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    Can Sanders Win?

    The 60 minutes interview with Sanders was pretty funny. Anytime a candidate like Obama or Sanders wants something like Obamacare or the plans Sanders has the press sits them down and wants to know how this stuff will be funded down to the dime. How will it be paid for!!!!!! How much will that cost, what about everything together, how much?!!!! Tax cuts for the rich, wars? Or about how a tax cut while we got to war with Iraq combined. Farmer bailout? Remember when Bush or Trump was on 60 minutes explaining down to the dime how it would be funded? Me either. Where are the physically responsible tea party? lol

    Virus in China

    The future markets are getting absolutely hammered over this
  3. Not what I would do but I think the team would tag Henry
  4. You know he's 43 right? You;ve seen the charts showing his decline the last 3 seasons right? You realize the skill people/OL were blamed for Mariota before Tannehill took over Don't get fooled again
  5. Although Warren tried to do it Bernie and the progressives don't argue the merits of their plans in terms of how it would actually stimulate the economy. Get more money into the hands of the middle class and poor and the consumption goes up. Free business/corporations from the burden of paying for health insurance and it's economic stimulus
  6. No it doesn't honestly and as I've gotten older I have some regrets about not applying myself more in school and doing something bigger. I pretty much did enough to get by in school though it was super easy for me. My senior year in HS I actually made straight 100s, everyone was pretty shocked... But as @reo said I enjoy what I do(carrying mail) and make the most of it. I'm pretty much the happiest person at by job. I listen to a ton of podcast that are educational even to the point of being nerdy and poker is actually a pretty intellectually stimulating hobby, I've never been around smarter people than poker players.

    Can Sanders Win?

    So then it's not a lock?
  8. I think Wyatt is speculating but I honestly have no idea what they really think. I personally think a lot of the local media dummies believe that not giving Conk the 5th year option means he's not a priority. I don't believe that has any bearing on what they think of Conklin. It's possible they do not want to use that much investment into the OL Also not knowing if they'll be able to use both tags is a bit restricting. I think the best answer is to have Tannehill done before they have to use the tags

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