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  1. Who are you thinking of? What username? I've always been logicals.
  2. LOL. That doesnt mean what you think it means. Theyre referring to the fact that not all statistics fell post injury among those who RTP. Indicated by this line: "no significant differences were present between preinjury and postinjury in-game in all in-game statistics for the wide receiver" Perhaps read the actual study itself - not the discussion. "There were pervasive decreases in the in-game performance statistics of the ACL reconstruction cohort following RTP, with a considerable drop in receiving yards (2117.5 vs 987.9 yards, P = .121)." I love discussing studies with people who have no idea what theyre talking about and dont do this for a living.
  3. No but a terrible high school practically forced me to take Ritalin in the early 90's.
  4. I struggle to read intent behind peoples words at times, and i'm not great at history. Also tend to rub people the wrong way, even though I dont try to.
  5. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. This is my strength.
  6. Within 4 years of winning COY? Actually, probably true lol.
  7. The original study doesnt reference starter vs non starter, but a similar (nearly identical study does). It is regular academic behavior to find a similar study and infer what you can from commonality. I do realize that youre trying your best to poke holes, but if you knew what I do for a living, you'd likely stop as you look ridiculous.
  8. Yes, people typically reference several studies when finding the truth. The original study doesnt reference starter vs non starter, but a similar (nearly identical study does). I take it you never attended college because this is common academic behavior. I hate to break this to you, but EVERY study will have old statistics mixed in, because, well, you cant know how a player returns from injury until its been several years after they returned from said injury. The study authors arent time travelers. That being said, here is another study (this one was done on WR's) and it includes data up to 2017. When we compared the tear group with the matched control cohort, players with ACL tears ended their careers on an average of 1.9 seasons earlier (2.2 vs 4.1 seasons, P < .001) and also played less than half the number of games (25.5 vs 56.6 games, P = .001), respectively. Those that RTP also saw decreased performance statistics in targets (353.6 vs 125.2 P < .001), receptions (208.0 vs 74.4, P = .001), receiving yards (2691.0 vs 987.9, P = .001), and touchdowns (17.4 vs 6.2, P = .002). and... Despite the majority of players being able to (return to play) there was a significant decrease in both statistical performance and career duration. (link) Well you're learning. I'll give you that.
  9. Starter or depth, it doesnt matter. "those who successfully returned were above-average NFL players before their injury but relatively average after their return. In other words, after an ACL surgery, a Pro-Bowl level defensive player regresses to the performance level of an average player and an average player drops below the NFL standard" (link) And it happens across all sports. MLB players are the most likely to come back from ACL injuries, and even they have a 12% reduction in batting average after injury. I've done a lot of research on this because Tre White tore his ACL and I now know that there is a very good chance that he is never the same. .
  10. I used to think COY was a big accomplishment until I looked at the history. Most coaches who win that award end up sucking. Stefanski - Missed playoffs Nagy - Fired Garrett - Fired Rivera - Fired Arians - Fired Lewis - Fired Smith - Fired Harbaugh - Fired Lovie - Fired Schottenheimer - Fired In the last 18 years, 10 COY winners have been fired, and only 4 of them before Vrabel are on the same team.
  11. I literally posted the study that proves that most players are never the same after ACL tears. Did you not read it, or did you not understand it?
  12. The study that showed over 70% of NFL players are never the same after ACL tears is not old. It was literally published this year, and covered injuries through 2018. Woods has a 28% or so chance of ever being the same player he was.
  13. At least "Boiler Up" doesnt sound like a homonym for the precursor of anal destruction.
  14. You guys say "Titan Up" proudly and yet you're bashing "Bobby Trees". What do they say about people throwing stones in glass houses?
  15. The study indicates that 28% of players return to normal. Simmons is part of the 28%.
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