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  1. He has been subsisting on lightning-cooked ewok for years. He looks like Tom Hanks from Castaway now...
  2. Yeah, and we even found out about new contacts that we didn’t even know about.
  3. A crime was committed by Trump. A few of them. And it’s only political realities that keep Trump from being impeached. Clinton got impeached for lying. Trump’s only saving grace was that his team knew he would lie under oath so they refused to let him testify. So he only lies not under oath, thus it isn’t illegal.
  4. I think most will still be in it through Iowa and New Hampshire. After Super Tuesday (March 3) I could see them getting down to half a dozen or so.
  5. I disagree, and so does legal precedent. But that doesn’t change the fact that he still committed crimes. And he knew it. That’s why he said “Oh my God. This is terrible. This is the end of my Presidency. I’m fucked” when Mueller was appointed.
  6. I see it as certain candidates are getting a lot of attention right now and that impacts the polls. If the media keeps talking about Buttigieg so much he will stay up in the polls. And if he becomes invisible as Beto has lately, he drops. Same as overwhelming media coverage of Trump boosted him in 2015-2016. Once the debates begin, everything can change dramatically. I don’t think most Democratic voters are committed to anyone yet. If Klobuchar has a great 1st debate then she shoots up the polls. If Booker impresses once he gets a little airtime he moves up the polls. If Biden says something stupid (as he often does) then he drops. Pete has some momentum right now. Certainly that’s good for him and is getting his name out there where he was totally unknown nationally before. But he (like everyone else) needs it a few months down the road heading into Iowa, not now.
  7. You guys are putting way too much stock in early polls. They are largely meaningless right now. Certainly they have no bearing on who the nominee will be.
  8. He deserves impeachment. There’s no question he should be impeached on obstruction alone (along with the emoluments clause). But the fact that the Senate would never vote to convict means Trump would just declare victory means that politically it’s better not to impeach him right now.
  9. I suspect that when he goes in front of Congress he will be asked about whether, if not for presidential protection from charges, he thinks Trump should have been charges with obstruction of justice. But I guess Mueller didn’t think it was his role to decide the conclusions, just to find the necessary facts to let Congress decide whether or not to impeach. Maybe he also didn’t think Barr was going to do so much to spin his report in such a pro-Trump manner.
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