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  1. You mean like how you think Art Smith might not want to be a head coach and would just prefer to be an OC the rest of his life and I said that’s bullshit? This shit ain’t that complicated. Tampa’s players want to win the Super Bowl. Evans and Godwin would be fine sharing the field with Brown if they get better from it.
  2. Mariota set the bar so low that people were thinking fondly of VY...
  3. Ratings were probably down mostly because there was also an NFL game.
  4. Roberts might rule with the liberals like the last PA case. But if Barrett gets onto the court first, forget it...
  5. Starkiller

    US Senate Race

    Yes, but he also dressed as an astronaut for real, so no one cares...
  6. Brilliant. I’m all for sending the entire Trump family there right now...
  7. This one will also go to the Supreme Court
  8. nothing is outside the margin for potential GOP ratfuckery...
  9. It bit Trump in the ass as soon they were on the same debate stage...
  10. They could force Buffalo to dink and dunk and covered the deep throws. But that scheme doesn’t work on everyone. They failed vs Houston. Badly. Pittsburgh won’t be stopped like that. James Conner can win in the run game and they have plenty of WRs who can make plays on shorter routes, plus a QB who is consistent.
  11. Well if this map for Indiana is accurate then there are still some blue districts for him to run in. 2 of their 9 Reps are Democrats. South Bend is in a district with a GOP Rep right now, so he could try to flip the district.
  12. Generally there are House districts that are winnable by the opposite party in most states, though often that seat isn’t available. Bigger cities in Indiana would have blue districts. Otherwise he would be best served with a role in a Biden admin. Or taking a swing at the senate in 2 years isn’t impossible if he thinks he could win now that he has name recognition, but I think it’s a reach.
  13. because Ivanka's deals in China were verified, duh. No conspiracy theory there...
  14. This was the best game of the season just because it finally ended Matiota's reign of error. But it’s funny reading the commentary leading up to that. Hoo boy...
  15. Fox News viewers backed Trump? I’m shocked...
  16. The problem is that he isn’t qualified to get any of those high ranking administration jobs, either. They will find something for him but it may be Secretary of the Interior or some other non-premiere position.
  17. most don’t normally. But millions of them showed up for Trump.
  18. There are tens of millions of uninformed Americans who don’t know shit about politics. I’m convinced these people only voted for Trump because he was a celebrity with name recognition.
  19. He has a future, but can he win in a state like Indiana? His presidential run turned him into a big name. But he would still likely struggle in a red state.

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