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  1. What sucks is the Titans can never put it all together. No decade under any coaching regime lol. We can never have a great offense or defense. Or even a great Defense and good offense or vice versa. Either 1 is good and the other sucks lol. I have a feeling our defense is going to be really good and the offense is going to be mediocre lol. But with Derrick Henry back hopefully he is able to keep our offense running. I'd start that other QB though.
  2. I wonder why or how KB is the only safety that made this list. Outside our Primetime matchups I didn't get to watch many Titans games.
  3. Dude plays scared in the playoffs. He can't handle pressure. Now getting to the playoffs isn't even that impressive considering the expanded field.
  4. What I tell y'all about AJ Brown? Seen plenty of dudes like him. Nothing but a headache. Glad we traded & didn't pay him.
  5. Anybody that's a Tannehill fan talking negative about any other player on this team is a JOKE. Tannerception threw 3 ints and homefield advantage away.
  6. Why is this a topic? Before his injury Derrick Henry was on a Record shattering pace. Yeah he suffered an injury, but Henry is a physical specimen and a hard worker. That goes a long way.
  7. In Texas...The father definitely has to be more wise. Everyone in Texas has guns. As a black dude you have to be smarter than that.
  8. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=j8Szl_JyCUQ
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