patsplat

    Virus in US

    If I were speculating, I'd expect the cause to be a combination of under production from miss-management, falsely inflated distribution numbers, along with inventory shrinkage from loss, spoilage and theft. That last administration was a pack of incompetent liars and cheats, who'd expect anything else? No one has an explanation: https://www.politico.com/news/2021/01/21/biden-covid-vaccine-plan-461237 Just about half of the nearly 38 million Covid-19 shots distributed by the federal government have been administered to date, according to Centers for Disease Con
  8. patsplat

    Virus in US

    Did you know we've basically run out of vaccine at this point?
  9. patsplat

    Virus in US

    This is off topic but Andrew Yang has been coming off as out of touch in his mayoral campaign. He's gotten on my nerves, as you can probably tell.
  10. patsplat

    Virus in US

    Who do you trust to maintain the whole chain door to door? https://www.baldorfood.com/about-baldor Vs https://mistersoftee.com/about-us/ Note how Baldor actually operates a warehouse and delivery fleet, while Mr Softee is a franchise where individual franchisees handle operations.
  11. patsplat

    Virus in US

    All inventory experiences shrinkage. Shrinkage covers all the losses between point A and point B. Loss, theft, spoilage - it's all shrinkage. I doubt Mr Softee rates highly on any of those marks.
  12. patsplat

    Virus in US

    Sloppy thinking is how you end up with enormous amounts of inventory shrinkage because vaccines get spoiled in transit.
  13. patsplat

    Virus in US

    You just are missing the point of how often you get a soggy f****** popsicle
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