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  1. Tannehill is better with all his short comings
  2. Wake isn’t going to play a lot if the Titans don’t have a lead
  3. There were issues with the OL a good QB works around, MM turned it into a 9 sack dumpster fire
  4. I believe Robinson has built the offense for future better QB play Basically Davis has a better version of Tebow throwing passes
  5. Ross Tucker was on this morning blasting MM got not getting rid of the ball and how Cosell has been right all along He also gave a fair amount of the blame to the OL
  6. They look stupid if they do it do early, it’s obvious RT should have opened the season as the starter
  7. Absolutely He’s taking 8-10 sacks in plenty of games when he had to drop back, when Lewan was playing
  8. BTW, they don’t believe in MM, or he’d have an extension. They won’t keep him either
  9. There is no doubt the Titans OL has some issues. Vrabel flat out said Davis was going to have to start and Douglas was actually benched late in the game. There were plays in which Jags pass rushers beat their man and ran free...... However.... Obviously Mariota held the ball too long on some of the drop backs and was to blame for the sacks. There was also a play in which MM was going to take a quick one step drop and the DB jumped in front and MM was forced to eat the ball(correctly). That's not the OL. More importantly this team has constantly been in 3rd and long through 3 games. That's a ton of pressure for any OL to have to deal with. Also the team is totally dependent on playaction. Teams know this. Playaction is slow developing and requires the OL to sell run, the QB turns his back and takes a deep drop. If the defense ignores the run action and pass rushes they are going to totally get there. This is happening a lot. While they need to get Lewan back and need to shore up the RG spot the OL is totally getting set up for failure.