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  1. Well considering he was matched up with DeAndre Hopkins, I don’t think you can be too hard on him for week 1…
  2. Everyone is eligible to return as long as they went through the 53 man cut downs before going on IR. Hooker has to sit out 1 more game and he is eligible to return. Not sure about the extent of the injury though.
  3. Jenkins has been good. He hasn’t been as good as Butler was last year, but he has been good. But Fulton has been better than Butler so far and Jenkins has been way better than any shit who ever played on the other side.
  4. Great! Who did Goff have better PA stats with in the backfield???
  5. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/32291777/sources-carolina-panthers-agree-deal-jacksonville-jaguars-cb-cj-henderson The Carolina Panthers on Monday acquired cornerback CJ Henderson and a fifth-round pick from the Jacksonville Jaguars for tight end Dan Arnold and a third-round pick, the teams announced.
  6. Yes, it is. But then you think Fox is “fair and balanced”…
  7. I’d say the media landscape changed after 9/11. They all went pretty far to the right as to avoid appearing “unpatriotic”. This was because corporate profit is what matters. And after that, MSNBC has skewed more to the left as objections to the invasion of Iraq rose. Mostly that meant it was simply to the left of being Bush's mouthpiece, which is what attacks of being “liberal media” is all about. Since then they moved to the left of center because corporate knew that Fox had staked out the right and CNN dominated the middle. They just aren’t so far off center that they ar
  8. Exactly. Turnovers are largely why last year's win was more dominant…
  9. Our offense was way more dominant against them in that game than yesterday. As for the D, we gave up plenty of dink and dunk drives yesterday, too. And last year they scored late after the game was way out of reach.
  10. He has certainly been a revelation so far this year. This week was a nice follow up to shutting down Metcalf.
  11. The 2nd game vs the Colts last year was way more dominant
  12. I’m having some issues highlighting text in the editor on my iPhone since the update. As soon as I highlight it, the page jumps and I can’t necessarily move the highlight endpoints. It isn’t a constant. Not sure why it happens sometimes and not others.
  13. Landry was being held back by his coaching staff more than anything else last year.
  14. Indy is clearly the 2nd best team in the division. They just aren’t good enough to compete with the Titans. And as many good AFC teams as there are this year, I don’t see them as a good bet to make the playoffs. If they do it’s because the West is going to beat each other up while Indy gets 4 games vs Houston and Jax.
  15. Others claim to have stats to prove it, yet they don’t. I’m freely admitting I have no stats to prove it because no one keeps those stats.
  16. Well they will get at least another week to evaluate Cruikshank as a starter next week before Hooker is eligible to come off IR.
  17. There is no stat that anyone keeps that will prove it regardless of being true. No one keeps play action stats for QBs based on the RB in the backfield. If you’d like to spend your days charting that, be my guest… But all you have to do is watch defenses drawn to certain RBs like a magnet to know it’s true. Just because the rest of you guys can’t see it right in front of your eyes doesn’t change the facts. Play action can work with any RB, but certain RBs make it more effective than others.
  18. tough to win when you are -3 on turnovers, but it helps when you play the Colts
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