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  1. What's worse, the score or Kerry Collins 2-12 -7 yards and an INT.
  2. I can't think of one of my favorite teams having a good record & still feeling like We're 4-7 or something. I would like to know why so many guys are injured this year. Who is Tannehill going to be throwing to?
  3. That's good...Shoulda put that same effort in here. Titans signed him for a reason, that reason is because the front office thought he could contribute. Clearly dude was Lazy here. He put up some decent numbers in a losing effort on a terrible team that's depleted like we are, good for him *Shrug* lol.
  4. My Grandmother use to tell me if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all.
  5. Answer the question..If Terrell Davis had an Attitude like Terrell Owens do you think he would be in the Hall? And if Owens had mediocre WR numbers do you think he would be in the Hall? TD was a stand-up guy, that's the only reason he is in the hall with those numbers. By Comparison with guys in that Era like Barry Sanders and Emmit Smith, Terrell Davis isn't even a fart on the Richter Scale of Runningbacks.
  6. Answer this. And answer it honestly. Do you think Terrell Davis would be in the Hall of fame if he had an Attitude like Terrell Owens?
  7. I guarantee if we worked the same Job & did the exact same work and my production was more while I worked so I got paid more, but one day I got injured and the foreman said well we're going to continue paying this gentleman more simply because hypothetically if he didn't get injured his production numbers would probably be better. I guarantee you would have an issue with that. Am I right? Life shouldn't be based of hypothetical situations and what ifs.
  8. Again, is the Hall based off Hypothetical numbers or actual numbers? Eddie only played 2 more years than Davis. 10,000+ is significantly more than 7000+ for 2 year difference. Is it Eddie's fault Davis couldn't stay healthy? Again, if you put Terrell Davis is the Hall for Hypothetical numbers, then you have to put Eddie in for actual numbers. Cracks me up people think Hypothetical numbers is a more legitimate reason to be in the Hall of fame than the actual numbers somebody put up. I'm not even saying Terrell shouldn't be in. Dude was cold. I'm just saying put a guy in
  9. So is the Hall of fame supposed to be based off your actual numbers or hypothetical numbers? I always thought the Hall was suppose to be based off actual numbers. We all know Davis had a shortened career, but you can't or shouldn't say well he woulda done this and that had he not got hurt. Staying healthy is part of it. Fact is Eddie George had a longer career and has better career stats. It's ridiculous to put a guy in the Hall off hypothetical numbers. You either did or you didn't.
  10. Man put Eddie George in the Hall of Fame. For those saying he ain't a Hall of Famer. Terrell Davis: 7607 rushing yards, 60 rushing tds. HOF Eddie George: 10,441 rushing yards, 68 rushing TDs, 268 receptions, 2,227 receiving yards, 10 receiving tds.
  11. Like the Tate and Skrine signing. Sucks for AP, but dudes done. Marcus Johnson 1 good game then done for the season lol.
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