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  1. Mostly run plays or screens now.. i don't think they are putting it in Tannehills hands
  2. Nice!! I'm just glad he didn't fumble! lol
  3. Tannehill is starting to play with more consistency and rhythm this week. But he still kinda has the happy feet back there. Maybe due to his o line. But for the most part he's had time. Only really one boneheaded play that I can recall.
  4. He played for the Bills... he's always hated the Oilers/ Titans
  5. Nice throw by Tanne! Play action is his bread and butter!
  6. Vrabel saying throw it away... Tannehill on that play.
  7. LOL.. We are only down 3 to nothing.. Comeon guys.. Plenty of time. Tannehill doesn't look anything like last week so far. We just need to tighten up o-line protection on blitzes.
  8. That take is true for all 3 QBs actually. So many hate Levis because he came from KY and Willis gets hate all the time. But the team values all three. Tannehill I'd say had the worst game I've ever seen him play. After watching the all/22 break downs it felt more like he was in his own head.. Maybe after getting hurt last year??? Who knows. But one thing I do know is when you play that way you set yourself up to get hurt again. Hopefully this week he will rebound. But if not I'm worried about his mental psyche. After saying he got therapy after the Cinci game it's clear this game is getting to him.
  9. This is spot on.. Sad but very true Code
  10. So..... let me get this straight.. You're telling me at NO point in the preseason did Willis look to be a quality starting QB... at NO POINT?!?!? What you and others are continuing to do is what you always do... AGENDA BIAS... Again... It's ok to be wrong.. Who knows what he can be. Or Levis for that matter.
  11. Another statement that you made that shows agenda bias.. Keep them coming. Just makes you and others look silly.
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