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  1. Whose Daley?? Name sounds vaguely familiar.
  2. What happens if Tannehill gets traded or released after June 1st???
  3. If not Gibbs.. I wouldn't be mad at Achane. We know we're definitely drafting a rb this draft. The question is who and when.
  4. Ahhhhhh... if we trade Henry.. if he's on the board in the 2nd then I'd pick him absolutely.
  5. That's between him and her.. Hey. We drafted Simmons... This kid is the closest thing to CJ I've seen in awhile.
  6. Even if we keep Henry i want Gibbs out of Alabama. 3rd round and I'm good. Jahmyr Gibbs
  7. DJones trying hard to make Buffalo his landing spot.
  8. Very possible... Silly season is definitely here.. Buttttttttt????
  9. Posted this ... then deleted it not long after. Hmmmmmm?
  10. This right here. If no deal is done by draft day. Something is definitely up. I'm still of the belief that he was being dangled to the Bears to move up and he found out. I'm sure if we were in the running he definitely was the final piece they wanted.
  11. The way things have changed as far as civility is the problem. It's constantly getting worse. I remember when all of us were on GoT. Then this site was made because we felt there were no "intelligent" fans on GoT. It has become the running joke to reference GoT whenever we feel someone is lacking in the intelligence area. Posters have come and gone. I too used to post a whole lot more. But the level of nonsensible insults and opinions gets over the top. I definitely can see why Code left. I wish he wouldn't have. We don't all have to agree.. That's a good thing. But where the posters on here take it just because someone's opinion is different is insane. And the use of the N word in any way it's written is still a derivative of the origin. Which needs to leave everyone's vocabulary.
  12. We couldn't come close to the capitol needed for that pick. Unless we threw a big name player in the deal.
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