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  1. I'm a huge Preds fan, but part of me wonders how much their recent success has hurt fan turnout for the Titans. It's obviously been great for the city as a whole in terms of national attention and enthusiasm in general, but attending any professional sporting event is just expensive and most people can't afford to go all in for both.
  2. I'd love to. Long time (17th consecutive year) dynasty team manager in a league that is definitely trending downward. Would love to hop on another one.
  3. I'd love to. Long time (17th consecutive year) dynasty team manager in a league that is definitely trending downward. Would love to hop on another one.
  4. I'm more worried about the Preds/Jets series getting scheduled to start Thursday night. Hoping for a Friday game 1.
  5. As a dad of a couple of young ones, I've got to say that I thought it was awesome. I didn't see it as an attention grab as much as a way for a dad to create a cool memory with his baby. One day that kid will be grown and that moment will always be special between the two of them.
  6. I realize it's a whole different situation when dealing with NFL caliber players vs. high school recruiting, but taking the Butch Jones approach to bringing in Legacy players could do wonders to boost fan support, something this team needs badly. By "Legacy", I'm referring to players who have obvious ties to the state, not so much lineage.
  7. I don't feel like a lurker because I've been reading this site daily for so long, but I guess I am, technically. I've been around for years now reading pretty much every thread and post, I just rarely contribute. I was the commish for an ESPN fantasy league a few years ago that was just for members of TC, but had to relinquish my duties before last season. Outside of PFT, this is probably the site I visit most throughout the day. You people aren't just entertaining, you're super informative as well. I've wanted to be more involved in the past but never really thought I brought much to the table that wasn't already being represented well. I'll try to fix that this year.
  8. ABSOLUTELY agree with abenjami. So we should only expect CJ to dominate when the defense is weak enough to allow it? If there is a game for us to be firing on all cylinders, it's the opening game against a top team. Everyone should be jacked and prepared and fresh and ready to give their best. To expect anything else is ridiculous. Why did we pay this dude many millions of dollars if he can only help us win against the mediocre teams? We payed him because he was presumably our best weapon. It's time for him to show it.
  9. Did anyone else read the PFT article about the NFL considering allowing fans to listen to in-game audio between players via a mobile app at the stadium? I think this could very cool and offer something unique to the stadium experience. It'll never happen, but it would be especially awesome to be able to hear the coaches interaction with the QB or defensive players and see how the plays develop on the field based on their conversation. I can't see how coaches would be OK with that, and it would take a ton of safeguards in order to keep opposing coaches or assistants out of the feed, but the idea is pretty awesome. I'd consider that a pretty major bonus to seeing the game live. NASCAR apparently does something like this but that is completely different, and I've never experienced it so I can't really speak into how cool it is.
  10. Do you guys honestly think that there isn't a plan in place? You act like the whole FO forgot about every other FA out there because they are so fixated on Peyton. These people aren't stupid. Bud Adams isn't stupid. I firmly believe they chose not to sign everyone they didn't sign. Just because the fan base wants every big name out there doesn't mean those players actually mesh with the overall plan. Peyton deserves to take all the damn time he wants to. Why? Because it is his damn decision, not yours. Everyone calm the hell down.
  11. Last week I honestly didn't think this was even a possibility. It's amazing the way things have changed over the past few days. I am absolutely getting excited too, if anything for the national exposure this will bring the team. Walmarts over here in Knoxville are going to have a fire sale on all their Colts gear to finally make room for some Titan blue!
  12. It's absolutely the economy, coupled with the high ticket prices. I don't think the lockout has anything to do with it. Speaking for myself, the lockout only got me more excited about football this year. I've never been so aware of all-things NFL as I am right now and I have the lockout to blame for that. I don't really care about the "greedy players vs. greedier owners" argument. As a fan, I just want to see good football and be entertained, and right now my best bet for that is watching the game on my 50" and making my own food. They're going to have to figure something out with the ticket prices or start offering some sort of incentive that gives fans a reason to leave their houses. A comment on PFT summed it up best, "The NFL is one of few businesses so arrogant as to blame their customers for poor sales."
  13. On the same note, I have to bow out of the Blue Blood League this year, so if anyone wants to take over as commish for a free ESPN league with some of the guys from this board let me know. I sent out a mass email to everyone currently in the league, but thought I'd post it here as well just in case.
  14. How long after the new CBA is finalized do we see Mr. Hasselbeck walking around BSP?