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  1. Tannehill is good but he is what he is. Titans need to make plans to find the QB of the future while Tanny is giving is time to do it before it becomes an urgent need.
  2. We're on a mid-season personnel shift/rampage
  3. You all have to get lives. He wanted the ball and didn't get it. That simple.
  4. We probably have a top 5 WR core consisting of four legitimate playmakers at the receiver position. AJ Brown is proving to not be a fluke, Davis showing massive improvement and downplay ability, Humphreys remains reliable, and Raymond is the surprising speedster playmaker.
  5. He needs an MVP or at least an MVP worthy year (think CJ2K's 2000 year) and probably two more years as a top 3 back and he's probably got a good HOF resume.
  6. Really overthought that one. You take the eight points and gamble that we can't score AND convert a two point conversion. Gannon was going on a rant against analytics. This was a case of a coach incorrectly applying analytics. If anything he "went with his gut" by thinking he could just win the game right there.
  7. Derrick Henry is the most important player on offense. Tannehill is great, but this offense is centered around Henry.
  8. Watson really looks like Steve McNair when he scrambles.
  9. I think we deserve the punishment that is coming our way. Sucks but we dropped the ball and continued to let it roll.
  10. Our players need to stop engaging with him. They are digging deeper holes. PK did what a journalist is supposed to do. Heard rumors of a major unfounding and reported it. Its even worse if positive players were there. We have completely shitted the bed and need to stop attempting the shift of accountability.
  11. You all may hate PK but thats him actually doing his job.
  12. Massive fine and probably loss of 1st round pick otw... lack of discipline will cost this organization.
  13. This specifically could cost Vrabel his job if true.

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