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  1. Barr's letter had very little actually from the Mueller report. Barr was hand picked and cannot be trusted, we have to see the whole report. But politically the Democrats have been body slammed. They played this completely backwards. They should have started their own investigations
  2. I don't think the volume matters, this could be dictated by leads or the running game working well etc......Absolutely no way in hell you want MM throwing 35 times per game. It's more like Huston said, they have to be more aggressive on 1st down and on downs where the defense has to guard against run or pass. Last year they ran more on 1st down than either year Mularkey season, even when MM was healthy. The data is crystal clear about throwing on 1st down. The new staff knows this stuff, if they run the ball on 1st down again this season we know why.
  3. This stuff should be a lot more easy to do in the open now
  4. Does anyone feel like a bigger dumbass today than James Comey?
  5. Total speculation, he'd be a completely different person
  6. Barr's letter only had 3 partial sentences from the actual Mueller report
  7. You haven't been watching the news, Mueller had no say and wasn't involved the last 3 days, although it was originally reported he would be
  8. Mueller wasn't in on releasing the letter Barr released today, he had no say
  9. I really do hope Trump gets a special counsel on Hillary like he called for and she's jailed. Lets take it all the way
  10. Do all the pardons start tomorrow?
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