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  1. go titans!!!! we doin this ball yall!! balls out, henry TD!!! tranny for MVP!!! yaaassss!!!!
  2. Tiger me rays and shoo shoo me nasties boys!!!!! Yaaaaas!!!!
  3. we have trannyhill!! Why would we ever want a QB like Brady at the helm? ride henry ride yasss!!!!
  4. who do the Titans play this weekend? Let's get a big win and get back on track boys! Tranny to Henry..touchdown!! yaaas!!! shoo shoo me nasties we never give up!!
  5. ride henry ride boys!!! we not going out like chumps!! we'll be back next season with a vengeance!!! shoo shoo me nasties and away we goes!! yaaaaas!!!!!!
  6. No running game all season and the Bills are going to the AFC championship game with a record of 15-3. How many games did your awesome running game win for you this season?? [email protected] ride henry ride!!!!
  7. Nevemind. You sound so much like your fearless leader hollyheap that i easily confuse you guys. Keep grinding guy!! Ride henry ride!!! Lmao!!!!!
  8. Enjoy fading into the background as the bills continue to get better and better....you let jackson make your nfl swiss cheese defense look like a huge sieve....ride henry ride!! Thats all you got!!
  9. Your team sucks. Horrible coaching. Horrible qb who has already peaked. Nothing but a great rb and a one trick pony at wr. One of the worst defenses in the entire nfl....you might be able to turn that around over the next 5 years but i doubt it. Suck a dick and enjoy watching the bills win the superbowl. Or just stfu and go dissapeqr somewhere. I love how you unblocked me for this. Hahahaha #winning!!!!
  10. Who gives a fuck?? You lost to the ravens and jackson made your team look like shit! Lmao!!! We shut him down. We'll keep looking at you in the rearview [email protected] stfu and quit while your ahead. One and done [email protected]@ go titans!! Lmao!!! Ride Henry ride!!!
  11. The browns are going to win. The game will be in buffalo. Eat shit bitch!! Ride henry ride!!!
  12. How you like me now faggots!!! Ride henry ride and shoo shoo me nasites!!!!
  13. Sounds great. This is a sports message board. Has nothing to do about bragging about what you deem to be these great life accomplishments. 'playing lots of golf'? well great!! If you have 2 kids through college then I'm a lot younger than you and have a lot more life ahead of me...more opportunity to see the Bills win a Super Bowl in my lifetime than you have of seeing the Titans win one in yours. Anyways, if it makes you feel better, I will start calling him Tanny. Tanny and his band of merry men. But never forget, ride Henry ride!!
  14. You responded to my post initially, not the other way around. You therefore started this back and forth. You made that choice to engage me in conversation, not the other way around. remember that. And you and your fellow buddies here crucified me when I brought up the Titans big game losses over the last 20 years saying that is all in the past and all that matters is who is the better team now. So, one and done for you guys THIS YEAR. No matter what happens Saturday, the Bills had the better record and the better season. chew on that for a while. Ride henry ride and keep lettin
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