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  1. Oilerman and Jamal are already doing a great job at destroying this place. Ban the people you call “trolls” (hint: they’re not) and this place will have about 1 thread per week. Im out: Bye.
  2. Actually, I dont. I think you're thinking of @dcblanton - Im constantly correcting him.
  3. Oh I see, you’re going to pretend that practice squad players who have no rights and would be cut in an instant if they came forward about the franchise QB, would ever attach their name to it. #powerdynamics101
  4. Fun game. What player is this NFL expert speaking about in this quote? “He throws better than Lamar Jackson and he runs better than Mahomes… He is a complete unicorn. There’s no one like him in the NFL.”
  5. Uh, actually they did. The report of the practice squad issue came out because 2 players leaked it to reporters.
  6. I’m glad you realize how great of a guy Josh Allen is.
  7. Of course Tannehill would deny it Clinton denied having sexual relations with that woman People who are caught. deny
  8. "Enjoy your practice squad paycheck, enjoy your practice squad trophy." https://www.sbnation.com/lookit/2015/10/5/9454861/these-ryan-tannehill-quotes-from-dolphins-practice-are-just#:~:text=2.,enjoy your practice squad trophy."
  9. Not that I didnt know every tweet he ever made when he was a middle schooler? Thats not the answer? LOL
  10. You don’t seem to know what the word “trolling” actually means.
  11. "as" not "er" Some people say that makes a difference. Im no expert on the subject but maybe thats why.
  12. Not sure that you know what cuck means, based on those examples you gave lol
  13. lol I love this beta cuck reasoning. “She doesn’t have a dick! I’m gonna keep her!”
  14. He posted song lyrics and the song included the n word. .
  15. How far removed from reality are YOU? Tannehill is the guy who would taunt undrafted players and tell them that they were getting cut. And tells practice squad players “enjoy your practice squad paycheck” when they intercept him. He’s an asshole. .
  16. How is this even a question? Allen has an adorable face and is a sweet, humble person. Tannehill is an asshole that taunts undrafted teammates and tells them that they’re going to be cut.
  17. That’s fair. Vrabel is a bad ass. Allen would beat Tannehill’s ass easy, but Vrabel far outmatches McDermott.
  18. Based on what? Did you watch Woods much in Buffalo and LA? Burks needs to complete a practice first.
  19. I mean, its a fair point. Bills defense folded at the worst times.
  20. You clearly didnt follow the conversation. A poster said the Titans beat the Bills because of a great defensive effort. I pointed out that the Bills basically scored at will that day. I never once bragged about the Bills defense. You literally made that up. I was just saying the Titans didn't win because of a great defensive effort. If anything, it was because of the Titans offense. And Allen slipping. ,
  21. I forgot the interception. I guess it was 5 out of 6 straight scoring drives. You got me
  22. Yeah the Bills defense sucked that day. No argument there.
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