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  1. I like this guy.. Couple of years to develop.. And he may lead us to the promise land. Kinda funny that he is from Hawaii.. But is the anti Mariota. Love his emotion
  2. Looks like he was the MAN on their D-line. Double teamed quite a bit. He seems really raw. But really strong at the point and has good shift in body movement. Don't know if he will replace Casey. But next to Simmons and with Landry and possibly Clowney on the outside... hmmmmmmmm
  3. So we save roughly 10-12 mil in cap space. It makes no sense to me to leave that void on the DL. I honestly don't see how even adding Clowney would even make a difference at this point. The only thing that makes sense to me is if there is a trade in the works that brings us a big name and we sign them to a long term deal. That or we make a bunch of mediocre signings to hopefully strike gold.... JRob better have something in the works... Because if not.. the Broncos literally raped us.
  4. i swear they keep holding and we are getting no calls
  5. It was like they were scared to hit his ass.. .Lay him out!!
  6. Lewis hesitated on the play. Allowing the defense to converge on him. I don't mind them trying to keep the clock moving.. but give up play on the Chiefs defense??
  7. Last week I had a strong feeling we were going to dismantle the rat birds... We did that no doubt. This week I believe we will have more adversity.. Maybe two turnovers.. Maybe down early by 21. It's not going to look pretty the first half... Unfortunately. Second half we mount a comeback and find a way to persevere. Titans win 31-28
  8. We are true underdogs.. We thrive in that role... Always have... always will... The Ravens can definitely be beat... If we can get to their QB.. I believe we win... by 10.. 34-24
  9. Now we will see how much mettle we have... Hopefully Henry comes back in
  10. plays like that can be demoralizing... hopefully the boys bounce back.... damnit Firk

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