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  1. Had a couple interactions while wearing a Derrick Henry jersey this morning. Got pop-tarts on the subway platform. Vendor asked me if he thought I would win. I said I was reasonably confident. Asked him who he was cheering for. He said his team was out, I asked who and he said the Patriots and that he was pulling for the Chiefs lol. On my way home, a passer-by volunteered that he had $50 on the Titans. Told him he was making money today.
  2. This is why @kyle021 is a 49ers fan at least till the off-season.
  3. Was thinking that Titans should mix it up. Mostly kick touchbacks, then try to force a fumble on a return.
  4. When Chiefs fans point to that 2nd quarter, the argument is basically that the Titans are going to have a failed 4th down conversation and a muffed punt. Titans don't typically make those kinds of mistakes. It's strange to see the line in favor of the Chiefs when their advantage is mostly intangibles. Meanwhile the Titans case is much simpler... if they need to they can score as fast as the Chiefs, but they can also control the game once up. If this was a regular season game the line would be tighter.
  5. The better KC posters are on Reddit. The KC message board game is weak. Maybe there's not a lot Gen X KC fans.
  6. You can't keep hating the front office at this point. It's been 18 years since Titans made the AFC Championship game.
  7. You seem nice but the rationale isn't convincing.
  8. Thanks for clarifying that the Patriots won their division with a mediocre defense and a terrible offense. Baltimore also was just a pretender. 🙄
  9. @dcblanton these are the two best offenses in the NFL. There's many factors in favor of the Titans, but Mahomes has the bearing of a champion. A great QB can overcome a lot. The best case for the Chiefs is to floor the offense and never let off. A close game favors the Titans. Good luck tomorrow, and keep stopping by. If not for smack talk then we'll all be in off-season mode in a few weeks anyways.
  10. @Jamalisms @OILERMAN @Jonboy do one for old times sake?

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