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  1. If you look at Football Outsiders, Tannehill's DVOA for 2018 and 2016 was lower than Mariota. RT was out for all of 2017 with an injury. He's likely a stop gap and nothing more. Watch some college football for a few months and then tell us what QB the Titans should draft.
  2. She appears to be the one candidate on either side whose support is growing.
  3. Trump has been preaching to the choir for 2 1/2 years. He hasn't even made an effort to expand his coalition of voters.
  4. Regarding Wis., Michigan, Penn...... Black turnout in 2016 was significantly lower relative to 2012. All three states have a significant farm economy, specifically soybeans.
  5. The widely respect U. of Michigan report on consumer confidence was released yesterday and the confidence index fell significantly.
  6. Undecided voters almost always break for the challenger rather than the incumbent, regardless of the election and candidates. If they were for the incumbent, who is always better known, they would already be there.
  7. Most people didn't. In those days it was mostly listening on a transistor radio.
  8. RT is likely to want/accept a 1 year prove it deal to increase his market value.
  9. Trump started the hate of Latinos the day he came down the escalator in Trump tower to name call at Mexicans. Ever since then he has continued to call them invaders. Then a white nationalist posted and mirrored Trump's rhetoric and went to El Paso and killed 9 innocent people, including some who were US citizens. Just today, Trump tweeted about a couple of congresswomen of color and called them disgusting. They had already been receiving death threats following Trump's previous tweets about them.
  10. Trump announced new 10% tariffs on China the day after the FED cut interest rates by .25%. How is the FED supposed to know what to do about rates when Trump is so unpredictable? Were they supposed to anticipate his new tariffs? Trump essentially wants it both ways. He wants to increase tariffs on China in his tit-for-tat trade war but he wants the FED to bail him out of it by reducing rates so he puts public pressure on J. Powell.
  11. This AM: China threatens countermeasures in trade war: Stock markets sold off sharply on Thursday morning after China warned that recent tariffs from the U.S. threatened to derail trade talks. China’s Ministry of Finance said that fresh 10% tariffs on $300bn of Chinese goods violated a consensus reached with the US and threatened trade talks, Bloomberg reported. China also warned it would put in place counter measures. [Yahoo Finance UK] https://finance.yahoo.com/news/china-threatens-countermeasures-in-trade-war-morning-brief-103146783.html This is China's response to Trump deferring some of his 10% tariffs on consumer goods until December. This is a tell, imo. Trump retreated and China essentially told him to piss off. This won't be good for the markets. It makes the trade situation worse. One other thing. Why would China want to help Trump get re-elected? He's a liar and could easily change his mind on anything he has promised. China nor anyone else can trust his word. In the business world, you need some certainty of what is likely to happen to make big investments. Trump is the opposite of that. Why would China want to deal with him for another 4 years?
  12. Yours will matter. Mine won't. Regardless of who you think the electoral college favors, it's anti-democratic. Some votes are worth a lot more than others. But nothing will change until republicans consistently lose Texas.
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