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  1. Smart. Precise route runner. Locker room leader with above average football IQ. Trained by Bellichek and Brady, with a winning mentality.
  2. Here is a bit of honesty. Until we signed him I had never heard of him. Which only means that I no longer follow the NFL like a religion. We got more than I anticipated out of Correa. Hopefully this is more of the same.
  3. Jake, remind me why you associate as a Titans fan again? No doubt that as a fan of the team we are likely going to give him a pass. That wasn't my point. ESPN built their coverage around him as 'DRAMA". They precast the segment to seek out social justice warriors and touch all the right feelies. In this case, I was neither excusing nor accusing the kid. I was pointing out the inherent bias in the coverage.
  4. Anyone who has followed me here for the past 15 years know that my politics run a little bit to the left of Che Guevera. So my aversion to social justice warriors isn't typically high. In fact, I often resemble one. But last night's ESPN debacle on Jeffrey Simmons was just the most ghoulish side of liberal social justice. For ESPN, that was their moment to inject 'drama' into the draft coverage. They had Trey Wingo set up on his own desk to properly intone all the right words. They warned us of the 'graphic nature' of the video. Then they proceeded to truth/explain how all of this went down four years ago. They forgot to show his on-field highlights. They forgot to show him taking the phone call from the Titans. They mentioned in quiet whispers his 4.0GPA as a Freshman, the support of the AD, the support of the head coach. The fact that he had been a model citizen on and off the field. They mentioned it -- knowing full well that the 'graphic video' was the only thing that people would focus on. In short, it was made for television melodrama that falsely shapes the narrative around the kid. I watched the video of him taking the call from Strunk, Robinson and Vrable. With his baby by his side, he literally cried throughout the 2 minute phone call. On what should be the happiest day of this kid's life, he had clearly been NFL-shamed by '11 teams who took him off the board' (Chiefs better not have been one of them). We all get second and third and fourth chances. In the case of the most rich and powerful, the chances are infinite. In the case of this young man, the chances were limited. I wanted Ed Oliver. I thought Sweat made more sense given his edge rush skills. But I will now cheer more loudly for this kid when he gets on the field -- precisely because of the 'social warriors' ridiculous melodrama in the ESPN coverage. F'em. Welcome home Jeffrey.
  5. Is anyone left on the board with a major injury issue and possibly a character red flag? That might be our guy.
  6. And it may never be the same car as it was prior to the accident. Risk. Reward. Time. Just sign Suh and wait for it all to play out.
  7. For me, this is an all Ed Oliver draft. Titans will have to get into the top 10. That likely costs us the bulk of our draft this year, or our #1 next year (assuming best case that he falls to #8). IMO, Ed Oliver will become a perennial All Pro with the ability to play anywhere on the front line and even on occasion to stand up outside. I've watched every game he has played in on the collegiate level. He is unstoppable.
  8. If I could trade Ballard straight up for Robinson, I would, and I would throw in a 2nd round draft choice. But I can't. So, let me say that I am content in getting a solid slot receiver, a significant upgrade on the OL, resigning Vacarro, Fluellen and Pamphile. The Wake signing is interesting if nothing else. Lastly, I have to say that while every thread mistakenly turns into a Mary thread, in truth, it is the decision that defines the franchise. The Colts got it right on both Manning and Luck. It's been a long time since we were assured that we have it right at the position. The Colts rebuilt their offensive line last year to great impact. If Saffold is the glue that allows Conklin and Jones to be better, then maybe we are in position to fight the good fight.
  9. FWIW, both Saffold and Humphries signings are fundamentally 2-year deals with low dead money buyouts at the end of the first two years. IMHO, Robinson hasn't been particularly good, but he is aggressive, and he is quick to correct his mistakes. That's something. Titans have a lot to like on the defensive side of the ball. Nice blend of young talent and veterans. I may overvalue Landry, Brown, Evans and Finch, but I like their potential anchored by Woodyard. If Conklin bounces back this season, the offensive line should be very good. I want the skill position players (all of em including the one that can't be mentioned in every thread) to be as good as hoped. Unpopular as it may be, I tend to agree with Oman on the Robinson warming seat. I think Amy Adams is wholly committed to him. That said, his drafts and his free agent decisions have been wildly inconsistent. Time defines.
  10. Not inexpensive, and probably not great news for Jack Conklin in 2020, but a needed upgrade. The draft can focus almost exclusively on defense ... unless they want to take a second bite of the apple in the TE of the future sweepstakes (Jonnu may have been a booboo - though his play before injury was markedly improved).
  11. 29 years old. A $50 million man just a year or two ago. Green Bay found other options. Might he be ours?
  12. This is the right year to be drafting DL with pass rush skills. Ed Oliver would be a game changer. Spend the money on Saffold. Draft a DE who can get after the QB. I'd sell the house to get up for EO.
  13. This would be my favorite signing. Hope they get it done.
  14. You can't love the hire. There is no known track record. We have not seen him call plays. We have no idea what his offensive philosophy will be. You can't hate the hire. There is no known track record. We have not seen him call plays. We have no idea what his offensive philosophy will be. You can call it a continuity hire. He has been a staff survivor throughout the turmoil. You can't call it a continuity hire. We have no idea which offensive system he plans to install. You can say it is a comfortable hire for Marcus. He knows Marcus better than any coach in the league. While people on the site have their pitchforks out to replace the current QB, this hire gives Marcus the best chance he has next season to succeed. And it is to the franchise's best interest for him to find success. Regardless, this was the right decision to make given the turmoil in system changes in the past five years. Hope this is indeed the magic bullet.
  15. copycat league is exactly right. Cardinals trying to get outside of the box. The Air Raid offense doesn't need the same personnel that other teams are shopping for. Defenses in the NFL haven't seen what Tech does. I can see their logic. That said, I think the experiment fails. KK is a good dude. But he has never proven able to build a defense, and the offense and its fast tempo just puts to much strain on the other side of the ball. Somehow I see this as a less talented, far more likable Chip Kelly. Now prove me wrong KK.
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