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  1. clowney is a bust but its a 1 year tryout contract. no one will trade for him that we want to trade with. His value is busted but he has no trade value. hes worth MAYBE 10M a year not 15-20 that he wants.
  2. Have always been listening and keep it up guys! I'm surprised, with all the talk of the defense there was little mention of how much we blitzed big ben and we don't really run man defense (we just dont have the personal). I was texting with a buddy in the first half and commenting how many deflected passes we had and the big FF, but the ball just wasn't bouncing our way. I said to watch out if that was to continue we would get some turnovers. I think that's the strategy, make long drives and train the d specifically for turnovers. The more plays the opponent has the more chances for mistakes. I also think We either need to figure out a way to get an athletic man corner if we decide not to extend Adoree in the offseason.
  3. That 2nd play was pretty bad, Its not like Metcalf isn't crazy shifty @235-240LBs, for his size Gilmore should have been able to makeup ground after the cut and he really didn't at all. That is very concerning. Edit: beer
  4. The real question is : is Conklin 8M on the cap better than Kelly and that answer is a hard no. It will be interesting next year what we do. I would have a hard think about re-sigining Corey Davis at 8-10M on a 3-4 year deal to line up with Tanne.
  5. It kind of makes me think that using that amount of cap space on LT are only good for really young/bad QBs.
  6. Id pay Arthur 3.75 -4M for a 1 year deal. Make him the highest paid OC in the NFL with no strings just to keep him for 1 more year. Stupid comment by me. hes not motivated by money at all.
  7. Id rather have arthur than Clowney. Need to start another thread about how disappointed i am with the Clown. Great signing for 1 year when there were no other good ways to spend the money. Awful if the signing was long term.
  8. Good luck. I doubt he stays on the team for the season.
  9. Arthur is gone. I want him to stay for another year, but (edit: if he wants to) be a HC its stupid to not strike while the iron is hot.
  10. he has other tanne breakdowns that are great also: This one he doesnt point out the other routes as much but dang are other recivers wide open also.
  11. This really shows a lot how good Arthur Smith is as a Coordinator. Even his interception was wide open by NFL standards and Ryan just fuxord that throw.
  12. I still lurk, Im old and Covid depressed.

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