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  1. I’ve been recording it. I probably won’t get around to watching it until it’s over.
  2. I’m assuming they are going off the timeline based on the last movie now... What’s the point? $$$
  3. They believe whatever news Fox News tells them to believe.
  4. It has been debunked, but people on the right are just suckers for any loony conspiracy theory that revolves around Obama or Clinton being Trump-level corrupt...
  5. They weren’t illegally eavesdropping on Carter Page. He was in direct contact with Russian intelligence and was being investigated as a potential Russian asset. This was years before he was part of Trump’s campaign, even before Trump even had a campaign. But it is clear you have no problem with Americans who are suspected Russian intel assets. No reason to investigate. It’s only American intel you hate...
  6. That assumes the only goal is a conviction. If the goal is to produce an overwhelming tale of corruption and obstruction that can be presented to the public then impeachment would still make sense. Especially if an impeachment hearing is the only way for House Dems to get access to certain information. Trump supporters already think the whole investigation is a witch hunt against their cult leader. That isn’t going to get worse whether there are impeachment hearings or not.
  7. That goes beyond bittersweet to just bitter...
  8. It’s not the same thing at all. It’s not really hard to comprehend, yet you can’t seem to grasp it. They killed Jon as a “traitor”, not as a threat to the realm. Their hatred of wildlings as the enemy and Jon's act of mercy in saving them is why they murdered him. Jon didn’t kill Dany because she was saving people he thought were the enemy. He killed her because she was a mass murderer who had intentions of continuing to kill anyone else standing her way. Never go full Jamal...
  9. Ser Alliser fought for the Mad King during Robert's Rebellion and accepted exile over death. Not the same thing. Olly, Ser Alliser, and the others stabbed Jon because they disagreed with Jon saving the wildlings, not for some honorable notion of saving the realm. They betrayed their Nights Watch vows and the original duty of the Nights Watch, which was to protect the realms of men from the Others. Jon was stopping a tyrant who was bent on killing anyone standing in her way. Those traitors were doing no such thing.
  10. Jon wasn’t exactly given much of an option. Greyworm wanted to execute him and refused to let them just pardon Jon. They basically had to make a deal to save Jon's life. And Jon had to accept it. Greyworm at least took what he saw as a life sentence instead of a pardon. No, Jon wasn’t Olly or Ser Allsier. Jon was Ned. He did what honor demanded. He put aside his love for Dany to save the realm. Also, he made the exact same choice Ned did in season 1. Sitting in the black cells, Ned refused to ignore his honor and make a confession. But when Varys told him that it wasn’t just his honor on the line, it was the lives of his girls he agreed to confess. Jon wasn’t willing to even consider killing Dany at Tyrion's request until he pointed out to Jon that Dany would kill Sansa and Arya, too. And he agreed to join the Nights Watch.
  11. It’s almost as if the Clintons have been thoroughly investigated at the highest levels of federal law enforcement for decades and the only felony they have been found guilty of is lying about a blowjob...
  12. There is always a risk in waiving a guy you think is a good pass rusher. There is never enough supply to meet demand and there will certainly be other teams who come sniffing around. Might be better to just keep him if they like him. We'll just have to wait and see how he looks in camp though...
  13. He is just a UDFA, but based on his past you have to think he is a guy who has a real chance make this team.
  14. He used to occasionally have some reasonable debate on the issues. But much like the rest of his ilk, they don’t really do rational policy debate anymore. Now he just yells out screeds like you see in right wing media and calls anyone who disagrees with him libtards. And he attempts to distract from his own bigotry by trying to paint everyone else as bigots...
  15. I’m sure he is looking for a huge long term deal. I’m just not sure he is going to get one, at least not for the money he wants. In lieu of that, he may prefer a 1 year deal that lets him hit free agency normally next year.
  16. If they weren’t deluded enough to believe in that conspiracy theory shit they wouldn’t be supporting Trump in the first place.
  17. Yeah, but it was also before the civil rights movement, so it was their peak America...
  18. Part of the problem is there is no good way to do this on TV. In the books the great councils would be way more lords and it would take days.
  19. Again, it’s unclear. And not especially important in the great scheme of things.
  20. It’s unclear whether Bran ever altered the past, both in the show or books. At best he thinks someone heard him. But nothing material ever changed as best as we know.
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