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  1. I do think the preseason results are a tad overblown, simply because we've seen very little from our "stars." The defense will obviously be much better with every starter in position (happened zero times this preseason). The offense will obviously be much better when Walker and Henry are prominently featured, to say nothing of Lewan's return. That said, I think Code's breakdown of the schedule quarters is pretty spot-on. There's no getting around the fact that our schedule is BRUTAL. The Raiders are really the only team on the entire schedule that doesn't scare me (maybe the Bucs?). The Bills are even ascending! I think if this team had last season's schedule - yeah, maybe 10 or 11 wins. But this one? 9 wins would be a gift. I can't find the ninth win on that schedule.
  2. This throw is so telling. Cosell is not wrong - an NFL QB should make this throw blindfolded. No pressure, and Jennings is running WIDE open. It’s year 5, and this tells me everything I need to know about his long-term future in Tennessee. I wish it weren’t the case.
  3. Depending on where Kyler gets drafted the amount of money he could make on his first contract is way higher in football than baseball. Baker will make $32MM over his first 5 years. Francisco Lindor (taken #8 overall) made about $5MM from 2011-2018. Kyler could play under his first contract (if picked high enough) and then go play baseball. It’s not dumb to explore your options.
  4. Really courageous take to say now that they should’ve gone to Henry sooner. Was not hearing this from Mason before the Jax game.
  5. Ben Jones just going to snap to Mariota’s ankles all night?
  6. I couldn’t watch live, so I dvr’d the game and watched with special attention on the O Line in light of the Ravens fiasco. If there was penetration, it seemed to my eyes to be Jones’ man 3 out of 5 times. He was terrible in the Chargers game.
  7. It’s hard to win on the road in the NFL. The Rams should have destroyed the Seahawks on paper; but they barely got out of there, despite being the top team in the NFL. See also, the Ravens, Broncos and Jags. Oh who who am I kidding? These Titans blow.
  8. Pretty sure Eddie had a huge run in the Raiders game that year too. But the point is well taken, Eddie wasn’t a big breakaway threat. I think my Henry frustration stems from the fact that really good RBs do one of two things: 1) make people miss, or 2) bowl tacklers over. Henry has really never shown himself capable of doing either of those two things in 3 years of pro ball. Doesn’t make him a bust necessarily, but it does make him no different than literally 100 other guys...and thus not worth a 2nd round pick. Plug Isaiah Crowell in instead of Henry. Is our offense different at all? Alex Collins? Chris Ivory? Henry = JAG
  9. A lot of you are not reading what he himself is saying. He's not saying, for instance, that there are no holes to run through. He's not saying he isn't strong enough in his lower body, or whatever. He is talking about MENTALITY. He is acknowledging the need to run more like Eddie George. And I'm saying you cannot will yourself to do that consistently. @TitanicoNFLriotFAN mentioned the KC game - sure you can summon up some toughness in fits and spurts, but not consistently. This is what we'll always see, unfortunately.
  10. https://www.titansonline.com/news/titans-rb-derrick-henry-not-happy-with-his-trash-play Two things on this oft-maligned player: 1) I love that he's taking ownership of this. It's refreshing to see the honest self-assessment coming from Henry. I would never guess in a million years that this would be his perspective. 2) “It’s a mentality thing. I just have to get it. I have to get it.” HUH? My guy has been playing football for how many years? If you have to work this hard at this point to generate the proper "big RB" mentality, it AIN'T COMIN. This tells you everything you need to know about what to expect. I love that he wants to do better, but if any of you ever played football, you know this: either you have the headhunter mentality or you don't. You can't engineer it. You can't.
  11. Jeffery isn’t exactly playing right now...
  12. I’d take our group over the Cowboys, Bills and Eagles at least...
  13. This is definitely true, and a nugget that I’m clinging to at the moment. Look at what the defense of Carolina and Dallas become when Luke Kuechly and Sean Lee, respectively, are injured and come out of the game. I’m not saying Evans is even that level of inside LB, but that the quality of the linebacking inside can have a HUGE impact on the run defense. If Evans gives us a bit more strength in the run game, and provides an uptick in pass rush, I’m encouraged about the defense at least.
  14. Mariota seems like a different QB than in 2016, if only in terms of confidence. We can blame mechanics or whatever, but he is overthinking it. Tell me you aren’t nervous every time he drops back. Today especially seemed like he was floating the ball when he should have been rifling it. His whole feel for the game seems off. I’m concerned. And if there are always a litany of excuses as to why he underperformed, at some point you have to accept them as reasons, not excuses. Today, Tannehill looked like what Mariota should be, and I never thought that would be the case. I think Mariota is better, but he isn’t showing it. And for all the “win now” moves we’ve been making, it totally pisses me off that Blaine Gabbert is our QB2. If any team in the NFL needs the best QB2 in the league it’s us.
  15. This feels like a total no brainer to me...

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