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  1. That sounds too high. Where are you getting 40%?
  2. I also don’t think this is a typical president. I don’t think anyone would want him leading a war
  3. It’s a big change but it’s not either liberal or conservative in ideology... or maybe just outside of the usual areas overall he’s pretty moderate so much so that many more liberal minded people I know are not a fan
  4. Buttigieg is pretty moderate - it’s just his background that isn’t (and most of that is)
  5. He most definitely is because he doesn't like him that much. I think Biden appeals to both people tired of the culture wars, political strife, and etc. I think most people are seeing good economic times and just don't want anyone to screw that up. The left hates trump so much that they're happy with that too. I am hoping and I think we're seeing a storm brewing against Trump. If he could be anything other than himself and not create waves- he'd probably coast to re-election. But that is not who he is. I am hoping he gets buried by historical proportions.
  6. No- his appeal is that he's "normal." Most of the left are seriously motivated to oust Trump. Then you have a lot of the baby boomers who are not comfortable with voting women, minorities, or sexualities that are not hetero- Then you have the voters who are cynical about who those baby boomers are and who they will vote for. In general- he's a not Trump candidate who a lot of people think can win and he doesn't really piss anyone off right now. He's vanilla and after Trump's - burn it to the ground presidency- combined with some good economic times- a lot of people are craving vanilla.
  7. I'm not really saying that either. I am saying what I think may be needed to win. The election will be all about Trump vs the other nominee. The other nominee needs to not screw that up. That's not about preference but about where I think the country is and what I think this election will be about.
  8. In Oman fashion, he needs to not die until after the election: He’s an old white man who isn’t offensive to most everyone. In the world of “beat Trump” that’s what is needed. Its not about rallying people to vote - Trump is doing that. It’s about not giving them reasons to not vote. Biden could be perfect... j
  9. None of this matters this election. Its simply wait and see who gets the nomination and then... not Trump.
  10. Old creepy joe? This is what you're going with while supporting Trump?
  11. https://politicalwire.com/2019/06/04/new-research-suggests-there-are-still-swing-voters/ The case for Biden
  12. This seems like the best pick at the moment
  13. I don't think anyone knows what the impact of these tariffs will be. Its what many of the Trump voters wanted- blow it up and see what happens. That is basically what this is. There is a trade deficit. It is unclear what makes this bad. There are lots of possibilities. Taking advantage of cheap laborers elsewhere. Creating an environment where domestic companies can't compete as well due to requirements of working conditions. US is basically fine with poor working conditions out of country but find them abhorrent locally. This could mean we shift the trade deficit from china to other countries. There are plenty of countries out there that will make "stuff" for us. The US is not getting lowering its labor standards anytime soon. People and companies are still going to shift to the lowest cost globally. That can't happen fast. Most of these imports are bought by a large company- not individual consumers. Individual consumers can change spending habits pretty quickly. Companies have contracts for goods. This likely starts with an increase in price. This will hit those Companies. Then those companies will shift their suppliers or their production warehouses to new countries that are not China. It will it consumers pretty quickly as the companies doing the importing will have to increase their costs to pay for the tariffs. So goods from China speicifically will get more expensive. Who do they compete with? I honestly don't know. It likely just shifts to the next cheapest which is still likely not American It will impact China. I think I saw an estimate of 2% of their GDP will be affected in the short term. If you're Trump or a Trump supporter, maybe that's a good thing for. You get to hurt someone you see as a boogie man. Will it dramatically effect their economy or their stance in teh world or their leaders- highly unlikely. In the meantime, the retribution will hurt-- As exporters lose business. They also lose long term business that is likley not easily to replace. Its a mess. Will it come to any good? Who knows? Its just shaking things up and seeing what falls out. In the meantime, it will hurt people and has a risk to significantly hurt the US economy and China's economy long term. It will hurt laborers in China and farmers in the US. I haven't seen anyone but Trump and his loyalist spin this as definite good thing. I also don't think anyone knows how bad it will be. Its just too complicated. It may be huge and it may be a blip.
  14. The threat of Trump continuing to abuse power against any rival is real. But the truest course of action is vote him out. His approval is dismal in a time of great economic growth. The electoral calculus looks just as bad for him this this time around as it did before and he doesn't have generations of investigations and GOP propoganda to taint the demo candidate as they did last time. Trump is more likely to hang himself just as he did with the shutdown. The trade war is looking like another example. Even if he could negotiate a miracle deal, it wouldn't likely help the farmers he needs to vote for him. The dem strategy seems to be let the idiot hang himself. Its not inspirational but its intelligent. Trump's core supporters without Hillary, can't likely win the election. The dems are taking a "run" out the clock strategy rather than going for running up the score. We're Titans fans. We know what that could mean and its a bit scary, but its not a idiotic plan. It is the type of long term, slow thinking you'd expect with the age and experience of those in power. Its also likely that with economic growth and no new wars popping up, most people just want stability and its less likely a revolution approach would be effective. At this point, we are all just hoping we can get to the election without the idiot creating a catastrophe and then hoping the damage he is doing isn't permanent.
  15. Yep- Foreign governments try to score points with anyone in power. With the Clintons it went to a charity that has been investigated and nothing found. Trump foundation was a fraud before he was even president. Luckily though- the GOP and his base don't really care. So they can be more obvious about it by spending money at his hotel and resorts. Its got to be such a relief to those foreign governments to know their bribes are actually getting through to the candidate they are buying instead of getting stuck in a charity somewhere ... benefiting causes they hate in their own country.
  16. I do like Warren’s policy mind and it’s a good area for her to push on
  17. Sheesh after Nixon, Bush, and Trump- no wonder you guys love Reagan so much. I'd take Reagan as my standard bearer too when your other choices are crook, idiot, or idiot-crook. To be honest, I'll take another Reagan if you guys will stop nominating and electing idiots and crooks.
  18. To be clear, you're opinion doesn't matter that much on the question of character voting. It's obviously not something you value.
  19. I agree with you on Obama being better with more time in the Senate or a cabinet post. He grew a lot in his first term and learned a lot. He also had the benefit of dem control over both the Senate and house at the time to help with that learning curve. Buttigieg- I really like him. I am concerned about his general election appeal as a first game candidate with a spouse at every event. I want to think we've moved passed those issues, but all of the Obama racism issues show that we are not. Will it only be the fringe that care- voters that wouldn't vote for a dem anyway? or are there lots of moderates who silently wouldn't support him. The biggest concern with him right now is his experience running a national campaign. https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/nationworld/politics/ct-pete-buttigieg-2020-campaign-20190422-story.html " And his campaign manager is a high school friend with no experience in presidential politics." That is really concerning for me. Its the big leagues in a hurry. I worry about Biden's penchent for saying the wrong thing, ability to appeal to the progressive side of politics, and his long history in the public arena that can be attacked. He's run multiple national campaign's and has not shown the ability to win those without Obama. That is concerning. But those two are definitely at the top of my list.
  20. Pete could also use some experience in the national spotlight and on a national campaign. Obama was very inexperienced but was on the national stage for a good bit of time before the primaries.
  21. Short hand is that I wonder if it becomes an election about Character. I think that is probably the best way to go at Trump. The difficulty is surviving a primary and national election with all the attacks, propaganda, and triblalism with an image of strong character intact. If a candidate can do that... it would seem a good approach.
  22. The idea of a christian right rally against LGBTQ and for Trump is just bizarro - but yeah, it could happen.
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