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  1. Warren now has a narrow lead in Iowa in the newest CNN/Des Moines Register poll
  2. Every possible system has flaws. If you think that emulating far more successful systems currently being operated in every other first world country has “crippling flaws” then you should ask why our current system is so much worse...
  3. Douglas is a replacement level backup who has bounced around various practice squads for years. Of course he isn’t good. The problem is Pamphile is hurt and Davis is a project who missed all of camp. 3rd stringers can’t be expected to block Calais Campbell. Is he better than Levin? Iffy. Would they be better if Levin were around and starting? Probably not by much if anything.
  4. The Titans medical staff would have tested him, one way or another. It doesn’t matter what an independent doctor says to him about playing in week 17, the Titans still could have released him saying he was healthy in March if that was the case.
  5. That varies on a district by district level. Not the same situation in a presidential election. Being a more moderate candidate doesn’t equate to being a better candidate. Hillary was a moderate. Trump didn’t win because she was “too liberal”.
  6. If they make it he looks like a genius. If it fails you look like an idiot. that’s the nature of coaching.
  7. Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s unofficial campaign slogan is “she’s got a plan for that.” The reality is, she has just one. She wants to finish what she started when she first came to Washington. And she will bring with her a cadre of energetic, ideologically committed regulators who will go after the bad guys of corporate America who she believes have crippled the national economy. If Warren wins the presidency, she, like any Democrat, will face steep odds of getting an ambitious legislative agenda through Congress. The real action in any administration is executive in nature: knowing what regulatory buttons to push, which enforcers can really go for blood, who to put where, and how to manage them.
  8. Once they bench Mariota and have a functional passing game then hopefully we will see what Davis can do
  9. No, I’m not done with Mariota. I want to be done with him, sure. But Vrabel won’t let me be done with him...
  10. why the hell didn't MM throw to the endzone on a free play?