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  1. What fighter on the caliber of Frazier, young Forman, norton, etc did Tyson fight?
  2. Ali fought some of the greatest fighters. It was the golden age of boxing. Tyson fought in a time where a 40+ foreman was a contender
  3. I'm going thru cancer and I'll have to say, so far, blue cross of tn has taken care of me. Once I hit the out of pocket, it's $0 we owe, including a $230,000+ bill for a 21 day hospital stay. The company I work for had kept me on the payroll until recently when they closed down the company. Now we have my wife's salary (school nurse...pay is horrible, but good benefits) and my future disability. So Vanderbilt is now offering financial assistance for the outstanding bills.
  4. It really depends what our docs think.
  5. Are we at a position to take a risk with a player who is already saying he will need surgery? I'll pass.
  6. In terms of ot, no one at that point. Yes tunsil was available, but he makes me nervous regardless of the off the field issues. Not sure how much he wants it. We need nasty on that line. Someone who's motor is non stop. Lewan has the nasty, but wonder if the poor play got to him. Warmack has the ability, just seems lazy. With conklin''s nose to the grindstone and Ben jones vet leadership, my hope is the entire linebimpoves
  7. I'm sure the plan is to feed Murray the ball and ride his remaining carries out. Next year might be the best rb class in years and w have 2 firsts.
  8. Honestly the fact that we have a GM with what looks to be a clear plan is exciting to me,
  9. As much as it's tempting to take jack, when he comes out and says he needs surgery on an already questionable knee, is he worth it?
  10. He was also one of the best guitarist in the game.
  11. Nfl is happy that their new la franchise and hard knock team will have #1 pick
  12. If some of y'all hate the show so much, why are you still watching?
  13. Misery at the game due to losing? Yeah that sucks. That's the big question mark. Parking isn't all that more expensive for us than any other normal event plus the tailgating before has become the best part of the experience. As far as obnoxious people, guess depends where you sit. We don't have that issue too bad where we are in loge. Sure you have the occasional assholes, but if obnoxious people kept me from attending things, hell I'd never leave the house. Seats are plenty comfortable to me. Not sure what you're complaint is there. As far as crappy beer...they have plenty of solid beer options at the game, but honestly if you are willing to pay the price that stadiums and arenas charge for crappy BMC even, then not much can do about that. I take the good stuff to the tailgate and don't find the need to keep knocking back more beer during the game. If I did though, not like you're in a beer wasteland there.

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