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  1. Foles only really stunk it up under Fisher though. Once he was ousted, Goff went from looking like a catastrophic bust to borderline MVP. Foles did decent in his limited showing in KC and now two decent runs with two different Eagles regimes. Granted he had Reid both in Philly and KC though. I do wonder if he could be a legit answer outside of Philly like you, but I think the stint with the Rams is being held against him a tad too much.
  2. Marcus is a head scratcher. He still has tons of WTF plays, isn’t as poised in the pocket as you’d like, and disappears as a play maker far too often. That being said, he’s gotten us wins over so many teams with franchise QBs that Titans teams in the past would always just fold to. And though he’s often responsible for us being behind on the scoreboard, he has to be near the top of the of the list of guys you want with the ball when the game is on the line. I saw it on Twitter awhile back but some blue check mark pundit basically said he’s the hardest QB to evaluate in the league. Likely because of the sinking lows and ridiculous highs, on top of the smaller stuff (inconsistent pass protection, rotating coaching staff, etc). No one likes sweating out wins over teams like the Jets, but at the same time not many scrub QBs can say they’ve beaten Brady, Brees, Rodgers, and Wilson either. So...yeah, he’s a bit of an enigma. It’s scary to push the franchise all in on him given the inconsistencies and worrying lack of development in some areas. But completely dismissing him as a QB or denying the stretches of brilliance during moments with the highest stakes is being dishonest as well. It sucks not knowing for sure what we have in him. But the league is weird. Rookies come in and play like all time greats. Then more often than not regress or completely disappear. Sure fire busts turn the corner and turn into all pros. Look at Carr. Then look at Goff. The player matters but so does the circumstances. Mariota’s been injured more than is ideal, hasn’t had a stable group of coaches, and the OL/running game is in a weird spot right now. We just have to wait and see. No one knows yet and those that say they do are just pushing all in on what’s essentially a coin flip at this point.
  3. I have an unopened Witcher 3 collectors edition I’ll sell you for $1,000.00. So 995.00 if you throw in your Best Buy card.
  4. Rumors swirling that Kathleen Kennedy will be stepping down in the coming months. Not saying I called it, but if true, I totally called it lol. Comparing the Marvel and SW franchises at this point has to be laughable for Disney, not only in money trends but also in public perception of the IPs (and I say this having some Marvel burnout personally). They put the wrong person in charge of Star Wars, doubled down on progressive agendas, divided the fans, publicly insulted the fans that didn’t like the new direction, and...here we are. People are already foaming at the mouth to see the next Avengers movie, and Deadpool 2 was another hard R home run, but they can’t sell Star Wars? Maybe the Lando being pansexual angle didn’t work like they thought it would, lol.
  5. Let us not forget that bongo gave this the kiss of death awhile ago.
  6. My thoughts that this happens decreased when he left Nashville. I’m sure we’re not out of it, and clearly his intention was to take his time on a decision, but I thought maybe the new culture and available cash could sell him on the spot.
  7. The way I look at it, they cut both Klug and Williams. Neither guy individual means anything significant due to scheme fit or value based on money owed. However with both gone, on paper it’s pretty apparent we’re in the market for a DT. And we have a good one coming to visit. We clearly have interest, we have a need at the position, we have a coaching connection, and we have a ton of cap space. I don’t think it’s smoke at all. I am curious how expensive is too expensive for his services though.
  8. When it doesn’t look like a 5 for 5 at Arby’s or Arnold should have to wear a layer of mud to hunt it, sure.
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