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  1. Does anybody know why hard rock or metal bands are never there? Serious question
  2. It's evident the Titans need ALOT more speed and pass rushing on defense after watching that but they also need a better passing game. You can't win in today's NFL without being able to throw against pressure from a traditional drop back style offense. Tannehill is solid but he can't win you big games against the better defenses
  3. Titans are so far away from this quality of play it's not even funny
  4. I have the Bucs winning. Chiefs are the better team overall but the Bucs are at home and the Chiefs have already beaten them once this season in a very close game when the Bucs weren't playing as well. Bucs are playing their best ball now and it's VERY hard to beat a quality team twice in one season. Just remember what happened to the Titans vs the Chiefs last season.
  5. Absolutely remarkable how well they are coached and run an amazing scheme. Definitely answers the question if defense can win in today's football because they essentially just shut down a very good Browns and Bills offense. They are constantly attacking your offense and allow no easy throws, they press EVERYWHERE and force your receivers to be physical and get off press coverage. They also blitz a fair amount, I'd say they brought a mix of run and pass blitzes 60% of the time which is a nice healthy balance so the Browns and Bills couldn't screen them to death. The Brow
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