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  1. Tex in a Can makes a good point about Whisenhunt's reaction pointing to him lying when he says he would incorporate spread concepts into his playbook. It is at the 11:30 mark - go watch it. After finding and seeing it again, I went back to watch all of Whisenhunt's talk. Through pretty much all the rest of other questions and answers, he sits pretty still and makes straight eye contact with people, and has very consistent mannerism with no nervous tendencies but as that question is being asked, Whisenhunt starts rapidly running each hand down each of his legs, tilting his body forwarded then pressing back and starts nodding rapidly like he is pretty anxious to answer then kind of a timidly rushes out, "sure, sure we will" with kind of a pronounced frown and then he starts looking down before explaining further. Kind of weird that it is a marked change in his mannerism, especially the fast hand pumping on his legs as if if he was nervous to answer. Something about that question made him nervous.
  2. Do you recall the time stamp of it? I Want to watch it again. I found it. Its the 11:30 mark
  3. Your implied point seems to be do you pass on a QB if you have Mallet (since you think Mettenberger and Mallet are the same) as being rhetorical question because you imply that of course you draft a QB if you have Mallet/Mettenberger as your QB. Well it is not a rhetorical question and you can look at the Texans for the answer: Houston had the #1 pick, and could have taken any QB they wanted last year and they ended up with Mallet, and it did not just happen mid-season. There was talk in Houston about Mallet this time last year (predraft 2014.) So basically Houston, a much better team that's only real hole was QB, and likely is a 100% a playoff team with a good QB,did not take a QB high when it could while considering getting Mallet.
  4. Actually, if you were scoring it, that would be point to Mettenberger. That answer was in response to a series of question dealing with who would start if a QB was picked. First, it was asked that if a QB is taken (might have named Mariota in the question but I forgot), will he start in the Tampa game. Whisenhunt answered that yes you would expect him to start adding after a brief pause, that any player, regardless of position, taken #2, would be expected to start in game 1. Then the reporter asked about the scenario of Mettenberger beating him out - who starts then. Whisenhunt then alluded that that could happen (Mettenberger could still start if a QB was taken) and that is when he talked about going into the season expecting the starting QB to last all season. So basically he took time to qualified that any player, regardless of position, should be expected to start game 1 if taken #2. Then agreed that it was conceivable that even if a QB is taken, Mettenberger could start game 1. Then he talked about hoping your starter stays the starter all year, which again was in response to the possibility of Mettenberger starting game 1 even if a QB is taken. Why would confirming the plausibility of Mettenberger possibly starting game 1 in that scenario and then qualify it with stating that you would expect the starter to start all year indicate taking a QB?
  5. I think from where all this coms is around the 6:05 and onward mark. Basically Webster said that seeing a lot of Mettenberger and knowing what he has in Mettenberger, his focus has been on the two QBs to see how good they are and to see if they can be good top notch NFL QBs (ie. he is not ignoring Mettenberger as many seem to be reading into what he said - he knows what he has in Mettenberger so he focused on the two QB to compare all three.) Then after stating that, he was directly asked what his opinion was of the 2 QB prospects. He answered, "I think they both are really good players." You could read into that anything you want, but to me it was a generic answer that was to be expected no matter how he really feels.
  6. Anything could happen. I still think highest odds are a trade down. What is so ironic about this thread and all the "100% it will be a QB" talk is that that opinion is based/confirmed on a press conference that basically ended with the GM thanking all the reporters for trying so hard to trip him up to give something away in the dance they all just did together. So Webster ends the conference joking about the reporters trying to trick information out of him and of course not succeeding, and most of you think you gained information from it?
  7. He said potential to be. I sure hope that if a QB is a probability at #1 or #2 that he has the potential to be a franchise QB. Would you seriously consider one that you did not think had the potential.
  8. This is correct. My team contact said that besides losing Whisenhunt's biggest concern is what posters on message board will write about him not doing whatever they think he said he was going to do while noncommittally answering questions in a press conference that ended on the note of the GM saying he enjoys playing the dodge the answer game.
  9. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000488597/article/tennessee-titans-talk-up-marcus-mariota-before-draft It's smokescreen season in the NFL, and the Tennessee Titans are at the center of it all. General manager Ruston Webster and coach Ken Whisenhunt laid it on thick at their Tuesday predraft press conference, talking up Oregon prospect Marcus Mariota as a possibility for the No. 2 overall pick. Webster said that Mariota and Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston are clearly the best two quarterbacks in the draft, which isn't a controversial statement. But Webster strained credulity when he said he appreciates both quarterbacks so much that Tampa's decision at No. 1 will have no impact on the Titans. "If you think a player is a franchise quarterback, then that supersedes everything else," Webster said. Whisenhunt added that the Titans would likely incorporate spread concepts into their offense if the team drafted Mariota. Our NFL Network reporter Jeff Darlington called Whisenhunt almost "comically transparent" when the coach talked up Mariota's ability to attend the team's veteran minicamp. The most telling moment of the press conference came when Webster talked about what it would take for the Titans to trade their pick. "Because of players that are there, we'd need to get value that will help our team now and in future," Webster said. Translation: You will have to pony up a lot to get up to No. 2. Some other nuggets from the Titans: » Webster said he's had trade talks with some teams, but not the San Diego Chargers. That confirms a report from NFL Network's Alex Flanagan. Webster said he hasn't had any serious trade talks. The possibility of Philip Rivers getting dealt looks awfully slim. » The Titans believe the wide receiver draft is very deep. Webster talked up possibly getting a lot of trade action on the No. 33 overall pick, which opens the second round. The latest Around The NFL Podcast previews the 2015 NFL Draft and breaks down the biggest rumors and storylines. Find more Around The NFL content on NFL NOW.
  10. Yes, and he dresses like Bert. I give you 100-1 odds he has these exact shoes or some pretty darn close - you know he does.
  11. I saw some highlights where he ran around in circles, not to the extent of Locker but it was there. I suspect if he starts early, there will be plenty of it.
  12. I do not care about off field stuff, I want a bunch of duck thrown interceptions and bug dance moments from not understanding the plays. These are my hopes of what Mariota brings to the Titans. And I hope the cost of the #2 pick allows us to see this silliness for a straight four years, maybe even with it hosted by another coach who is earmarked because he convinces the owners that he can make something of the chaos.
  13. Locker was a normal guy, and it was easy to relate to him. Mariota is a straight-laced guy who looks like Bert on Sesame Street (I even think Mariota looks at Bert as a fashion source) So I think it will be hands down more entertaining to poke fun at Mariota' likely horrible play on the field for four years than it was making fun of Locker since you actually wanted to root for Locker until maybe the last year when it was getting kind of old at that point to root for him. Which do you think?
  14. This is Oilerman's point, as I read it. If the Titans really wanted Mariota, we likely would not hear much about him and the Titans.

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