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  1. Yeah the skill is there, it just doesn't seem really possible to do it without messing something else up
  2. pat

    Virus in US

    It's gonna be like India with Modi. Politics tells everyone on the rural areas that everything is fine, then the rural areas get decimated. I'm not giving out free medical advice, just shaking my head. Some people have to clean up the mess and break the news. Health care in the South is not an easy job right now.
  3. pat

    Virus in US

    It's out of control in the South. Everyone really wants to see this first hand, what a mess.
  4. Not to mention, there's a Christian traditional of respecting secular government ie Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's
  5. @Little Earl a fair criticism of my post is the slide from religious freedom to free speech. It still seems to much of a loophole. Would it be fair for the florist to deny service to women, citing the same religious beliefs? The florist is not a church. We'll see what the courts do.
  6. To be fair this is exactly how I feel about VTI as well.
  7. According to the Federal Civil Rights Act of 1964, no business serving the public can discriminate because of a customer's national origin, sex, religion, color, or race. The florist could argue that under federal law they still have the right to refuse service based on sexual orientation. However there are still state and local laws which may specifically prohibit that action. The florist could argue as you do that doing business is a form of speech. This seems a convoluted position. I'm not a lawyer but it seems weak ground that has been tried before. I
  8. Discrimination based on sex or religion is illegal. The florist can’t refuse to sell to Christians. The florist can’t refuse to sell to gay people. It’s the law, and that law is enforced through civil courts.
  9. If Bongo was unvaccinated why wouldn’t he say so? I think he’s another one of those con artists, who will post all kinds of quackery but when it comes to their personal health they stick to the script.
  10. pat

    Virus in US

    I tell them the same thing I'd tell you, which is: Many people tell you not get vaccinated are both a.) vaccinated and b.) profiting off sharing that opinion. Thus listen to your doctor I got vaccinated and it wasn't a big deal I didn't want to live life facing a 1-2% chance of dying on a ventilator in the next year. It's been so nice to stop worrying about masks
  11. pat

    GOP thread

    I shared that incident just for you. Haven't seen anyone around the house since.
  12. pat

    Virus in US

    I'll take that as a yes
  13. pat

    Virus in US

    Does he complain about having wear a mask, get into fights with retail workers, and reluctantly put one on just so his friends don't realize he's immune?
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