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  1. And a shootout. Roles are now reversed, offense has to carry the team.
  2. ….if you are basing the rankings on the way they are playing right now as opposed to their entire season record.
  3. Beat the Texans this week. Figure out the rest after that.
  4. Fromm is @kyle021 guy. What else do you need to know?
  5. JK Dobbins of Ohio State is also very good, including the pass game.
  6. Tannehill will be resolved first. There's plenty of time after that. With 4 quality free agents, one or two guys are going to walk. Titans aren't beyond signing RT and then seeing which one(s) of the other guys gives them the best deal. The Titans can't replace Henry's exact skillset, but it's a deep draft RB class and they can get a good one in the 2nd.
  7. The franchise is entering a time when their decisions will be decided more by the salary cap. Good players will be allowed to leave rather than resigned. Over the next two seasons, Tannehill, Henry, Conklin, Ryan, J. Smith, J. Brown, and D. Jones have expiring contracts with Jackson and C. Davis facing 5th year options. The team won't keep all these guys. High draft picks will be used to replace some of them rather than adding new impact players. For 2020, quality depth will also be an issue as the team has a large number of free agents.
  8. Bookmark the thread and let's see how much of the 100M that @Little Earl thinks he deserves that Zimmerman actually gets.
  9. That kind of stuff is reality in the conservative world. I'm surprised that Trump isn't tweeting about it.
  10. Currently 3 of the top 4 CBs are out. Multiple injuries at one position group is always a problem.
  11. The team will have 5 OL under contract going into free agency, unless someone is signed prior.
  12. The league overall is desperate for OL. The Titans will have only 5 under contract entering free agency.
  13. Have you seen rookie QBs drafted outside the 1st round?
  14. So can the backup QB spot. Would you rather have a rookie draftee at RB or QB?