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  1. Maybe im stupid but what would it look like centered differently? Having trouble visualizing
  2. I like our logo quite a bit. Don’t understand the hate
  3. Would anyone be able to assist in finding this hat to purchase? Been looing all over, thanks.
  4. Sir, I am SkipBayless, I am supposed to have the retarded takes, not you. Can you stop stealing my schtick? We can bet some diet Mtn Dew if you want
  5. My sources told me if the car was gone that meant Julio would become a Titan.
  6. They asked me if I was involved and I said no you can take me at my word. Looks like Johnny boy is more wet behind the ears than even I thought. Now I’m gonna use that signing bonus to colab with Isiah Wilson on his new album. #TitanUp
  7. I’m working on my own album as we speak. #TitanUp
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