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  1. Why would I come back with an excuse? I already said the Bills will probably lose. Chiefs are a little better this year.
  2. Wait, what!?!? Allen “barely” beat the Colts (an 11-5 team), but you don’t talk about how Mahomes was a dropped interception (literally in the defensive backs hands) away from losing to the 4-12 Falcons?Or him losing to the Raiders? Pss, your bias is showing. On the same page, your ignorance is showing too. Bills lose if Tucker hits those 2 field goals? Lol, the Bills won by 14 and had missed field goals too. Feel free to explain how that works out... As for the Bills playing nobodies, now your ignorance is overflowing. Bills had one of the high
  3. It’s not just Florio. It’s Simms too. But sure, if you want to believe that 2 separate people that are respected in the industry completely pulled stuff out of their ass to prop up a small-town QB ... you do you.
  4. 45 TD’s and 10 INT. Dont let facts distort your “feels” though.
  5. The people who get paid to do this for a living (GM’s), disagree with you.
  6. In 25 mile per hour winds that were literally swaying the goal posts, he had a 50 yard throw get carried by the wind. How dare he!!!
  7. Told ya. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/01/22/some-in-the-league-think-josh-allen-has-caught-patrick-mahomes/
  8. Did you even watch the game? Or comprehend it? Did you see 4 missed goals due to the wind? Punts go everywhere because of the wind? The goal posts literally swaying because of the wind? Allen didn’t suddenly revert for 1 game. The wind carried balls.
  9. I listed facts. You can’t refute them.
  10. Bills had one of the hardest SOS in the league and one of the best (if not THE best) Strength Of Victory of any playoff team. In other words, the Bills played the toughest competition and are still 14-3.
  11. The road to the super bowl = / = winning the Super Bowl, or even making it.
  12. He has this year. He threw caution to the wind against Indi because its the playoffs.
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