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  1. Please don't bring up Josh Allen if you'd like to be taken seriously
  2. Something is definitely going wrong in the playoffs: Source: https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/T/TannRy00.htm
  3. Tannehill's performance is consistently elite whether or not there is game time pressure. There's no need reach for a silly stat like game winning drives, where the defense was just good enough to barely hold on and give him the ball for one last shot.
  4. Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston are tied with Josh Allen for #16 on the list of active players with game winning drives, someone give these kids a break! https://www.pro-football-reference.com/leaders/gwd_active.htm I agree Tannehill is an elite QB, but game winning drives is a wierd statistic with many confounding factors. It is probably more predictive of TV ratings than QB skill.
  5. This supposed QB metric is mostly a defensive statistic, or at least a combined team stat.
  6. If you get into the reasons behind the answers, the pro-Tannehill posters make more sense.
  7. The INT from a receiver failing to screen out the defender on a contested catch is the negative. 🤷‍♂️
  8. Dude how old are you? Who still makes beef stroganoff with the Victoria Secret catalog?
  9. I carry a mask around, wear it into a store, and take it off based on the vibe inside. Sometimes everyone inside still is masked up so I wear it out of respect. Sometimes no one is masked up and again I take it off out of respect. If the mask interferes with business i.e. my communication is muffled etc I take it off. In New York City mask usage is relaxing, but is still way more prevalent than upstate in Trump country.
  10. It's ridiculous to fault Ryan Tannehill for playing in a play action offense. Was John Elway an elite passer? How about Troy Aikman?
  11. Sure, conveniently leave out the details that he was walking across Todd Heap's driveway. We see you and know your agenda.
  12. Win a few championships and it will be classic
  13. While we're talking about early Derrick Henry, I don't miss teams charging the backfield to either get the TFL, sack, or some other bone headed Mariota play.
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