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  1. We were last year too.... I'm so damn tired of losing these games.
  2. lol... all you guys do is post stuff that is inappropriate for underage posters.... amazing... so in rebuttal to his post you guys just get immature and insult ... as you always do.. this board has literally become a bullying board... unfortunately. from titans central.. gotitans... and now this... its a shame.
  3. Clay Travis was on 104 trashing Conklin... Saying JRob is directly responsible for 3 first round picks that have produced nothing... and the jury is out on Simmons...
  4. you guys over react more than Jalen Ramsey
  5. Here's to a good game.... Hopefully we represent!
  6. I’m not done with him... after watching these other QBs I actually feel better about his future with this team... the guy has played two games this season .. is 1-1.. 4 tds 0 ints.. I’ll let the season play out.. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s not our future QB.. if he’s not.. then so be it.
  7. long way to go... let's hope the boys can pull it out.
  8. Q was MMs second option... He was looking to the left first... for Henry??
  9. Not to change the subject in regards to the QB... but who started at RG today?? And what do you guys think about the lines performance overall?? I know Kelly whiffed a few times and Conklin had a few penalties.. but considering they were going against the vaulted Cleveland D Line... They held up .
  10. Brissett is looking pretty good today... I hope we come to play next week. The colts are hustling.
  11. Thats a misquote by Oman... He said that in straight drop backs he wasn't getting the time needed to throw. Basically saying the play action was giving him more time to throw... smh
  12. He had a good game... Not a great game.. But damn fellas... Can we just win and move forward??? Next week is a new week and guess what... He'll make great plays and bad plays... Every QB does the same every week.. See Mayfield today.... I would much rather have him at the helm then Tannehill.. and if he continues to stay healthy, and not have turnovers... We have a chance to do something special this year.