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  1. https://politicalwire.com/2020/05/21/model-predicts-trump-will-lose-in-a-landslide/
  2. https://politicalwire.com/2020/05/11/quote-of-the-day-2560/
  3. Trump wants to do what he always wants to do. Say the reality that he wants enough so that others start to believe it. It will work with his core supporters. I 'think' most of the country is past listening to him but who knows.
  4. http://covid19.healthdata.org/united-states-of-america
  5. This is true. It isn't as simple as "stay at home." Have we flattened it enough for long enough? No clue. Cases are still rising. I think we look at the US as a single country but in terms of this spread, we're fifty. We're going to see hotspotting and we're going to see a second wave. I don't think life will go back to normal for quite awhile. The problem is we need to keep flattening the curve until our health system is ready to handle the higher volume. Because that higher volume will occur. We need enough tests to isolate cases and we need enough medical supplies, equipment, personnel, and space to handle the influx. Until the health system has those things- we can't pat ourselves on the back that we flattened the curve for a month or so. Its a dam that will still flood the system. We've just minimized the force of the flood for a couple of months. Now we are getting real economic pressures to release the control measures that have held back the flood. Likely- because we haven't had time to reinforce the dam- the flood's still going to break through. But maybe not. We'll see.
  6. https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/tiny-airborne-particles-may-carry-the-new-coronavirus Opening up is about three things. 1) Economic impact vs health impact and 2) have they flattened the curve enough for the health system to be able to manage the high number of sick, 3) are we testing enough so that we can isolate the infected and keep them away from health and vulnerable populations.
  7. This isn't true. The virus attaches itself to aerosol in the air. It lingers in the air. Air conditioning and more open spaces are less risky as closed in spaces but it's still spread via the air. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7094991/
  8. It's like Darwin is rising from his grave and pointing his finger at people. I saw an article where a trump supporter was wondering why barbers were not named as essential. Protesting in large groups, leader telling them to poison themselves, now people wanting to close down only big cities and let rural areas do whatever they want...
  9. This plan is a covert and cold hearted attempt to lower the number of Trump supporters, right?
  10. You know the Dems won 8 years with a black president, right? We haven't broken the gender thing yet..but we will.
  11. It doesn't matter for Trump. His voters are his voters. The only hope he has is push down the moderate turnout. Then its straight dem vs GOP - and facts won't matter. So there is no scenario where Trump can win where the facts and truth matter. Dems will vote dems. GOP will vote GOP. In that scenario- Dems win. If Dems can get moderates or fleeing GOP- so much the better. It will be a landslide. Only way I can see Trump winning is if 1) he finds a way to cheat 2) the economic rebounds like no one expects and ppl credit him with it or 3) dem turn out drops like in 2016 for some reason. In none of those will the facts about the candidates matter. If the facts matter- Trump loses. If they don't matter- he still needs some things to bounce his way in ways that I think are unlikely.
  12. There is no path for Trump if truths and facts matter at all.
  13. https://politicalwire.com/2020/05/03/the-internal-poll-that-shocked-trump-world/
  14. These kooks are literally the people voting for Trump.
  15. None of it matters. Trump has how many women accusing him? People were believing that Clinton ran a pedophile ring out of a pizza shop. People still believe Obama wasn't a citizen. You need to stop thinking any form of truth around these things matter.
  16. You've learned nothing over the last few years. You still seem to think truth and facts matter. More will come. Nothing was actually resolved. It was only "resolved" if truth and facts matter.
  17. So you can relax a bit. Facts won't keep people from repeatedly touting this. It won't keep the facebook bots from posting it again and again. It won't keep a section of people from believing it. But I am glad it makes you feel better. Now get ready for the next wave of "harmful" "potentially disqualifying" attacks.
  18. He has the same dilemma. When does responding to it make it bigger and when can/should wait it through and let it pass? I don't think these are easy questions for anyone.
  19. I also think journalists struggle now on when what they do is reporting on the news and when it makes the news. When does giving something a lot of attention spins it into bigger controversy and when should they put a spotlight on it to find and report truth? In this case, I think you can see the issue mostly staying out of the public consciousness because they aren't reporting on it. You just don't see much on this.
  20. Some ppl actually think if we just choose the perfect candidate then the GOP won’t have anything to attack. It’s crazy
  21. It's Trump vs Not Trump. This stuff is pretty meaningless.
  22. I absolutely will. I am not worrying or paying attention to any attacks from here through the election. Its all noise.
  23. Not really. The attacks, slander, outrageous conspiracy theories, and reasonable accusations are all going to flood the news at some point - no matter the candidate. Trump and his campaign have to do that enough to make Biden as unlikable as Trump. That seems highly unlikely. Clinton was a unique case where GOP had been doing that for decades. At this point, the die hard GOP will pick it up but other than that its just noise.

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