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  1. When the dust settles GS won't be in the playoffs.
  2. This is gonna get good. Can't wait to see it play out.
  3. Couldnt disagree more. They didn't win that trade because they could have gotten more if they didn't back themselves into a corner. Should have traded him right after trading Westbrook. The picks could yield very little. If that happens they get Oladipo, Kurucs, and Exum? Imo CLE is the biggest winner in that trade. Also, its possible they gave up more by being unwilling to trade him to PHI.
  4. @Oiler FANatic genuinely feel bad for you and the rest of the Rockets fan base. Rockets had a good thing going and just threw it all away over the course of a year or so. And as I'm typing this they go and send Caris to Indiana for Oladipo. Another dumb move. Smh.
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